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[HCDX]: tfw 95 2/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright   Part 2
Year   4  Number  95  - Rome, 15 September 1999

1603- 13630- UAE- R.Dibai in EG, // 13675  // 15395  // 21605,
1603-1613, MM feature pgm abt a sultan, with some strings sound breaks.
(QRM het) fair (Serra, Italy 9 / 10)

1615- 7465- PIRATE EUROPE-  Star Club R. via SWRS-4 /9Mx,ID in E(DJ Roy
Clarck) 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

1626- 4875- UNID- Unid R. 23-8 , 1626 , ID "harakidayin R farra" OM with
ID then music 1629* 34333 (Liangas Santorini Greece) 1813- 5100- UNID-
Unid R.,  possibly  AIR Thiruvanatrapuram 1813 26-8 with hindi song then
man speaking and then with  instrumentals though unclear if are hindi
Sigal 22332 with intermods (Liangas Santorini Greece)

1630- 6920- CLANDESTINE_Unid cland for Sudan, till 1630, 7-9, with
'sudanese' music at most , then carrier only ( audio disconnect?) and
after 10 mins again 1640 with music After 1710 again with audio problems
anf after 1730 (presume) QRM from a very strong utility at 6921 ( over
200 bd) . Also occ QR (Liangas, Greece)

1631- 21720- SWITZERLAND- R. Svizzera Int. in Italian, // 17640  //
15220 (poor),  1631-1653, M / nx " Il Quotidiano" (with ext services &
corresp.s, ID s)(till 1635), mx bridgr into px " Lo Speciale", ID, mx
bridge into pgm " Magazine" (abt an Italian FM free Radio). Fair (Serra,
Italy 9 / 10)

1632- 8000- CLANDESTINE- V of Sudan opp . 7-9 with music too then 1632
YL closing the prog . OM with ID "idaatu ... Sudan .. huna al waali "
and man with speaks of lengthy word-ing . On newer tune ins with
continuous talks . Fair signal but low modulated 32322 (Liangas
Thessaloniki Greece)

1640- 5800- KAZAKAHSTAN- R Almaty 1640 23-8, songss 34333 (Liangas
Santorini Greece)

1713- 12070- RUSSIA- V.o.Vietnam relay, in EG, 1713-1727,  W tlk abt
Vietnam economy, mx break into MM pgm " Rural Vietnam" ID s, ancmt, lcl
pop song " The Sound of Wind", final ancmt & carrier on  only at 1727.
F (Serra, Italy 9 / 10)

1715- 5830- CLANDESTINE-  Tomorrow's Iran ( R Iran e Farda) 1715 ,7-9,
OM speaking slowly in Farsi then music On 5831 very strong ute QRM
probably a meteo station ( 50 bd. baudot ) so only LSB was OK (Liangas,

1752 -15715 - CLANDESTINE ERITREA- Voice of Oromo Liberation  26-8 with
music then ID by OM ".... oromoo" then carrier . Therefore station seems
to have an extended radio program or its programming changed from 1730
8000 no traceof V OF Sudan at 1755 26-8 (Liangas Santorini Greece)

1800- 4928.7- RUSSIA- R Mayak (in USB ) 1800 26-8 man seaking then music
33333 (Liangas Santorini Greece)

1810- 4760- CLANDESTINE-  PUK 1810 26-8 man in KU "aira dengi geli
kurdistan \" then music 34423 (Liangas Santorini Greece)

1924- 4850- KENYA  KBC Nairobi (?), 1924 4-9, heard better than Uzbek R
on same freq Signl 33233 with hilife music (Liangas Thessaloniki
Greece )

1930- 4600-  CLANDESTINE-Unid R.1930 , 4-9, Kurdish hymn with nearly
marginal signal over local QRN and atmospheric static . This inhibited
speakers voice after the hymn ended Signal : 13131 (Liangas Thessaloniki

1932- 3939- PIRATE EUROPE- Jan Duin(?), 3 /9, -Dutch songs.... 23232
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

