[HCDX]: A L'ECOUTE de la RADIO (Listening To Radio)
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[HCDX]: A L'ECOUTE de la RADIO (Listening To Radio)

The Union des Ecouteurs Français (French SWLs Union) offers a new service

A L'ECOUTE de la RADIO (Listening To Radio)

A programme in French to make people discover radio communications

- News about international broadcastings (SW), national broadcastings (MW)
and regional broadcastings (metric waves), programmes and those who make them.
- News about radio amateurs activities
- News about utility transmissions
- Possibly news about CB

Duration : 25 minutes


- Supplies of Real Audio encoded files sent to the electronic mail boxes of
suscribers, the files being a total amount of ca. 3000 Kb.
- Sendings on Sunday evening (European time)
- Programme contains several files. Thus stations are able to insert
commercials or their own name legal callsign broadcast.
- This service is free

Any broadcaster (international, national, regional) connected to the
Internet and which will have asked for it.

This service is absolutely free but recserved to broadcasters. The only
single condition: inform us of day, time and frequencies of

- You can ask us the last programme as a sample

Typical programme:
_ Radio-journal: a bulletin with radio world news
- Recorded samples of international broadcasts
- Memory lane with samples of the considered period recordings
- Special programmes dedicated to a specific topic: radio events, radio
broadcasters, specialties, clubs, figures

In order do subscribe/unsubscribe
Send a message to our electronic mailbox uef@xxxxxxxx requiring your being
subscribe. Provide us with an electronic address where files are to be
sent, the name of your station and its geographic location.

Have a good radio time

Daniel Wantz 
U.E.F. President

Radiodiffusions, utilitaires, radio-écouteurs, radioamateurs, techniques...
Courrier électronique: tsfinfo@xxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.ifrance.com/RADIO/
U.E.F.: B.P.31, 92242 MALAKOFF Cedex, FRANCE.
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