(fwd) [HCDX]: pretty good conditions
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(fwd) [HCDX]: pretty good conditions

On Fri, 25 Dec 1998 10:17:50 +0100, "PPijpers"
<Piet.Pypers@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Merry Christmas!
>Conditions on Medium Wave are excellent at the
>moment with 870 WWL, 980 CBV, 1110 WBT.
>Other channels: 580(CJFX), 590(VOCM), 660(WFAN),
>840(UNID), 850(UNID), 880(WCBS), 920(UNID), 950
>& 960(both with strong peaks, but unable to get an ID),
>970, 1010(WINS), 1020(UNID), 1030(WBZ), 1120(UNID),
>1130(WBBR) but nothing on higher frequencies, let alone
>the X-Band. I have very strong suspicions what my UNIDS
>could be, except for 940: thought CBM left MW: two hours
>of classical music in a Christmas vein, rather stable on this
>frequency for about 2 hours and one of the last to go, half an
>hour after sunrise (well, sunrise: the sky looks terrible here,
>needs a doctor, perhaps, some extra vitamins). Another CBC
>outlet here?

Hallo Piet,

At wich time did you heard above stations?

Ruud Vos
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