1937- 7465- PIRATE EUROPE-  R.Flamingo Int. via SWRS-3 /9, Mx,ID in E
33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2015- 6289- PIRATE EUROPE- R Farmers ,2015, 5-9 , with older Germanic
songs and man in DU- EG in pone in and giving his tel number 34233
(Liangas Thessaloniki Greece)

2017- 6750- CHINA PR.- CPBS 1 // 10260 // 7935 at 2017,1-9 , with 24432
At 2020 22432  due to QRM from KPA Heard about one month ago in this fqy
(Liangas Retziki Thessaloniki Greece)

2031- 6825- PIRATE EUROPE- Unid R.  (a slavic radio pirate ?) 2031-2033
, 5-9, with entertaining Slavic music Hrd for very short time and was
too and disappeared (Liangas Thessaloniki Greece)

2059- 9465- GUAM, KTWR, 2059, Surprised to hear the IS poking through
weakly!! Wonder if its a "long path". (Valko, USA 2 Sept.)

2100- 9400- BULGARIA  R Bulgaria 2100 30-8 in EE giving their QRGs as
9400 and 11720 (Liangas Retziki Thessaloniki Greece)

2100- 11100- CHINA PR.-Taiwanese prg 2100 30-8 YL in Amoy 24322 (Liangas
Retziki Thessaloniki Greece)

2105- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE-  R F London 2105 (p) 30-8 with roick music
22222 (Liangas Retziki Thessaloniki Greece)

2120- 3910- PIRATE EUROPE-   R.Korak Int.- 4 /9, Mx,ID in E,Dutch 33333
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2125- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE-  Laser Hot Hits-4 /9, Mx rock,ID in E(//
6220) 23232 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

2141- 4828- ZIMBABWE- ( again back?) , ZBC   3-4 , 2141,1-9, nice older
slow songs ( I do not want to leave you ) and OM with short comments.
Best in Narrow band as cariers poccur in +2 and ¯3 kHZ , 22332 on USB
(Liangas Retziki Thessaloniki Greece)

2152- 4785- CHINA PR.- PBS, 2152 , 1-9, with classic msic then man with
programming ( many times wird arum meaning possibly time ) then 2157
with YL showing prg . Then clock , ID by YL ( not clear ) then lessons
of English in mong .22332 (Liangas Retziki  Thessaloniki Greece)

2200- 4770- NIGERIA-  R Nirgeria Kaduna 2200 24-8 OM with news 2207 then
with pop music 33333 better heard in 65 due to strong acrrier on 75
(Liangas Santorini Greece) e

2215- 9170- CHINA PR.- CPBS ?? 2215 23-8, reports in CC ? 23333 (Liangas
Santorini Greece)

2218- 15050- COSTA RICA-  RFPI 2218 24-8 possibly UN Program with
reports and comentaries on Burman and Kossovo ( english) 24322 (Liangas
Santorini Greece)

2223- 9750- MALAYSIA-  Suara Malaysia 2223 23-8, with songs 32332
(Liangas Santorini Greece)

2229-  11000- CHINA PR.- CPBS 2229 23-8, ads 32333 (Liangas Santorini

2230- 11100- CHINA PR.- CPBS 2230 23-8, 1 news // 10260 32333 (Liangas
Santorini Greece)


PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- 6949.4 Radio Sin Fronteras, South America, Casilla
159, Santiago 14, Chile (Via Radio Cochiguaz) QSL-c (full data) and
letter, for 2 IRC v/s Billy, 132 days (Eramo, Argentina)

PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA-  6935.2 Radio Silver, Italy (Via ARS Andino Relay
Service), Via Davanzatti 8, 20158 Milano, Italy, QSL-c, info, for 2 IRC
v/s Andy, 206 days (Eramo, Argentina)

USA,  ALASKA- 9615 KNLS, Anchoir Point, QSL-c # 15 of 200, pennant,
letter, schedule, info, 36 days for 2 IRC (Eramo, Argentina)


