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[HCDX]: tfw 77 3/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  - Part   3
Year   4  Number  77  - Rome, January    1999  
XXVIII century E.R. (Roman Era) ( year 2752)

1900- 3985- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Sparks via IRRS, Dec 12, Mx,competition,ID in E 32332 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
1910- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London, Dec. 24, -Rock mx,ID in E 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)
1911- 6284.2- PIRATE EUROPE- R Farmers Holland, 1911 Germanic songs . Strong QRM from ARQ  station 32332  (Liangas Dec 19+ 20  Thessaloniki Greece)
1915- 3905- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Strike via SWRS (in USB), Dec 11, Mx,QTH,web,ID in It 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
1917- 11540- CLANDESTINE- R Kudirat //6205 @1917 man with news , 1917 with music ID then with news to continue.  11540 is in clear 44423 though 6205 has a radio storm  (Liangas Dec 19 Thessaloniki Greece)
1920- 3320- SOUTH AFRICA- R Sonder Grenze 1920 & 1957 men with continuous talks in Afrikaans refs to  communism (1920) on ca. 2000 starting with classical music then talks continue Signal 22232 (Liangas Dec  27 Greece)
1925- 6910.4- PIRATE EUROPE- R. Blue Star 1925 Already showing with the usual  foolish vocals, which all sound like tipsy renditions of "You Are my Sunshine." At 2004,  "Good afternoon, good evening, you're listening to Radio Blue Star from the Netherlands"  and gave address. Quite solid by 2100 but gone at 2134 R/C. Have never previously heard  them this high in freq or this early in the day. Didn't sound like a North America relay,  though.(Hill,USA,Dec.8)-
1955- 7525- CROATIA- HRTV (new fqy) 1955 with sports reports in Croatian with refs to Yugoslav groups sudden s off at 1959. ID found next day on 1810 while in news reports.  ON 19/12 signal was strong (44444) but on 20/12 it was till  1805 then signal faded out to 23242 (Liangas Dec 19+ 20 Thessaloniki Greece)
2013- 6295- PIRATE EUROPE- Reflexions Europe 2013 with Christmas songs. ID as 'radio ...' and  POB also but strong surface electical noise did not allow me to listen to full name. Signal 22122 (Liangas,  Dec 27  Greece)
2027- 7540- CHINA PR.- CNR 1 (nf)2027 parallel to 7935 with chinese music 2030 ID 'Zhongyang renmin guangbodiantai' Signal overloaded . 44434 (Liangas Dec27 Greece)
2028- 5055- ICELAND- Rikisutvarpid (in USB) 2028 Woman in Icelandic with what sounded like a sermon;  fair/good here, good on // 9275U, very good on 11402U. This freq has been used for at least the past three years at Christmas and other special occasions in winter, but it still isn't listed in either WRTH or PWBR.  (Hill, USA Dec. 24)---
2035- 3905- 2035- PIRATE EUROPE- FRSHolland via SWRS (in USB) Dec 11, Mx pop-rock,ID in E 23332 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)
2048- 3907- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Blue Star, Dec. 25,Mx folk,ID in Dutch 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)
2055- 3927- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Korak Int. , Dec. 25,Mx pop folk,ID,QTH in E,It 43343 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)
2059- 4874.5- INDONESIA- RRI Sorong, Irian Jaya 2059 On Dec. 19, carrier on at 2059, then music (SCI?) and   announcement; into RRI news relay at 2100 // Jambi, which was on extended sked for Ramadan. Orchestral theme at 2105 and continued with local programming, which seemed to consist of nondescript orchestral music interspersed with talks by man and woman. Very weak, then begins to fade around 2120 and is only a faint het by 2130. On Dec. 18, carrier didn't come on till 2106. Apparently this freq now replaces 9741.6 for the morning transmission. (Hill, USA Dec. 17+)
2110- 3985- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Fantasy via IRRS, Dec 11, Mx,ID in G,E 33333 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)-
2114- 3941- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Dr.Tim, Dec. 25,Mx pop,ID in G 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)
2115- 3905-  2115- PIRATE EUROPE- WLIQ via SWRS (in USB) Dec 11, Rock mx,ID in E 23232 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)-
2123- 3925- JAPAN- R. Tampa 2123 Bravura piano piece, perhaps Chopin sonata; weak  on this channel, fair on 6095, audible under VOA on 9595. The 75M signal had begun to deteriorate by 2132 T/O. (Hill,USA Dec. 11)-
2127- 3895- PIRATE EUROPE-Crazy Wave R. , Dec. 25,Mx rock,ID in G(bad audio-?) 23222 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)
2150- 3985- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Fantasy via IRRS, Dec 18, Mx,QTH,ID in G 33333 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)-
2154- 3346- BELARUS- Utility Relay Transmitter 2154 Man in Russian, then woman singing ballad with flamenco-style guitar accompaniment. Familiar RS Mayak  IS at 2159, six pips and announcement that included "Radiostantsiya Mayak." Very weak with tinny, muffled speech audio; no sign of supposed // 2338. If it's true that RS Mayak is leaving shortwave, I wonder if this relay will also cease carrying it. (Hill, USA Dec. 11)
2155- 4965- ZAMBIA- R. Christian Voice- 2155-2204* Lively rel. choral mx- soft instru. mx- M anncr at 2158 w/sev. IDs  and pgm anmnt- more mx- 2200 brief prayer by W- 2201 ID by M "This is R. Christian Voice broadcasting on 4965 khz to  central and south Africa- and on FM 106.? mhz in Lusaka and ??"- usual fanfare/choral ID- then W w/nx headlines- fanfare  again (but w/out chorus)- tone- and off at 2204. Best hrd in quite some time. Been listening to this for abt 2 months and finally got the ID!! (Valko 21 Dec.)
