Re: [HCDX]: KXOL-1660 IS OFF
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Re: [HCDX]: KXOL-1660 IS OFF

In a message dated 9/11/99 1:21:21 AM Central Daylight Time, mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx 

> At 2300 PDT, KXOL cut their music, leaving an OC once again. The only
>  thing I am hearing here on the West Coast is WQSN with 1on1 Sports.
>  No sign of waco, so they probably are off at Midnight CDT.
>  73s,

KRZX 1660 Waco goes off the air at midnight.  From what I've heard they have 
been slow to get their transmitter up to full strength while they try to work 
out the technical aspects of having both their AM and FM transmitters on the 
same tower.  However, they should have everything cleared up in the next 
week.  Once they get some other equipment in, they will begin overnight 
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