[HCDX]: LOGS: Haagstad R and others
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[HCDX]: LOGS: Haagstad R and others

I did some Euro-DXing at a friend's summer cottage in Southern Finland for
one night to catch a couple of stations about to close down.

Although no deadline looming on this one, it was the most interesting catch:
Haagstad Radio (1485 kHz) on Sunday evening Aug. 29th after 2105 UTC. ID was
given after a block of spots at 2109. It has been audible also at other
times, but tough to ID because of the non-stop Indian mx, and of course
heavy QRM. I have seen conflicting reports on the current TX power of this
one, does anyone have reliable information on that? Any QSLs received so far?

Also, Radio Veronica (1224 kHz) was audible both Sunday evening, during the
night, and Monday morning. Glad to have heard this one before closure.

And finally, Radio Northsea International was identified both Sunday evening
and Monday morning. Still slightly off, at exactly 1575.12 kHz. Strong QRM,
mostly by the clandestine station Al Mustaqbal on 1575.0.

Hardware: NRD-545 DSP & 200-meter-long wire antenna

Mika Makelainen
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