[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 12/30/98
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 12/30/98

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH   -  December 30 1998
                              Vol 4  No 39


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 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CPC Chairman (NRC) - Bill Hale - phantom2@xxxxxxxx

     12/??/98 All - 0059-0600 - 1490 - KQTY - Borger TX (NRC)
      1/ 1/99 Fri - 0300-0800 - 1420 - KSTN - Stockton CA (???)
      1/ 4/99 Mon - 0100-0130 -  560 - WGAI - Elizabeth City NC (NRC)
      1/ 4/99 Mon - 0600-0700 - 1620 - WJVA - South Bend IN (IRCA/NRC)
      1/ 4/99 Mon - 0400-0800 - 1150 - KXTA - Los Angeles CA (NRC)
      1/23/99 Sat - 0400-0415 -  850 - KICY - Nome AK (IRCA)
      1/24/99 Sun - 0105-0115 - 1320 - WJAS - Pittsburgh PA (NRC)
      1/24/99 Sun - 0115-0125 - 1360 - WPTT - McKeesport PA (NRC)
      1/25/99 Mon - 0200-0600 - 1390 - WFIW - Fairfield IL (NRC)
      1/30/99 Sat - 0200-0400 - 1160 - KSL  - Salt Lake City UT (IRCA)
      2/ 6/99 Sat - 0000-0600 - 1450 - CHUC - Cobourg ON (NRC)
      2/15/99 Sat - 0105-0600 -  660 - KEYZ - Williston ND (NRC)
      2/21/99 Sat - 0105-0130 - 1450 - WILM - Wilmington DE (NRC)

(ELT = Eastern Listening Time, i.e. the local time in the Eastern time
zone).  Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday *may* be
what you think of as Sunday night!


KQTY - 1490, Borger, Texas will test on for the month of December 1998
Code IDs will accompany their normal top-of-the-hour station ID at their
allocated network ID breaks at 59:46 past the hour from 0159:46 to
0559:46 Eastern Time on both dates. KQTY is an SMN/Real Country
affiliate. They will be using their normal 1000 watt non-directional

Reception reports should be sent to:
KQTY DX Reception
Mr. George Grover, Station Manager
PO Box 165
Borger, TX   79008-0165
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

WGAI-560  Elizabeth City, NC will broadcast Morse Code IDs, various
station jingles and "test" announcements from midnight to 0030 hours
Eastern Time on Monday, January 4, 1999. WGAI will be utilizing their
regular nighttime power of 500 watts and normal directional pattern
(they are U3).

Reports may be sent to:
Mr. Bob Carter, PD/OM/Engineer
Box 179 Lovers Lane
Elizabeth City, NC   27909
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

WJVA-1620  South Bend, Indiana will broadcast Morse Code IDs during
their regularly scheduled programming from 0600 to 0700 (correct)
Eastern Time on Monday, Jamuary 4, 1999.  At this time, they will be
broadcasting on ?experimental' power of 10 kw non-directional. They have
requested the new calls WHLY, and may be using them by then.  They plan
to switch calls with their 1580 facility.

Reports may be sent to:
Mr. Larry Humphrey, CE
WJVA-AM (or WHLY, as the case may be)
2010 South Michigan
South Bend, IN   46613
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

KXTA-1150 Los Angeles, California will broadcast Morse Code IDs at 13
wpm at the top of each hour from 0400 to 0800 hours Eastern Time on
Monday, January 4, 1999. Because the KXTA studio feeds multiple
transmitters, the code will also be heard on KAVL-610 Lancaster,
KLYF-850 Thousand Oaks and KCKC-1350 San Bernardino, all California.
They have an automation system that triggers their IDs on command from
Los Angeles.  All stations will air their separate, individual IDs at
approximately :55 past the hour. KXTA has a Web Site that shows some
photos of the construction of their new 50 kW plant.  Check it out at

Reports may be sent to:
Mr. Mike Callaghan
KIIS Radio
3400 Riverside Dr., # 800
Burbank, CA    91505
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

Saturday, January 23, 1999 - KICY-850, Nome, AK will test using Morse
code IDs and voice announcements from 12:00-12:15 am Alaska Time
(4:00-4:15 am ET). KICY will test using 10000 watts, non-directional.

