[HCDX]: Recent Loggings
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[HCDX]: Recent Loggings

Recent Loggings for publication.
Bill Harms
Elkridge, MD
NRD-525 and 3 foot high wedge air core loop.

 530 CIAO ON, Brampton. (calls assumed)  12/1 0645-0659.  ?Indian
     Morning program? poor-fair. Mixing with the TIS?s here. (WJH-MD)

 730 WUMP AL, Madison.  12/28 1959:45 ID as ?WUMP, Madison-Huntsville-
     Decatur; locally owned and operated to serve you.? Heard a
     ?sports   talk? program after 2000 but wasn?t sure it was them.
     Lots of QRM, just faded up at TOH.  (WJH-MD)

 730 WACE MA, Chicopee. 1/1 1629-1631.  ID as ?You?re listening to
     how you can keep well with Roy Masters (Web site
     http://www.fhu.com/radio.htm). Mention of a tax deductible
     newsletter. Excellent signal blowing away WBZS.  (WJH-MD)

 730 WLIL TN, Lenoir City. 12/28 1915-1918. Local ads and ID.  Faded
     in for only three minutes.  (WJH-MD)

 760 WVNE MA, Leicester. 1/1 1606-1630. Concerned Women for America
     program - web site http://www.cwfa.org/. Female announcer
     interviewing man who was gay and became married.  Weather
     forecast and ID as ?Life changing Radio 7-60 WVNE.? Good in
     nulled WJR. Also heard the tail end of the sign off at 12/29
     1614 (WJH-MD)

 780 CFDR NS, Dartmouth. 12/29 2118-2128. Assumed the one IDing as
     "Classic Country 7-80 Kicks (or equivalent). Gordon Lightfoot
     and country songs. Good through wiped out WBBM. There were a
     couple of local ads. (WJH-MD) 

 790 WQXI GA, Atlanta. 12/28 1703-1720. Sports talk about Atlanta
     Falcons and local adds.  Over all.  (WJH-MD) 

 840 WCTG SC, Columbia. 12/27 1653-1706. Blowing WHAS away! Local
     ads, and news on the hour.  ID at 1705 as ?You?re listening to
     the mighty 8-40 WCTG Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia?s most
     powerful AM station. Thanks for listening.  Played some
     Christmas classics. (WJH-MD)

 890 WKNV VA, Fairlawn. 12/28 1622-1640. Am sure of location, but not
     call letters which were not announced.  Gospel music format.
     Frequent use of ?Joy AM? slogans, like ?Going up, never coming
     down. The heart of today?s Southern Virginia Gospel Music, We
     are Joy AM.? A few local ads were heard. Strongest signal on the
     channel for the duration. (WJH-MD)

 910 KLCN AR, Blytheville. Pleasantly surprised with this one. 12/30
     1809:45-1812:30. ID as ?News 9-10 KLCN? into world news and
     sports.  Atop all for a couple of minutes. Audio clip of this
     catch is at http://www.erols.com/wharms/sounds/other/KLCN.ra

 910 WSTK NC, Jacksonville. 1/1 1759. ID as ?Super (charge(d)) 9-10
     AM WSTK. Your radio will never be the same into an ad, but was
     lost in QRM. Also, assumed the one with NC Car dealer ads and
     mentions of Carolina Panthers on 12/31 1812:30-1824 (No ID) 

 920 WTCW KY, Whitesburg. 12/30 1559:45. Popped in with ID time check
     and news on the hour. (WJH-MD)

 920 WKRT NY, Courtland. 12/29 1757-1800.  Oldies format. ID at TOH
     as ?Good time Rock and Roll on 9-20 WKRT Courtland - Oldies
     Radio into news. Over all for the ID. (WJH-MD)

 920 WIRD NY, Lake Placid. 12/29 1657-1757. Listened off and on. 
     Used slogans like ?The Voice of the Adirondacks,? ?Olympic
     region? and WLPW-WIRD.?  Lots of oldies, local ads, and weather
     forecasts. (WJH-MD)

 990 CKGM QU, Montreal. 12/27 1547-1551. Over all with traffic report
     (mention of Champlain Bridge), local ads, and ID as ?oldies 9-90
     ... Montreal.  I assume the listed call letters are correct.

1000 CKBW NS, Bridgewater (call listed not heard). 12/29 2048-2054.
     Local ads for furniture store and computer retailer. Good over
     WMVP. (WJH-MD)

1080 WKGX NC, Lenoir. 12/27 1737-1742.  CW music and ID in between
     songs. Good signal with WITC nulled. (WJH-MD)

1150 WMRD CT, Middletowm. 12/29 1807. Local and what sounded like a
     talk show with Internet as the topic. Mixing in the mess. 

1190 WBIS MD, Annapolis (new calls). Format change. Now business
     radio. 1/1 1000-1011. SRN network news. ID at 1000:20 in the
     middle of news feed as ?WBIS Annapolis-Baltimore.? Lots of spots
     and Business News network. Noted // to WBZS-730 and WMET-1150,
     but not WBBR-1130. Local station. (WJH-MD)

1240 WJTN NY, Jamestown.  12/29 1816-1819. Weather forecast and local
     car dealer ad.  Popped in over everything else. (WJH-MD)

1290 WCHK GA, Canton. 12/31 2007:30-2009. ID as ?Proud to be
     Cherokee.  This is AM 12-90 WCHK. Followed by cw song.  Atop
     momentarily. (WJH-MD)

1440 WJJL NY, Niagara Falls. 12/29 1909. Weather and ID.  Nothing
     else heard.  (WJH-MD)

1600 WINX MD, Rockville. Now is a Spanish Language format. Was
     oldies. 12/26 same call letters. Just what DC needs - another
      ethnic station, NOT! hihi. (WJH-MD)   
Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland, USA
Bill's Ultimate TIS Digest
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