Re: [HCDX]: RRI station on 3264.7
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Re: [HCDX]: RRI station on 3264.7

Michael Schnitzer schrieb:
> Hello everywhere,
> Karl van Rooy wrote:
> >3264.70 RRI Gorontalo,jan 7,1955,Male speaker in BI,at 2001 music no warta
> berita at 2000,at 2015 typical islamic like music as known from indonesia,at
> 2025 quoran prayer...<
> I'm also listening to a RRI station on 3264.7 sice several days. However I'm
> not quite sure, if it is RRI Gorontalo or RRI Bengkulu. Unfortunately I
> couldn't catch a local ID yet. Excellent reception of this station here in
> southern Germany on january 4th at around 19.40 UTC with SINPO 44434.
> Also RRI Merauke came in very well today on 3905 at around 20.25 with SINPO
> 44434.
> vy 73
> Michael Schnitzer
> mschnitzer@xxxxxxx
> Receiver: JRC NRD-525
> Antenna: 25m longwire & DX-One Professional
> Location: Hassfurt, Germany

Dear all,
I heard this station too, both on January 08 and 09 from 20.00 - past 22.00.
Confusing is that they have no SCI & news at 20.00, like all (or most ?) other 
RRI stations. However at 22.00 they run // all other RRI's (Jambi booming in 
makes the easiest comparison) 
At Jan 08 at 22.08 after the news & theme song I got a clear local ID as RRI 
Gorontalo. Reception quality was fair at that time.
Of course my cassette recorder just malfunctioned at the local ID........
It is the first time I heard this station.

BTW : I Also regularly get a weak RRI stn on 4606.5 around 21.00 - 22.00 (SCI 
noted at 21.00). Probably this is RRI Serui. Also during the last days a very 
weak signal on 4696.5, at around 20-21 UTC. Too weak for language 
identification. Could this be RKIP, Surabaya ? Do they carry news at  certain 
hours // to RRI ? This would make identification easier.

Aart Rouw
AR7030 + 15 m longwire
QTH :Bühl, SW Germany
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