2157- 6210.2- PIRATE EUROPE- R. Marabu- Extremely weak at 2157 but there w/mx and a M anncr. Came back at 0053  and found w/better signal. M and then sev. people singing intentionally off key at t/in. Hrd to 0124. All songs were  unrecognizable except for a medley of Christmas tunes from 0118 / 0124 including "Silent Night"- "Jingle Bells"- and  "White Christmas". Very brief anmnts by M between songs- except for one long anmnt 0101 / 0103 in definite GM w/sev.  IDs and addr given. Like all the other Europirates- this was quite weak w/quick QSB. Occas. SSB QRM. (Valko USA 19 and 20 Dec.)
2157- 4895- MALAYSIA- RTM Sarawak 2157 Ending test tone and into at least eight  iterations of about 14 notes on accordion-like instrument; brief announcement in Malay  followed by short presumed NA. Two pips at 2200 and continued with talk and vocal  selections. Found to be // 5005 (Miri) when latter checked at 2204. ZY, which was under  RTM at T/I, gradually became stronger and finally dominated by 2215. (Hill, USA Dec. 6)
2158- 7295- MALAYSIA-RTVM R. 4 2158 Lame cover version of '60s hit "I Can See Clearly Now," then  chorus of vaguely familiar college type song. Pips at 2200 followed by man saying "Good morning" and  continuing with news headlines. At 2204, "In other news ..."; at 2207, more morning greetings, including one "Good morning, Malaysia." Continued with Oriental vocal. Fair strength but very choppy. This one is audible,  but almost never readable, almost every day around 2200-2300. (Hill, USA Dec. 26)-
2158- 3905- PIRATE EUROPE- WLIQ via SWRS (in USB) Dec 18, Rock mx,ID in E 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)-
2202- 3210- MOZAMBIQUE- R. Mozambique 2202 Likely Maputo with man in what sounded like Portuguese, then presumed NA; silence at 2207 and pulled the switch a  minute later. Very weak, just barely above all the band noise. A rather sketchy logging, but this is worth checking again from time to time, as Mozambique has become exceedingly difficult to hear from this part of the world. (Hill, USA Dec. 10)
2205- 4845- INDONESIA- RRI Ambon 2205-2215 Noted a man in Indonesian comments with news. After a  brief interlude of music the same man continous. Signal was good. (Bolland, USADecember 29, 1998)
2230- 6220.02- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits (pres.)- 2230-2300 w/just a het noted here. By 2308- could detect some mx followed by a M anncr at 2309. Continued Pop mx pgm to 2352 when a UTE here started whereby rcptn ended. Was able to recognize songs "She Loves You" by the Beatles at 2318- and "On Top of the World" by The Carpenters at  2326. M anncr between songs- and one canned anmnt by M noted at 2318. It was still going when I rechecked at 0310. Weak w/some SSB QRM. (Valko USA 19 / 20 Dec.)
