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BRASIL DX 99 -  Sao Paulo, Brazil - Nikkey Hotel, September 4, 1999

We are glad to invite you to take part in a great open DX meeting:
Brasil DX 99, a meeting for shortwave listeners, DXers and
radio-hobbyists in general.

The meeting came from an original idea by Cassiano Alves Macedo, who
produces and presents the program "Encontro DX" for Radio Aparecida in
Sao Paulo. His idea was very welcome by the staff of DX Clube Paulista
who started its organization.

There will be various activities regarding the radio listening hobby,
such as drawings, chats, speeches, interviews and much more to please

We have contacted various broadcasters and await their revert. There are
good possibilities for international broadcasters who transmit to Brazil
to be present.

Date: September 4, 1999.
Time: 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Place: Hotel Nikkey, Rua Galvao Bueno 425, Bairro da Liberdade, Sao
Paulo ? SP, Brazil (a map will be available soon at DX Clube Paulista's
Web site).

Fee: due to lack of sponsors for the event, a small fee of R$ 5.00
(equivalent to around US$ 3.00) will be charged to cover the expenses
with hotel renting.

Food: each participant will have its own food. There are cheap options
nearby which will allow you to have a nice lunch for around R$ 5.00

We hope to receive around 100 shortwave listeners. This is an open
meeting and participants do not need to be members of DX Clube Paulista.
Please attempt to come and bring your DX friends. We only recommend not
to bring children. We will have a great time together!

DX CLUBE PAULISTA - 17 years of activity joining the Brazilian
Caixa Postal  384
Sao Bernardo - SP


+55 11 4351-4794

Note: this event is targeted to shortwave listeners, not amateur radio
(ham) operators.
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