[HCDX]: Back again with logs
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[HCDX]: Back again with logs

Gentlemen, hello friends,

After a long period of absence here are
some Broadcast Observations from
Klaus Elsebusch, Im Isselgrund 17, D-46499 Marienthal/Germany
DL 3 EAY & DE 2 JLS,    DSWCI-No. 3385
Coordinates: Lat. 51.73 N; Long. 06.74 E
eMail: KElsebusch@xxxxxxx
Transceiver: ICOM IC 751 A
Receiver:     LOWE HF 150 and GRUNDIG Satellit 700
Antennas:    20 m LW, indoor; Azimuth 0 deg
                 15 m LW, indoor, Azimuth 180 deg
                   Loop Antennas AMA 3 D and 11, outdoor
Accessoires: ADDX-AT 2 and FRT 7700

5070; WWCR, Nashville; 19 Sep; 0340 rel progr. in Halleluja-
Billy-style; 45433; Elsebusch

5085; WGTG, McCaysville; 19 Sep; 0345 phone-patch-programme
(I heard reporter in contact with ssb-stations using  HAM-like call-
signs; 34433; Elsebusch

4830; YVOB Radio Tachira, San Cristobal; 19 Sep; 0320 US-type
relig. progr. (hysteric preacher) in Spanish language; 0322 intermezzo;
0325 cont. relig. progr. "... gracias a dios ..."; 0328 interview; 24432;

4980 YVOC Ecos del Torbes, San Cristobal; 19 Sep; 0333 musica 
salsa; 0335 male ID "... en Ecos del Torbes ..."; 0336 continuing
musica salsa; 24322; Elsebusch

Stations without ID according to 'Tropical Band List' and 'WRTH 99'

73 de Klaus
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