2230- 7590- PIRATE EUROPE- SWRS (in USB) 2230- Hrd w/bits of audio at this time- but just too weak to stay with. Also had a little audio on 11470U as well but there was some type of wide band xmsn causing QRM here. Returned later- 0020 / 0050 and found what was presuably one of the many relay pgms aired (although it could've been an SWRS pgm too I suppose). Couldn't recognize any of the songs. M anncr hosting between songs. At 0048 caught a canned full ID anmnt by  M w/the "Axel F" theme by Harold Faltermeyer as a sort of IS. Tipped Hans Johnson off to this and he hrd it better. Weak  w/RTTY QRM right on top. (Valko- USA 19 and 20 Dec.)
2240- 5010- UNID- Unid R.,  2240-2305 Noted a man in an English/Chinese lesson until the hour. On the  hour possible ID in Chinese over music, and woman shares mike then. Anthem type music a minute or so  after the hour. Program continued beyond the h (Bolland, USA)
2245- 3941- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Dr.Tim, Dec.26, Mx dance,ID in G 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)
2245- 3895- PIRATE EUROPE- Transatlantic R., Dec 19, Mx folk,ID,QTH in E 33333 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)-
2255- 9820- CHINA PR.- Guangxi Foreign BC Svc 2255 Big carrier till *2300, when opened with gentle,  seductive Oriental theme on chimes and strings. Followed with ID in Vietnamese, "Day la dai phat thanh  quoc teng" (not sure of that last word), first by woman, then by man. Another iteration of theme, then woman  continued with probable news. Strong and clear; must be running considerable power, though nothing audible  on reported // 5050. Tnx Tony Jones tip in NU. (Hill, USA Dec. 23)
2255- 3905- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Natalie via SWRS (in USB) , Dec 19, Mx,ID in E,Russian 33333 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)-
2300- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits, Dec 19, Pop mx,ID in E 33333 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /  Radiorama Pirate News)-
2300- 5794.58- PIRATE EUROPE- Transatlantic R.?? 2300+- Could on make out bits of audio. Gone at 2346 recheck. (Valko- USA 19 Dec.)
2346- 9760- JAPAN 9760 R. Tampa (JOZ), 2nd Network 2346 Interview or panel discussion in Japanese  by man, joined by woman at 2350. Moderate level but choppy; ruined by slop from DW/9765 IS at 2358. ordinarily this channel would be inaudible, or at least unreadable, while the 1st network on 9595 would be  fair; today it was exactly the opposite. (Hill, USA Dec. 21)----
2348- 6676- PERU- Radiodifusoras Paraton, Huamaca, Spanish, Man announcer, Musical Program  (huaynos,  andean music and San Juanito) 23.48 - 00.02* s/off ID "en Radio Paraton informando con más  regalos musicales" time checks "seis de la tarde con cincuenta y cuatro minutos"also ID as "Radio emisoras Paraton" "Desde la region Radioemisoras Paraton a 3415 metros sobre el nivel del mar....Radiodifusoras Paraton de  Huamaca..........." 00.02* S/off SINPO34443 Dec. 26, 1998 (Eramo, Argentina)
2355- 4855.5- PERU- Radio La Hora, Cusco, Spanish, Man Announcer "Sports program" "Interviews", ID "En Radio La Hora con las notas del futbol de hoy" 23.55 / 00.16, SINPO 34333, Dec. 12, 1998, (Eramo, Argentina)
ARMENIA- 9965 KHz, Voice of Armenia, Yerevan, QSL-c, letter, schedule, Alek Manukian 5, Yerevan 25, Armenia, 315 days (Eramo, Argentina)
CHILE- 21550 KHz, Radio Voz Cristiana, Santiago; via Apartado Postal 2889, Miami, Florida 33144, USA; QSL-c, 21 days, (Eramo, Argentina)
CLANDESTINE- IRAQ, Radio Free Iraq RFE/RL, 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington, D.C., 20036, USA
v/s : David Walcutt, Broadcast Operations Liaison 11915 kHz verify with a full data letter from the USA Office in 20 days (Szucs Dec 7 via CDX 220 / CRW 20)
INDONESIA- RRI Jambi, 4925kHz: in 21 days with a short personal letter and by signing/ stamping my ppc;  from V/S H. Asmuni Lubis, BA. (Richard D'Angelo-PA, USA via Numero Uno No.1504 / Jembatan DX 63)
