[HCDX]: RE: PC based QRN
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[HCDX]: RE: PC based QRN


the thread on computer generated noise,

I agree that a well shielded receiver coupled to a well grounded, somewhat
removed coax fed antenna is the ticket.

I would imagine that some of the newer sets that are not well shielded will
pick up the clock frequency of the nearby PC , anyways.

Some success can be had by wrapping the power leads and peripheral cables
on torroids thus "choking" the RF at the source.
There are also ferrite's out there for clamping on to ribbon cables.

As one who has had to make low frequency communications equipment
compatible with both  US and European  regulations (aka CENELEC) getting
rid of microprocessor based noise is no easy task !!

On other misc. QRN noises, I found a interesting pulsed noise which
originates on from my VCR when it is the off/standby mode only, it shows up
870-900 khz only, pretty much wiping out the GE SuperRadio performance in
my home on those frequencies.
Many devices that operate with a switched mode power supply never actually
turn off completely, hence the only way to stop it the QRN is to unplug it

73s Jerry

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