ALBANIA- Not the first time it's done, so -- R. Tirana, 15 min English
NAS at 0145 started late UT Sat Aug 28, and  ran 5 minutes over on 6115
and 7160 (Bob Thomas, CT, WORLD OF RADIO 1002 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-38, Sept 8)

ALGERIA- Gayle Van Horn advises that there was a typo in her previous
widely circulated item: should be 15160, not 15150 (Hauser / GH

AUSTRALIA- New program on RA for next 14 weeks is "In the Pipeline"
about digitization, replacing "Democratic  Nation", starting next
weekend on RA SW: Fri 1830, Sat 0530, Sun 0030, 2130; on WRN Sun 0705
(Roger Broadbent, RA Feedback Sept 4 via REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

BELGIUM- [non]. RVI, half hour NAm service in English via Bonaire was a
no-show Mon Aug 23 at 2230 on 15565. I couldn't check at 0400. All OK
Aug 24 at 2230, and at 0400 (Bob Thomas, CT, WORLD OF RADIO 1001 / GH

BRAZIL-  6060 BRAZIL "R Tupi, Sistema Universo da Comunicacao", Sep 9,
0858, in an ID-slot during usual "A Voz da Libertacao" programming
(http://www.algonet.se/~ahk/Dline98.htm) via Henrik Klemetz, regarding:
6060 & 9565, stn here now IDs as R. Tupi, not R. Universo; hrd 0628 Aug
11 with new ID, long nxcast, 0655 mx; hrd next day from 0100 with new ID
and religious sermon; still ancg old callsigns ZYE727/726, but new ID is
"R. Tupi de . . ," followed by a long name which was unreadable (Ernie
Behr, Ont., via Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-37, Sept 1)

CENTRAL AFRICAN REP-  9900 - Radio Minurca is back on this frequency.
The reception was so poor that I have to  hear it on USB mode. At 19.25
Musical prog then at 19.30 talk in French. Centre Afrique has been
mentioned many times then probably the same message in English, then
followed by a debate on politics in Af lang with some French  words Such
as Programme, Afrique Joeux Noel as well as ...... "presente par Radio
Minurca". At 20.10 the debate was  still on. (Mahendra Vaghjee,
Mauritius, Sep 5, WORLD OF RADIO 10021002 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-38, Sept 8)

CHINA PR.- [non]. Contrary to the report in BC-DX that CRI's English
relay at 2300 was heard on 5995, at least on Aug 26 I am still hearing
it on 5990; almost inaudible amid noise at start, but up to poor
reception by 2355 closing announcement, which *still* says  nothing
about any broadcast in English at 2300. It always takes forever for
CRI's own new schedule info to reach their own  announcers/continuity
production. This is surely Cuba, as previously established, not Mali.
REPORT 99-37, Sept 1)

CUBA- Despite all the derision aimed their way, the dentro-cubano commie
jammers are STILL bubbling against Voz  Cristiana, 21500, at 1351check
Sept 6, the two about equal level; VC much weaker here than on //21550.
"Spanish on a R. Marti frequency? Must BE R. Marti. Jam the worms!"

CUBA- I'm not surprised to hear second harmonic of RHC 6000 on 12000 on
my Kenwood R-2000. However, UT Aug 19 at 0300 I checked on Turkey
[11655]. Very faint. I heard splatter and on 11650 AM I heard audio.
However, to understand it I had to go to USB. There was R. Havana in
English. I had to retune to 11650.4. It wasn't strong enough to be an
active frequency so it was an image or their transmitter is really
pumping away. It may be a stray from their 11705 USB ?? (Bob Thomas, CT,
Sept 1)

CUBA- [and non]. R. Marti still using 5985, when rechecked 1115 Sept 1,
so must not be a mistake; instead of 5890. The incompetent dentro-cubano
commie jammers are still bubbling away against nothing on 5890, and as
yet I can detect no jamming on 5985 tho the RM signal is very strong;
//6030 which is also very strong, but jamming audible. Marti on 5985
first noted here a few mornings before, first as image on 5085, 2 x 450
kHz below super-strong 5985 (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1001/ GH