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Dave Oseland
General Manager
P.O. Box 820
Nome, AK 99762
E-mail: kicy@xxxxxxxx
(Arranged by Ragnar Danneskjold for the IRCA CPC.)

WFIW-1390  Fairfield, Ilinois will broadcast a Morse Code ID, along with
their regular on-the-hour ID at 0200, 0300, 0400, 0500 and 0600 Eastern
Time on January 25, 1999.  WFIW will be utilizing their daytime
authorization of 710 watts non-directional.  Fairfield is about 20 miles
east of Mount Vernon, IL.

Reports may be sent to:
Mr. Kirk Wallace
Box 310
Fairfield, IL   62837-0310
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

WJAS-1320  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will broadcast 15-second long 1 kHz
tones, march music, Morse code IDs, and a little history of the station
from 0105-0115 Eastern Time on Monday, January 24 1999. WJAS will be
utilizing their daytime facilities of 5000 watts non-directional.

Reports may be sent to:
Mr. Phil Lenz, Chief Engineer
900 Parish Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15220
(Arranged by John Malicky for the NRC CPC.)

WPTT-1360  McKeesport, Pennsylvania will broadcast 15-secong long 1 kHz
tones, march music, Morse code  IDs, and station history  from 0115-0125
on Monday January 24 1999. They will be on their nighttime facilities of
1000 watts, directed due north.  But possibly for the test will be on
5000 watts, non-directional for a short time.

Reports may be sent to:
Mr. Phil Lenz, Chief Engineer
900 Parish Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15220
(Arranged by John Malicky for the NRC CPC.)

KEYZ-660 Williston, North Dakota will test with Morse code IDs and 1000
Hz tones at various intervals from 0105 to 0130 ELT and prior to the
news at :00 from 0200 to 0600 on Monday morning, February 15, 1999. Both
daytime and nighttime patterns will be used during the period from 0105
to 0130. Nighttime pattern only will be utilized the remainer of the

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Earl R.  Gross
KEYZ Radio
PO Box 2048
Williston, ND    58801-2048
WWW: http://www.keyzcountry.com/
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

Saturday, January 30, 1999 - KSL-1160, Salt Lake City, UT will conduct a
DX test from 12:00-2:00am MST(2:00-4:00am EST). The test will consist of
Morse Code IDs on the hour and half-hour inserted into regular. Their
format will be "The Road Gang Show", basically C&W music for truckers.

WWW: http://www.ksl.com/
E-mail: QSL@xxxxxxx

Reception reports may be sent to:
John Dehnel
Chief Engineer
55 N. 300 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84180
(Arranged by Ragnar Danneskjold for the IRCA CPC.)

CHUC-1450 Cobourg, ON will conduct a DX test on Saturday, February 6,
1999 from Midnight to 6:00 am  EST.  The test will include march music
and Morse code IDs.

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. John Ton - Engineer
CHUC-1450, P.O. Box 520, Cobourg, ON
K9A 2L3   Canada
E-mail:  jton@xxxxxxxx or chuc@xxxxxxxx
(Arranged by JD Stephens for the NRC CPC.)

Sunday, February 21, 1999 - WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE will test with
tones, Morse code IDs, "recognizable music" and test announcements from
1:00-3:00 am ET. WILM will conduct the test using 1000 watts, non-
directional. Pre-paid phone calls will be accepted at (302)656-9800; fax
# is (302) 655-1450.

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Allan Loudell
Program Manager
WILM Radio
1215 French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801-3213
(Arranged by Bill Hale for the NRC CPC.)

Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via e-mail or the
the newsgroup! And, if you send a reception report to a station, please
remember to include return postage with your report...




Ken Alexander - kena@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The Ontario DX Association will be running a contest for Medium and
Longwave DXers during the month of February, 1999.  It's called the 2
Down Challenge and anything "hearable" below 2 MHz is fair game.  The
contest is open to ODXA members and non-members alike and I'm hoping you
would run the following promo for it in the AM-DX Newsflash until the
end of February.


