[HCDX]: Good MW condx (SEP 4)
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[HCDX]: Good MW condx (SEP 4)

there were good preSunrise MW conditions this morning (SEP 4, 0400-0425

1470.0  CPN Lima (Peru) with usual info format

1500.12  UNID (Peru?), religious prgr? - mentioning "iglesia" and "Peru"
several times. A spanish speaking station often observed by me on this
off-channel frequency, no ID so far...

1510.0  IOA Guayaquil (Ecuador); time station, pips and male ann´s

1520.0  UNID Spanish speaking station, just talk by a man

Best levels at 0418-0420 UTC. Our local Sunrise time today: 0422 UTC.

Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic,
in the heart of Europe
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