[HCDX]: Intīl Lighthouse Weeeknd - ZW7FC.
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[HCDX]: Intīl Lighthouse Weeeknd - ZW7FC.

Dear Fellows:

Photos from the International Lighthouse Weekend operation of ZW7FC,
in Touros, RN, Brazil, by NATAL DX GROUP, with pictures of the operators: 
Jandui PS7BX, Joao PS7KT and Karl PS7KM and the Farol do Calcanhar 
Lighthouse. QSL info is PS7KM.

Go to  http://www.waterw.com/~weidner/zw7fc.htm

During the event, we made 1057 contacts in CW/SSB including 21
lighthouse stations and 43 countries was worked in 10, 15, 20 and 
40 meters bands. All QSLs cards are being send via the buro!

For next year, we will be there again, on 19 and 20 August 2000
from another Brazilian Lighthouse.

We would like to thanks MARINHA DO BRASIL (Brazilian Navy) by
CAPITANIA DOS PORTOS do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte (Brazilian
Coast Guard) and "crew" of the FAROL DO CALCANHAR, in Touros, RN,
Brazil for your wonderful help.

See you in next year!

Vy 73,

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