The ODXA 2-Down Challenge challenges you to hear stations that you just
can't hear on shortwave, covering the frequency spectrum from 2.0 MHz
down to DC (0.0 kHz) The range consists principally of the Long Wave
band (utilities, beacons and transatlantic broadcast stations - with
luck!), the AM Broadcast Band and the 160 metre ham band ("top band").
The first contest held February 1994 showed that there is interest in
the club covering these areas and that those who entered had a great
time doing it. It's been two years since the last Two-Down, so here's
the rules of this game:

Eligibility:  All DXers, regardless of location.  You need not be a
member of the ODXA to enter.  However, there is an entry fee for
non-members.  See below.

Monitoring Period: The UTC month of February, 1999.

Frequency Range: 0.0 kHz to 2000 kHz, inclusive. All modes of
transmission (e.g. AM, SSB, CW, Fax, RTTY....) are eligible.

Point Count: 1 point for each of the 12 Canadian Provinces & Territories
(max. 12 points); 1 point for each of the lower 48 States plus
Washington DC (max 49 points); 1 point for each radio station
transmitting from outside of the above two areas (no max). Unlike the
shortwave DX-Challenge, country of origin is not the basis of scoring.

A 'station' outside Canada and continental USA is defined as a
transmission that is unique in both transmitter location and frequency
(e.g. Radio Rebelde, Cuba, may transmit from both Santiago and Havana.
If heard with the same programming on their two different frequencies
these two 'stations' would count for 2 points). But a ham station may
not be logged more than once in the 160 meter band.

Entry Fee : Free for ODXA members, $5.00 Cdn for non-members. Cheques
payable to Ontario DX Association.

Prizes: Entrants will be divided into three groups, those from Ontario,
those from the rest of North America, and those from outside North
America. The winner in each category will be the person with the
greatest number of points, and will receive a current book from the ODXA
Mail Order or a gift certificate for same.  All entrants will receive a

All entrants and their point scores will be listed in an upcoming issue
of DX Ontario.

Entries: Include the following details in each log: UTC date & time,
station name/callsign, frequency and mode, language (if any), reception
quality, sufficient data to confirm postive identification of station
and location (location = transmitter site, not studio site).  Do not
submit tentative logs or unidentifieds. Your point count should be
clearly listed.

Deadline: Send your complete entry to Two-Down Challenge, Ken Alexander,
53 Twelve Oaks Dr., Aurora, Ontario L4G 6J4 or by E-mail to
<kena@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, to arrive by March 15, 1999.


Lee J Freshwater  414 SE 3rd St, Ocala, FL 34474
FAX  352-732-7223  E-mail Lfreshwate@xxxxxxx

The F.C.C. has started putting CALL LETTER changes in their computer
data base...We will include them here as time and space permits.

PREPARED ON   12/29/98

               CALL SIGN  CHANGES

CALL                                   *          CALL

KMKI      PLANO, TX                   620         KAAM
KFXN      MINNEAPOLIS, MN             690         KXBR
KCMX      PHOENIX, OR                 880         KTMT
WJJB      BRUNSWICK, ME               900         WCLZ
WTOF      CANTON, OH                 1060         WRCW
KAVC      MOJAVE, CA                 1340         KVOY
WTBL      DUNEDIN, FL                1470         WLVU
WHHQ      ELIZABETHTON, TN           1520         WKPP
KDDZ      ARVADA, CO                 1550         KQXI
KADZ      ARVADA,CO                  1690         KAYK

*  The F.C.C. does NOT list the frequency in their database. I have
tried to suppliment this with information from my own database,, so look
it over "carefully" before you change anything in yours.

We have put this information in order of frequency rather than location.
Send any suggestions, changes AND corrections to the above E-Mail




Robert Wien - San Jose CA - rjwmail@xxxxxxxxx

Per latest M Street Journal, KAYK-1690 CO. has changed calls to KADZ,
1550-CO. to KDDZ.  I have not confirmed this information yet...

Also, KKHJ-930 CA. will not be changing from Spanish to oldies until
January 25th per call to station and a felllow so. CA. DX'er.




Gert Nilsson - gert.nilsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Had continous non vocal music on 1650 last night, much stronger than
1620, 1660, 1670 and 1690 which were in the noise most of the time. Any
identification of this station yet?
Bill Harms - wharms@xxxxxxxxx

I am not sure of the call letters because they have not identified yet.
But based on the propagation and signal strength this station seems to
be the new one from Portsmouth, VA.  I heard it here in Elkridge,
Maryland all day long.