ECUADOR-  HCJB was its own worst enemy during DX Partyline UT Sun Sept 5
at 0110: 9745 had intermittent heavy crackling noise - STL problem?
12015 was grossly undermodulated with crackling also audible;  21455-USB
was off  the air or inaudible. The situation exacerbated the
low-audio-quality phone interview with Don Moore.  Then Sept 6 at 1839,
noted 21470 in Czech/Slovak had unstable warbling carrier. Interference
with the program modulation itself sounded worse on the analog ICF-5900W
where I first noted it in bandscan, than when also checked on the
digital ATS-909; why would this be? (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF

ECUADOR - [non]. unID. 12020, hrd daily at *2100-2230* w/Arabic relig
pgm, not Islamic anncg Marseilles addr in French at 2228; very strong
since Aug 1. (Ernie Behr, Ont., Aug 23, via Hauser) --- The ILG Database
lists HCJB via the Skelton UK relay site. Arabic from 2100-2230,
according to the list. Best 73, (Mark Veldhuis, Netherlands,
hard-core-dx / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-37, Sept 1)

GERMANY- DW Nauen: Open Door Day on DW / DTK Nauen tx site. Sep 12,
1999, 0800-1400 UTC, means 1000- 1600 LT CEST. Site was founded in 1906,
now housing 4 x 500 kW Telefunken tx and revolving Asea Thomson
antennas. Guided tours by DW and DTK personnel. No entrance fee. Nauen
is situated 25 kms west of Berlin. Shuttle  service to and from Nauen
railway station. (Thomas Kubaczewski via Hans-Joachim Brustmann,
Germany, Aug 31, BC-DX via WORLD OF RADIO 10021002 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-38, Sept 8)

GERMANY- The nearby village of "Valley" located next to Holzkirchen,
Bavaria tx site of IBB/RFE/RL/VoA/RFA  US broadcasting organizations,
will impeaching against US govt at the Federal Court in Washington.
[About health  concerns near the RFE/RL transmitters at Holzkirchen: The
locality is calling on the US government to shut them down, since cancer
rate is double near them, and breast cancer quadruple. ( Summary of AP
story in German, dateline Muenchen, via Martin Schoech, A-DX Sep 3,

IRAN- VOIRI was coming in very well UT 0030-0130 Aug 28-30 on both 9795
& 9022. A friendly-sounding mailbag program was heard Aug 28 (UT Sat)
from 0055 tune-in to 0125. (Ivan Grishin, Ont., REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

IRELAND- [non]. RTE via Merlin, 6155, UT Sun Sept 5 at 0143 check
instead had EWTN (Joe Hanlon, PA) We tuned  in and sure enough, again at
0148 IS and ID for "EWTN Global Catholic Radio" but not // WEWN in
English on 5825   (7425 was in Spanish). Reception too poor here to tell
if a feed mixup, or deliberate RTE programming, but at 0155 an Irish
accent was back with "Radio One" ID; off at usual 0159:30* (Glenn
Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1002 1002 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-38, Sept 8)

ISRAEL- After all is said and done, the current Kol Israel English
frequencies at 1400 UTC (1500 UTC as of tomorrow, since you must add 1
hour to the entire schedule until 'we' change the clock to Standard
time) is 17620 and 15650. It appears this way on <
http://www.israelradio.org > which is usually updated as soon as changes
take place (unless the person who updates the page is away). --- Just to
clarify, Kol Israel schedule times are one hour LATER UTC (due to Winter
Time) than they were before, not one hour earlier as I seemed to say a
few weeks ago. I seemed to have thought of the change from one
perspective, and wrote it from another perspective! (I have to engage my
brain before composing these emails... sorry!) Also, the  expatriate
show used a different phone/fax number this time (in Jerusalem, instead
of Tel Aviv) - so I guess that the contact  info, besides the email
address, isn't standard.  (Daniel Rosenzweig)