JAPAN- 6005 KHz,(feeder), NHK Sapporo, 7 Oddori Nishi, Chuo Ku, Sapporo, 060-8703, Japan, QSL-c, bullettin, post-cards,pin, etc (cassette report) for 2 IRC, 65 days (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE EUROPE- 6965 KHz (LSB), RWI Radio Waves International (France),(via Andino Relay Service), BP 130, 92504 Rueil CEDEX, France, QSL (via e-mail) v/s Philipe Bertrand (after follow up), for 2 IRC, 60 days, (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE EUROPE- 6980 KHz (LSB), Radio Marabu (Germany) (via Radio Cochiguaz), P.O.Box 1166, D-49187 Belm, Germany, QSL-c, bulletin, info, 105 days, for 2 IRC, (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE EUROPE- 6980 KHz (LSB), Radio Titanic International (Germany), (via Radio Cochiguaz), Postfach 220342, D-42373 Wuppertal, Germany; QSL-c, info, post-card, stickers, magazine, v/s Mark Tim to cassette report, for 2 IRC, 40 days, (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE EUROPE- 6980 KHz (LSB), Star Club Radio (Germany),(via Radio Cochiguaz), Postfach 220342,D-42373 Wuppertal, Germany; QSL-c, info, post-card, letter, 145 days, for 2 IRC, (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- 6979.9 KHz (LSB), FLARS Free Latin American Radio Station, (via Radio Cochiguaz), QSL-c, for 2 IRC, 332 days (after various follow up) (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- 6980 KHz LSB, Dark Pampa Radio (via Radio Cochiguaz) Casilla de Correo 5251, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina QSL-c, memo v/s Damián Funes Torres, for 2 IRC, 39 days (Eramo, Argentina)
PIRATE USA- 6965 KHz (LSB), Rock it Radio, Ventura, California, USA (via Andino Relay Service) P.O.Box 5617, Ventura, Ca, USA QSL-c, letter, for 2 IRC, 61 days (Eramo, Argentina)
CHILE-  Pinochet's revenge? Or the evangelical penchant for taking up as many frequencies as possible? Voz Cristiana has a nasty spur problem, centered about plus and minus 27 kHz,but spreading plus and minus 5 kHz or more from these spots: --Dec 20 at 0444 the 11690 transmitter with dirty, broad FM spurs around 11717 and 11663, covering 11708-11723 and 1660-11668 at least. And 21550  transmitter (same one?) Dec 20 at 2117 check with FM spurs around 21523 and 21577, still there at 2313 recheck (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO  970/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-54, Dec 22)
COSTA RICA- Latest versions of AWR schedules, I notice, no longer show any English on TIAWR. Well, that takes care  of trying to keep track of when  Wavescan may or may not appear. Indeed, at 0010 check Dec 15 and other times, they were  in Spanish on 9725 (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 969 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53, Dec 17)-
CROATIA- English news bulletins at 0200 & 0300 are now on 6130 (ex 9925). Heard Dec 15 with an excellent signal  (Ivan Grishin, Ont., WORLD OF  RADIO 969/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53, Dec 17)-
CUBA- Radio Habana Cuba is now testing on 11705 SSB transmitter power 30 kW PEP, antenna gain 13 dB, antenna  azimuth 037 degrees +/- 12 degrees to the -3 dB points. The SSB signal is on USB with a -12 dB pilot carrier to help
sync lock of receivers equipped with sync detectors. We may be testing at different pilot carrier levels, from -30 dB - at that level the audio may be even recovered while the receiver is on the AM mode). The English language program is on that  frequency from 0100 to 0500. Reports will be QSl'ed with a nice card. E-mail to: arnie@xxxxxxxxxxx (Arnie Coro, RHC 20Dec /EDXP 105)
CUBA - [?]. Regarding the noise pulses peaking around 9615 around 1230: VOA Greenville (not Delano)  checked their 9690 transmitter and found it did need some tuning up, but by then we had heard the noise  before 9690 carrier came on at 1145, so that is ruled out. BTW, I made very sure the noise was not coming from inside my house by a DX-pedition a few blocks away into the frigid pre-dawn darkness; however, I'm  surprised that no one else seems to be reporting it. Still there as of 1248 check Dec 28, and now I'm suspicious that the offending transmitter is the Cuban bubble jammer on 9565, because its pulse rate seems to  match that of the noise--sample heard on WOR 970--which however has none of the "bubble" sound (Glenn Hauser, OK/SHORTWAVE/GH DX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29)
CZECH REPUBLIC - [non]. R. Prague must be so pleased with being jammed into oblivion during English  relay via WRMI 9955 nightly at 0400, that the new WRMI sked shows they have added Czech at 1400-1430 M-F, and Spanish at 2230-2300 M-F. Actually, at 1425 czech Dec 29, jamming was lite (Glenn Hauser,  REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING/GHDX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29)