Jim Renfrew, 61 Wilcox Street, Rochester NY 14607-3832, 716-461-2717,

Drake R8, Radio West Loop, Alpha Delta Sloper, Dodge auto radio

NOTE:  Domestic reports are in EST (UTC-5), International reports are in
UTC (EST + 5)

NOTE:  Search [JR-NY] and replace with [Renfrew-NY] as appropriate.

 910  WJCW  TN Johnson City, 12/12 0725 - with ad for local hospital
       foundation, call letters.  [JR-NY]
 650  WNMT  MN  Nashwauk, 12/15 1545 - heard in WSM null with "Radio
       Gets Things Done" advertising promo, and ID as "AM 650, the
       Northwest's Information Leader, AM 650 WNMT".  Heard VERY early
       in the afternoon.  Jerry Bond, also in Rochester, also reported
       long haul daytime DX this day.  [JR-NY]
1150  WCRK  TN  Morristown, 12/14 1715-1720 - local ads, call letters,
       power-down five minutes late at 1720.  [JR-NY]
1240  WJTN   NY Jamestown, 12/15 1648 - finally heard after twenty years
       plus, with ID, local weather report, Christmas music, and a
       strong signal; perhaps my closest unheard US station.  [JR-NY]
1270  WDLA  NY Walton, 12/21 1640 - heard poorly in WHTK-1280 slop with
       call letters.  [JR-NY]
1360  CKBC  NB Bathurst, 12/21 1725 - local promos, call letters,
1360  WPTT  PA McKeesport, 12/22 1330 - I missed the test, but managed
       to hear this one in WXXI-1370 slop, with "Daybreak USA" program,
       local weather and call letters.  New, with these calls. [JR-NY]
1370  WTAB  NC  Tabor City, 12/14 1725 - North Carolina News Network
       sports report, Special Summer Olympics promo for
       Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill in 1999. No ID, but other NC stations
       on 1370 are religious.  This was heard in Bergen NY, west of
       Rochester and WXXI.  [JR-NY]


1650  WHKT  VA Portsmouth, 12/11 2207 - identity presumed from
       information ciculated on internet, strong signal over KDNZ with
       continuous "muzak", no announcements.  12/23 1400 - heard during
       the day with same music, no announcements.  [JR-NY]


 810  PUERTO RICO  WKVM San Juan, 12/12 1714 - ads for a pharmacy in
       Bayamsn. [JR-NY]
 910  VENEZUELA  YVRQ Caracas, 12/12 1722 - seems to be a regular this
       season, now that CKLY is gone, heard with mention of "Puerto La
       Cruz".  [JR-NY]


Chris Knight - dxer1@xxxxxxxx

Equipment: Kenwood R-1000, Sanserino Loop Antenna, 1000 foot SE beverage

Here is a list of what has been heard here in Fort Lupton, CO so far
this season (starting 9/1):

