Re: I: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?
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Re: I: [HCDX]: Is Senegal-765 still active ?

Dakar-765 still seems SILENT at least after 2300 UTC when
they should be strong (and when numerous other MW West
Africans ARE strong) at coastal sites here in Massachusetts.

I listened last night (25 AUG) from Granite Pier in
Rockport and found Switzerland alone on the channel at
poor to fair level.

I haven't seen Jean Burnell's findings on this question

73 / good DX ... Mark


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
e-mail: WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On 08/22/99 21:00:15 you wrote:
>Dear Mark,
>I was in Dakar in the 1st week of August; at that time, the 756 was
>(there)regularly active with a "usual" signal on my Sony 7600. Usual, as
>going there at least once a year, I tried somehpow to remember the signal
>I would'nt know right now, but Senegal is probably the "most decent" (or
>less indecent) country of West Africa with a reasonable cultural, poitical
>and technical level.
>Best '73s
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>Via Europa 2             fax  ++39-039-6041601
>20049 CONCOREZZO              bgornati@xxxxxx
>Italy                         JN-45-QN  locator
>Watkins-Johnson HF-1000 + SE-3 sync.detector
>LW 60 mts+MLB/Sloperized inverted V 20 mts
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