ITALY-  R. Roma, NAm English at 0050 announces 6010. No mention of
15240. // 9675 and 11800. I've heard nothing on 6010. I've head 15240
well Aug 13-15, no show 16, 17 and 18, barely audible 19th; very good
Aug 20, 21, 22. It was just barely audible Aug 23. 15240 worked Aug 24.
So, it's propagation (Bob Thomas, CT, WORLD OF RADIO 1001) --- RAI
announcers / tape obviously going by winter sked when 6010 was in use --
close enough for government work in the middle of the night  (Hauser,

LIBYA- V. of Africa, 15415, Aug 21 and 27, into English news at exactly
same time both dates, 2329-2333, then unID language. No other freqs
heard. Strong but slight hum (Brian Alexander, PA, REVIEW OF

LITHUANIA- Radio Vilnius reported on 17th August that Lithuanian Radio
and Television was facing a crisis and was $2 million in debt. The
report said that it could mean the reduction of domestic and external
services including the possible cancellation of the English
service. (Paul Watson, World DX Club via Mike Barraclough, WORLD OF

MADAGASCAR- [non]. Tamil Oli Radio, 17495, would have had fair reception
even here Sept 8 at 1138 if RN's own Indonesian audio //17580 had not
been mixing, confirmed by RN ID in Indonesian at 1139 and usual news
stingers  same as in English. At first the mixing level was about equal,
which was bad enough, but by 1142 RN was louder than Tamil Oli on 17495.
Both continued past 1200, as times of the transmissions coincide. This
was not a 2B-A mixing product since there was no transmission on 17665,
but some other kind of mixing at the transmitter site. Nor was it
receiver-produced cross-modulation as signals were too weak and same
situation found on multiple receivers, antennas including internal. With
its trans-equatorial advantage, 17580 was the strongest signal on the
band, even tho beamed  nowhere near our direction, and strength of 17495
quite a bit lower as to be expected from the lower power; both with
considerable fading. Tuning USB or LSB was no help -- no way for me, or
the poor Tamils, to get rid of RN's own interference. Is anybody
monitoring this in Hilversum or Talata? We then advised Andy Sennitt; 24
hours later  reception was too poor to tell what was happening (Glenn
REPORT 99-38, Sept 8)

MADAGASCAR - [non]. CLANDESTINE 17495 Radio Tamil Oli Via Madagascar
11.28 - 12.28 in Tamil with the first ten minutes with IDs in Tamil,
then French and then Tamil again by mentioning Reunion, Mauritius,
Tamilnigum (probably Tamil of India) Sri  Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia
..... 11.38 Interview followed by Telephone in program with lots of talk
11.58 Talk with a Tamil Muslim 12.15 talk on Yugoslavia Kosovo Nato
until went off at 12.28. Good Reception until 12.00 and became noisy
after that. (August 29 Mahendra Vaghjee, Mauritius via Hauser / GH

NETHERLANDS- RN's English service is too clever for its own good in some
of its slogans: "Water covers 2/3 of the world; Radio Netherlands covers
the rest." Are we supposed to believe that RN coverage is restricted to
land areas? You can't get it at sea? I daresay there is no part of the
globe not "covered" to some extent by this SW station with multiple
relay sites, as is the case with all other major broadcasters. But if
they insist, we must assume you've got to be landbound to hear RN...
REPORT 99-37, Sept 1)

NETHERLANDS- In regard to Radio Netherlands mentioned in RIB, I wrote RN
and 7 other international broadcasters a nice SHORT letter about 12
weeks ago and NEVER GOT A RESPONSE, while the other 7 broadcasters have
already responded. In fact, I've written RN twice without a response. It
is no big deal anyway, I rarely listen to RN. In the last couple of
years, RN has gone over the top trying to be "too cute" and "more
American than Americans". Why doesn't RN try being Dutch for once?
(Rather than a Euro version or clone of NPR!) Media Network is sometimes
an enjoyable listen. RN clearly now does not have the talent it had just
a few years ago. (Tom  Welch, TX, Aug 29, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

End of part 2
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