512 - "HMY"
515 - "PN"
521 - "INE"
530 - WMSV510 (2 sites), RVC
540 - KNMX, CBK
560 - KLZ
570 - KLIF, R. Reloj (Cuba)
600 - KIIX
610 - KZSS, WDAF
620 - KTAR
630 - KHOW
650 - CKOM (ex), KGAB, WSM
660 - KTNN
670 - KLTT, WMAQ
680 - KNBR, KWKA
690 - KHEY, KRMX
700 - WLW
710 - KNUS
720 - WGN
730 - CKDM, KLOE
750 - CJVR, WSB
760 - KTLK
770 - KKOB, CHQR
780 - WBBM, KAZM
790 - KGHL, KXXX
810 - KGO, WHB
840 - WHAS, KXNT
850 - KOA
870 - WWL
880 - KRVN
890 - WLS, KVOZ, R. Progreso (Cuba)
900 - CKBI, XEOK
910 - KPOF, KBIM
920 - KLMR, KVEL
930 - KRKY, WKY
940 - CJGX, KIXZ
950 - KKFN
960 - CFAC, KOVO
1010 - KSIR, CBR
1020 - KCKN
1050 - XEG, KNML, KTBA
1070 - KNX, KWEL, KFDI
1100 - KNZZ, XENAS
1110 - KFAB, XEWR
1120 - KMOX, KANN
1150 - KSAL, KCUV
1160 - KSL
1170 - KVOO, KVVS
1190 - KMYL, KXKS, KPHN, KLUV, KVCU, unid XE
1200 - WOAI, CKXM
1210 - KGYN, KLDI
1220 - KBNO
1270 - KIML, KDJI
1290 - KWLS, KOWB
1300 - KVOR, XEP
1310 - KFKA, KNOX
1330 - KFH, KGAK
1350 - KGHF, XETB
1360 - KHNC, KGME
1380 - KTSM, KSRV
1410 - WIZM, KCOL, XECF(t)
1420 - KMOG, KTOE, WOC
1430 - KEZW, KLO, KALV
1450 - KGRE
1480 - KLMS, KRAE
1500 - KSTP
1510 - KDKO, KNNS
1520 - KOMA
1530 - KFBK, KCMN
1540 - KXEL
1560 - KNZR
1570 - KHPN
1580 - XEDM, KCWW (ex), KWYD
1590 - KVGB
1600 - KYGO
1610 - WQO552 (Amarillo, TX)
1620 - WPHG
1630 - KCFL (local pirate), KCJJ, KKWY
1640 - KDIA
1650 - KKTR, KCMZ
1660 - KXOL, WQSN
1670 - WTDY
1680 - <zip!>
1685 - "MER" (Colombia)
1690 - KAYK
1700 - KBGG


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

The KNDK Test has been coming in here (Seaside OR) with Morse code
pretty good topping KOTK / KRLD.  Several MOrse code IDs at 0107 EST
(0607 UTC) 12/28/98.

However the KHMO-1070 test, there isn't a peep out of it here. Is anyone
else hearing it? I'll be listening until 0300 EST for it. Are they on?
No sign of code so far, just KNX and some UNID LA on the channel. Sounds
like a possible Colombian.

1580  KDZZ  NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE, heard with Radio Disney at 0759.30
       EAST (1259.30 UTC)  on 12-31-98, while looking for KMIK. No sign
       of KMIK, but they might have been in there // with KDZZ, but no
       ID from KMIK heard. (PM-OR)
1690  KADZ  COLORADO, ARVADA, heard ex KAYK. Still Radio Disney, new
       calls "KDDZ Arvada, KADZ Arvada-Denver" ID by little girl at 0900
       EST 12/31 (1400 UTC). (PM-OR)


Mark Mohrmann - mohrmannm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NRD-535D,  LW 800m @ 75deg,  V-Beam 130m @ 180deg

Last month I finally got around to stringing out my "EuroWire" antenna.
800 meters of electric cow fencing running out across the swamp, over
the river, up the cliff, over the hill and then down to another swampy
area in the middle of the woods. A half-mile of uninsulated wire just
hanging in the trees pointed more or less at the Strait of Gibraltar. I
can't call it a Beverage yet because the ground froze before I got a
chance to put in the far end terminiation. The wire also spends most of
its length climbing the west facing bank of the Black River so maybe I
shouldn't even be calling it a EuroWire. The bare wire is frozen to some
of the trees. The unshielded leadin droops down from the roof into the
shack. Not exactly a textbook Beverage setup.

But it confirms my belief that the more copper you get in the air, the
better. For my land locked QTH here in the hills of Vermont I finally
have a chance to actually hear some audio from the TA's. All my logs are
presumed. I'm not used to logging stations without an actual ID. But
using a compiled list of Mark Connelley's excellent TA logs here's what
I think I heard this past month (Thank you Mark!):


 657  SPAIN  RNE1, Madrid, DEC 23 0033 - Spanish talk // 774 and 855;
       poor. (Mohrmann-VT)
 774  SPAIN  RNE1, synchros, DEC 23 0033 - Spanish talk // 657 and 855;
       fair. (Mohrmann-VT)
 855  SPAIN  RNE1, synchros, DEC 23 0033 - Spanish talk // 657 and 774;
       fair to good. (Mohrmann-VT)
 891  ALGERIA  ENRS, Algiers, DEC 13 2228 - Arabic music in WLS
       splatter; poor. (Mohrmann-VT)
 945  FRANCE  R. Bleue, Toulouse, DEC 11 0645 - French talk, music;
       poor. (Mohrmann-VT)
1035  PORTUGAL  R Comercial, Lisbon, DEC 13 2234 - Portuguese interview
       in WBZ splatter; fair (Mohrmann-VT)
1206  FRANCE  R Bleue, Bordeaux, DEC 11 0651 - French talk, mx // 945;
       poor. (Mohrmann-VT)


Robert Ross - radiorob@xxxxxxxxx

Receiver..........Collins HF-2050
Antenna...........80 Meter Dipole and Homebrew Loop

My Location.......London, Ontario, CANADA.

