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Catastrophic budget cuts, at an unprecedented level in public bcsting
according to DW's Director General Dieter Weirich, will force major
reductions in DW's sces if enacted in October. Some details:

1.  Elimination of six foreign lang sces.
2.  Reduced bc time for up to ten other language sces.
3.  Elimination of DW's monthly internat radio/TV program guide.
4.  No participation for DW in Hanover's Expo 2000, as had been planned.
5.  Elimination of DW's monitoring sce.
6.  Elimination of DW radio's En lang nx dept.
    (In future, nx would be taken from DW TV)
7.  Elimination of 160 full time jobs and 300 freelance journalists with
    200 jobs coming open due to attrition not to be filled.
    (DW currently employs 1700)

These cuts will force greater reliance on the Internet for sces to
developed countries. Efforts will still be made to expand these sces while
preserving and focusing sces on SW for less developed areas not accessible
via Internet.

Report said that journalists union voiced shock at the size of the cuts --
especially in as much as they are being proposed by a Social
Democrat[&Green Movement] Govt which made unemployment a major focus of the
recent German elections. Demonstrations are planned for next month in
Berlin to protest the cuts. Weirich is quoted as saying he has little hope
that the cuts can be avoided when they come up for approval by the govt in
Oct. (John Figliozzi- USA via EDXP, Aug 19)

DW plans to cut half a dozen lang sces: Sp to LAm, Cz, Slovk, Hung, Slovn
and Jpn. Port to Brazil would remain only via Internet. This is not
definitive, but there is a great possibility that this happens. It is not a
reason of savings, they say, just a different behaviour of the cultural and
informative politics toward other countries. This politics intends not to
favour overseas sces to areas / countries  where information markets are
private and exist without being under state control.
(Commentary in DW's Sp px as understood by Horacio Nigro, Aug-17).
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