[HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes
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[HCDX]: Re: WRTH Mistakes

Patrick Martin wrote:
>I haven't even bought the 99 WRTH and after reading all the Australian
>mistakes, I can imagine what the other countries are like. Is there any
>changes on MW that matter in the book?  Comments anyone? Is is worth
>buying the book?  73s, Patrick

Hi Patrick and all,

WRTH 99 is far from being perfect (but was it ever in the past?).
Old mistakes from previous editions, old foreign schedules (sometimes even
from 1997!), notes like "...starts in early 1998", foreign schedules in both
sections (domestic and international - see China, Taiwan, Korea), but
different versions - which one is more fresh?; not corresponding sections -
and so on, and so on ...

I think it is also up to us to help the new editor to improve the book as
much as possible for the 2000 edition. Unfortunately there is one big
mistake on the post-title page (page Nr.3) - a wrong e-mail address of the
editor: printed is ...demom..., but it should be ...demon... I think such a
mistake can have a big influence on possible comming contributions or
corrections that will not find their way to the editor.

It is also a question whether the new editor will accept recommandations and
corrections from outside. I remember me spending many hours in the past by
collecting changes on sheets to be sent to the WRTH HQ. They were never
accepted or if they were, just a small part of it has been used. I do not
think they were unusable. Later I lost a mood to do it again... I know
several other people (DXers) with the same experience.

Maybe the new editor reads these lines and everything what is on this list.
Maybe he himself comes and says (better sooner than later) what shall we do
to help him to improve the next edition. Of course, if he is interested to
accept a helping hand, but I hope he is.

It was already written that there is no better book of this sort on the
market, although WRTH is far from being perfect. To make it perfect is not a
job for one man or for a small group of editors (although maybe the editor
is fully paid and has time enough to sit at his computer for the whole day
long picking up all news and changes from Internet, bulletins, mail lists
and so on...). I do not think that we should do a job someone else is paid
for, I just want to pass a helping hand. Everything else should be a matter
of internal organisation (to make sections correspond with each other etc.).

I do not want to dissuade people from buying the book, it is worth of that
money and there ARE changes and updates. Experts who keep their own lists
and update them daily, cannot, of course, rely on WRTH - as much as they
could not in the past ...

Well, I am quite optimistic for the new year and I wish all members of the
list and readers a lot of fun with our hobby also in 1999 !

Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic, in the middle of Europe
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