 700  RJR  Jamaica  Dec/10  2142 EST  EE  GOOD OM DJ spoke to a female
       listener on the Phone.....and was taking requests. Jingle and
       spot for a Program on "RJR". Into Pop Mx. Mixing with WLW.
1080  KNDK  Langdon, N.D.  Dec/28  0102 EST  EE  FR-GOOD.   TESTING as
       per announced Sked. CW ID's heard Under/Over WTIC-Hartford. "DE
       KNDK KNDK KNDK KNDK KNDK KNDK" (6 ID's) Repeated  over and over
       with 2 Different Frequencies of Tones. No Talking Heard..Just the
       CW ID's. No Music Heard. Still going strong at 0122 EST.
1650  WHKT  Portsmouth, VA.  Dec/10    2123 EST    EE         VG+
       Continuous String of New Age Instrumental Message. No Talk or
       ID's..Just Music. Still going strong at 2155 EST. TESTING ONLY.
       Mixing with KCNZ Cedar Falls, Iowa. Presumed only as no ID's
       Given.....but this has been confirmed by others calling the
       station..and it has been on subsequent evenings including last
1710  UNID  PIRATE  Dec/27  2203 EST  EE  VG.  Continous  String of Hard
       Rock and Punk Mx. Songs like "Bat Out of Hell" by Meatloaf, Punk
       Version of "Feelings"!!, Call Me Dr. Music, Etc. Very Little
       Talk, and what there was seemed to be Canned.At one point a Male
       DJ Said "Welcome to ???...Please make your selection Now".At 2234
       EST a Female Said..." Thank You...Move Over Please". Male DJ Said
       "Hey That's something" @ 2239 EST. No attempt at an ID However??
       Anyone able to ID this???




Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx


 540  XEBACH  TJUANA, BCN, MEXICO-rec. vf in 11d from: Tom White-CE.
       Address: C/O  P.O. Nox 250028,  1500 Cotner  Avenue, Los Angeles
       CA  90025. (PM-OR)
1550  KCCF  FERNDALE, WASHINGTON. Rec. vl in 53d. V/S; Chuck Lee-PD.
       Address: P.O. Box 847, Ferndale. WA  98248 USA. (PM-OR)
1640  KDIA  VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA. Rec. 2nd verie in one month. This time
       a letter with same V/S: Clifford Brown III- Program Assistant.
       Note different  address: 7677 Oakport Street  #105, Oakland  CA
       94621. I had sent several f/ups, so I am not sure which report he
       QSL'd. (PM-OR)


Chuck Rippel - crippel@xxxxxxxxx

The 1998 ice storm was deceptive.  It started at my house about 6 p.m.
December 23 with a little freezing rain appearing as ice on the side
walls of the cargo space of the pickup truck with firewood we were
unloading.  The first power outage occurred about 7:30 p.m. and was
brief.  The second power outage was announced with a loud report, like
the discharge of a firearm, at about 8:30 p.m. After lighting my oil
lamps again, I stepped outside into my garage and walked to the garage
door, where I noticed a car parked in the side street with motor running
and lights illuminating the intersection about 30 feet away.  Then I saw
the power line wire curving down from the pole at the corner of my front
yard to the ground on the opposite side of the intersection.  Freezing
rain had covered all of the trees, which caused a pine tree limb to make
contact with the power line, which in turn caused a burn through (he
high resistance contact generated so much heat that the power line wire
melted).  Claiborne Electric Co-Op fixed that outage within an hour. But
the ice storm merely continued gaining intensity.  By 10:30 p.m. tree
limbs began to snap and trees began to fall under the pressure of the
ice.  It sounded like a war zone.  At about 11 p.m. power was lost
again, and did not return until 6 p.m. Xmas eve.  By Xmas eve morning it
was apparent that my fireplace would be sufficient to warm my house, so
I decided to check out the roads.