HUNGARY - The Hungarian Programme of Radio Budapest hosts at min. .48 each Wednesday from 13 Jan. to 10 Feb. a 5 min. Italian Special Broadcast.  Here are frequencies and timings (UTC). To Europe :  19.00-20.00 -  3975, 7185 KHz,  21.00-22.00 -  3975, 7230 KHz,  12.00-13.00 -  7135, 9655 KHz; To South America  :  23.00-00.00   11985, 13685 KHz (Monday through Sunday)  - To North-America:  21.00-22.00 11895 KHz,  01.00-02.00  6120, 9835 KHz,  02.00-02.30  9835, 11990 KHz,  To Australia : 11.00-12.00  17670, 21560, 25700 KHz (Monday through Sunday /FDXN via L. Cobisi)
IRAN- [non]. WWCR's alleged three-day-a-week service to Iran in Persian and Kurdish is easier to confirm now that 12160 has replaced 15685 at 1100- 1200, but Tue Dec 22 at 1157 check an old-time-radio show with an address in Portland was  concluding in English; we need to try also on Fri and Sat at  1100 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT  98-54, Dec 22)
IRAQ- [non]. Radio Free Iraq Broadcast Schedule Note: Broadcasts expanded to four hours of programming daily as of 17 December 1998. UTC/GMT LocalTime Frequency 0200-0300 0500-0600 5965 6015 7105 9635 --- 0300-0400 0600-0700 5965 7110 7275  9740 --- 1500-1600 1800-1900 6130 9835 11965 12015 --- 1600-1700 1900-2000 6130 9540 11915 11965. Schedule  updated 18 December 1998. This Service broadcasts in Arabic from Monday  through Sunday.  Iraqi local time is +3 UTC. (RFE/RL R. Free Iraq page via Glenn Hauser Dec 21; tnx to tip from Celio Romais, radioescutas/ GH  SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-54, Dec 22)
KOREA SOUTH - The website I copied for RKI doesn't work, as you may have found out too. Rechecked  via http://www.trsc.com (which has been redesigned so now you have more steps to get to the links, no improvement), and this is it: <http://rki.kbs.co.kr/rki> (Glenn Hauser/GH DX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29)
NETHERLANDS- [non]. This is no doubt a temporary deep winter phenomenon, but RN's English to Europe in the hour  before and after 1230 are being  well-received here on 9855, which as I recall is DTK, noted Dec 16, but some CRI IS QRM  underneath at 1230 if not before; so another morning option  for us. This week's documentary, repeated on Fri is about Rwanda, and they said next week's would be "The Real Mother Goose" (Glenn Hauser, OK,  REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53, Dec 17)
NIGERIA - [non]. R. Kudirat Nigeria was still there Sun Dec 27 on 11540 [South Africa] at 1900 check,  marginally readable at times in English. Around 1925 ID with both frequencies, again after non-English  segment, at 1935 "soon undertaking temporary mandatory maintenance of its equipment starting Friday 1  January" apologizing in advance for inconvenience, and to return with "renewed vigour" at no specified date heard. Fair by closing before 2000. Fluttery on Dec 28, still talking at 2000:00 sharp when WRN feed cut off  for a minute of triple-tones, 2001* Tnx to Hans Johnson tip, who thinks the station is really being closed  permanently as no longer necessary (Glenn Hauser, OK Glenn Hauser/GH DX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29)
NICARAGUA - I just received a verie letter from Radio Miskut-5770, in which station director Evaristo  Marcado Perez says that sometime after the first of the year they'll be getting their new Henry 3 kW transmitter on the air on this frequency, with (he hopes) better reception as the result. (No specific on air date, but he hopes sometime in January) He also says the new SW transmitter, as well as the station's FM equipment, were donated by Mr. John Freeman of the USA. This reply took 7 sesquimonths WITHOUT a follow-up (Randy Stewart, Springfield MO, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING Glenn  Hauser/GH DX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29)
PALAU- Democratic Voice of Burma will be testing again from KHBN Palau beginning Mon 21 Dec, until Fri 25 Dec from 1315 to 1400 on 9985. This  will run for five consecutive nights in this time period. (Ludo Maes, 14 Dec/ EDXP # 104)
SPAIN- I noticed last week that Terry Burgoyne did not do a new distance unknown on REE. The same was true this week when an REE announcer  played a repeat of a Distance Unknown show. However, this time I heard them say that Terry had retired from REE and was irreplaceable (I wonder if  there's more to that statement with respect to REE's DX show?) (Pete Costello, NJ, WORLD OF RADIO 969/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53,  Dec 17)-
