[HCDX]: Additions on Radio China
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[HCDX]: Additions on Radio China

Hello all,

Just a note to say that I've made some additions to Radio China (
http://www.swl.net/radiochina ).

In the "Times & Frequencies" section you will find a first attempt to list
all China's Regional PBS stations (
http://www.swl.net/radiochina/notebook-index.html ).

In "On the Drawingboard" you will find a page on my visit to RRI Denpasar,
early October last year. Lots of photo's and some Real Audio clips (
http://www.swl.net/radiochina/drawingboard.html ).

On my personal page you can find my motorcycle page, although it can be
said this is a rather useless addition (
http://www.swl.net/radiochina/who/index.html :-)

Hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year.

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