Surprisingly they were icier, except for overpasses and bridges. Ruston
and the surrounding area were without power, except for a very small
collection of businesses at the U.S. Highway 167 exit of I-20.  After a
welcome McDonald's breakfast, it occurred to me that this was a once in
a lifetime opportunity for me to experience the MW band free of man-made
interference.  All I had to do was purchase enough 6 volt lantern
batteries to power my NRD-525 and null steering controller and repair
one of my two inverted L's which was damaged by a falling limb.  That
took a mere 2 1/2 hours in freezing temperatures with occasional
flurries of freezing rain.  All was finished by 3 p.m., and I fired up
the NRD-525 (three fresh 6 volt lantern batteries with the NRD-525
drawing about 1  amp provided an operating voltage of about 16 volts
DC).  What an eye-opener.  On frequencies, such as Monroe 540 kHz,
Shreveport 710 kHz, Shreveport 1130 kHz., and San Antonio 1200 kHz.,
where heretofore there had been only man-made noise in the null of the
primary signal, now there were multiple signals in the null of the
primary signal.  I've DXed the MW band some 44 years, but I've never
before heard is sound like this.  The hour I'd alloted for listening
passed much too quickle, and was not enough time to ID any of the new
stations.  I'd limited my first listening session partly to conserve
batteries, and partly because I had more errands to run,  After cooking
supper at a friend's house (he had gas, I do not), I returned home about
7:30 p.m. to find my electric power restored.  A quick check of the MW
band and nearby frequencies showed that man-made interference was back.
The lesson here seems to be that if you can find a place that is obout
2.5 miles from the nearest electrical lines, then you should be able to
enjoy some fine MW listening.


David Onley - donley@xxxxxxxxxx

Just found this bit of useful information on Western Australian

Perth Metropolitan

6IX AM 1080
169 Hay Street
East Perth WA 6004
PO Box 6072
East Perth WA 6004
Phone: (09) 325 3311
Fax: (09) 421 1200
Station manager: Shane Healy
Program director: Brian Lehman
Music director: Leo Nelson
Format: Easy listening
Network: Southern Cross Broadcasters
Frequency: 1080

141 Mandurah Terrace
Mandurah WA 6210
PO Box 688
Mandurah WA 6210
Phone: (09) 581 2666
Fax: (09) 581 2786
Station manager/program director: Peter Perrin
Music director: Mike Parry
Format: Adult contemporary
Frequency: 1116

169 Hay Street
East Perth WA 6004
PO Box 6072
East Perth WA 6892
Phone: (09) 325 3311
Fax: (09) 325 2806
Talkback line: (09) 484 1122
Station manager: Shane Healy
Program director: Kevin Newman
Format: News/talk/sport/music
Network: Southern Cross Broadcasters
Frequency: 882

720 6WF
191 Adelaide Terrace
Perth WA 6000
GPO Box 9994
Perth WA 6848
Phone: (09) 220 2720
Fax: (09) 220 2727
Music director: Marshall Martin
Format: News/talk/MOR
Network: ABC
Frequency: 720

West Australia Regional

110 Fitzgerald Street
Northam WA 6401
PO Box 256
Northam WA 6401
Phone: (096) 222 777
Fax: (096) 223 469
Station manager: Gary Powell
Program/music director: Colin Mac
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 864

PO Box 900
Bridgetown WA 6255
Phone: (097) 619 066
Fax: (097) 619 022
Station manager: Graham Harvey
Program director: Kevin Newman
Music director: Simon Healy
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 900

1 Spencer Street
Bunbury WA 6230
PO Box 148
Bunbury WA 6230
Phone: (097) 912 899
Fax: (097) 912 382
Station manager: Graham Harvey
Network program director: Stuart Endesbe
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 1134

Bond Place
Karratha WA 6714
PO Box 153
Karratha WA 6714
Phone: (091) 444 333
Fax: (091) 442 944
Station manager: Kevin Clune
Music director: andrew Metcalf
Format: Adult contemporary
Frequency: 1260 Karratha, 1026 Port Hedland