SPAIN- Regarding DX Report 98-53 and Terry Burgoyne. I wish I had had the tape recorder going, but I didn't. Two weeks  ago, even though the program  was a repeat, Terry was live in the studio to introduce the program. He said hello, said that  this would be his last program and then said something to the  effect that the management at the station only wanted younger people on the air. The next week, the program was a repeat again, but the announcer said  that Terry had retired. Terry didn't say anything at all about retirement the previous week, just the dig at management about wanting younger people on the air. I got the impression that the program would be dropped when they found something to stick in its slot. (John H. Carver Jr., Mid-North Indiana, Dec 17 via Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-54, Dec 22)
SRI LANKA- [non]. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are back on SW, as The V. of the Tigers, trial run at 0100-0130 on  7460 (TamilNet website Dec 13 via BBC Monitoring via WORLD OF RADIO 969) Hmmm, same site as IBC at 0000- 0100? We can't be sure it's CIS (Glenn Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53, Dec 17)
SWITZERLAND- Muhammed Said of Kansas City called to report hearing Swiss Radio Intl talking about cutting out or  drastically reducing English  broadcasts except on the internet. He didn't catch all the details. Peace and good DX, (Rachel  Baughn, Monitoring Times, Dec 15 via Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53, Dec 17)
U S A- WWBS, Macon, GA: Did not check UT Sat Dec 19, but did check 11900 UT Sun Dec 20 from 0038 tune-in: loud  and clear with local preacher must be this; 0100 WWBS ID by woman, Mrs. Josey, I assume, outroing Macon preacher Pastor John, address wwbsradio@xxxxxxx and intro another Macon preacher (as if there were any demand whatsoever  outside Macon to hear them!); 0129 another break, ID, asking for reports to P O Box 18174, Macon, GA 31209; mentioned something previously on a Friday night; recheck 0155 already back to station announcer with wrapup, by now signal having faded down considerably but  still above some co-channel with sub-audible het, sounded transpolar which itself went off at 0201*; offered Jesus literature, addresses, "back tomorrow night at 7 pm EST" so on three nights a week? Asked for  programming suggestions as time expands, such as Christian music;  they still have "problems to work out", off at 0159* BTW, Dave Frantz at WGTG continues to predict WWBS will get into big trouble for RF QRM  problems in downtown Macon. Checked again UT Monday Dec 21; actually between 2358 Dec 20 and 0010 Dec 21 the carrier went on and off  numerous  times, along with vairous buzzes and hums. Finally came on to stay at 0032, 0033 apology for lateness, Watchman on the Wall" with another local  preacher, Brendan Roberts; 0100 ID acknowledging E-mail from Massachusetts, Seattle, Finland; tape if this is on WOR 970. Already gone when  rechecked at 0155 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH  SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-54, Dec 22)-
USA - VOA Communications World is now also on WBCQ, 7415, Sun at 2100, confirmed Dec 27. WWCR  has changed Sat 1245 to Tue 1400 on 15685, following World of Radio, but on Dec 26-29 broadcast three  different shows: Sat Dec 26 2300 the Dec 26 edition; Mon Dec 27 0630 the Dec 12 edition; Tue Dec 29 1400 the Dec 19 edition! Kim needs to give us the original airdate at the start of each half-hour CW (Glenn Hauser, OK Glenn Hauser/GH DX REPORT 98-55, Dec 29)
Hi everyone,the South Pacific DX Report is now available via HCJB and through RNZI's web-page as follows below: HCJB during "DX  Partyline" on the 4th weekend of the month, Saturdays: 0710 UTC on 9775, 0910 on 9640 & 21455, 1910 on 15115 & 21455. Sundays:  0110 & 0410 on 9745, 12015 & 21455. Radio New Zealand International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts, Mondays 2135 UTC  on 17675kHz, Wednesdays 1735 UTC on 11675kHz and Fridays 1930 UTC on 11675kHz. Also available as a Real Audio file at http://www.audionet.co.nz/ranz.html Next Broadcasts commence Mondays, December 21st and January 4th, repeated on following days as above. AWR's "Wavescan" commencing the third Sunday of the month (see http://www.awr.org for frequency schedule), repeated at 0700z and 1900z on ZLXA, New Zealand's Radio Reading Service, Levin, the third Monday of the month, on 1602kHz, 3935kHz and 3290kHz.(PaulOrmandy,)