89 Eagan Street
Kalgoorlie WA 6430
PO Box 10067
Kalgoorlie WA 6430
Phone: (090) 212 666
Fax: (090) 912 209
Station manager: Merryn Vincent
Program/music director: Ray Clark
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 981

De Grey Place
Karratha WA 6714
PO Box 994
Karratha WA 6714
Phone: (091) 441 911
Fax: (091) 441 856
Announcer line: 1800 195 510
Station manager/program director: Paul Semple
Music director: Ron Tait
Format: Information/music
Network: ABC
Frequency: 702 Karratha, 603 Port Hedland, 846 Carnarvon, 567

PO Box 264
Merredin WA 6415
Phone: (090) 413 333
Fax: (090) 411 922
Station manager: Allysan Corto
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 1098

PO Box 216
Narrogin WA 6312
Phone: (098) 811 320
Fax: (098) 813 166
Station manager: Nevenka Pritchard
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 918

8 Williams Street
Esperance WA 6450
PO Box 527
Esperance WA 6450
Phone: (090) 712 747
Fax: (090) 711 627
Station manager: Brian Walker
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 747

1 Spencer Street
Bunbury WA 6230
PO Box 148
Bunbury WA 6230
Phone: (097) 912 899
Fax: (097) 912 382
Station manager: Graham Harvey
Program director: Stuart Endersby
Music co-ordinator: Darren Moss
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 963

PO Box 293
Albany WA 6330
Phone: (098) 422 783
Fax: (098) 418 565
Station manager: David Wyatt
Program director: Stuart Endersby
Music director: James O'Brien
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 783

PO Box 646
Kattanning WA 6317
Phone: (098) 211 417
Fax: (098) 214 055
Station manager: Norm Chilcott
Format: Adult contemporary
Network: Radio West Network
Frequency: 1071


David Onley - donley@xxxxxxxxxx

Here are a few corrections and questions I have from the 1999 WRTH for
the Australian MW stations. Would like to hear from others who have
picked up errors or have new info as I'm updating my lists in Excel 97.
Those wanting a copy can email me.

 693 6TZ Bunbury - Is on 963 kHz
 756 6TZ/t Busselton/Margaret River - Missing
 945 3BO Bendigo - Missing. Now carries Sports 927 (3UZ) (New Callsign?)
 972 5PB Adelaide - Missing
1062 5RN Renmark - Missing
1080 6IX Perth - Not 6GL
1116 3BM Richmond - Now 3AB in Northcote (Melbourne)
1134 6TZ/t - Is 6CI Collie
1170 6AR Perth (Koori Radio)- Missing
1260 4MW Torres Straits - Missing
1314 3BA Ballarat - Now carries Sports 927 (New Callsign?)
1341 3GL Geelong - Missing
1386 2EA Sydney - Now on 1107
1413 2EA Newcastle - Missing
1449 6TAB Mandurah - Missing
1611 6GS Wagin - Missing
1611 6AY Albany - Missing
1620 1RF Radio Italia Canberra - Missing
1620 2ME Radio Lebanon Sydney - Missing
1620 2AM Sydney The Edge - Missing
1620 3?? GB Radio Melbourne - Missing
1620 4ADR Ausralian. Dance Radio  - Missing
1629 4RF Radio Italia Brisbane - Missing
1629 3MM Greek Radio Melbourne - Missing
1638 2ME Radio Lebanon Sydney - Missing
1638 3ME Radio Lebanon Melbourne - Missing
1665 2MM Greek Radio Sydney - Missing
1674 2?? Emu Plains Sydney - Missing
1683 2?? Radio Club AM - Missing
1692 4HOT Nerang - Missing
1701 3?? Radio Alshark Melbourne - Missing
1701 4?? Radio 1701 Brisbane - Missing

1008 7EX Launceston - Is  this now 7TAB ?
1026 4MK MacKay - Is this off the air? When did it leave?
1242 8TAB Darwin - When did this come to air?
1323 5AD Adelaide - When did this change from 5DN?
1593 3RG Radio Italia Melbourne - Why do the other Italia stations have
      the RF call letter and this one RG ?



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END of 12/30/98 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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