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The best morning so far this season for the Philippines. Abit slow in
getting started, but it may be OK after all.

531 KHZ - UNID - PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk mixed w/JJ (JOQG) at 1407 UTC
9/19 (PM-OR)

540 KHZ -UNID - PHILIPPINES buried u/NHK at 1409 9/19 (PM-OR)

720 KHZ - DYOK -PHILIPPINES, Iloilo City, very good and all alone on
channel at 1330 UTC w/ many spots, some in Tagalog, others EE, even a
mention of DZRH (Mother station-666 khz), DYOK IDs 9/19. Totally
armchair copy for quite a while. (PM-OR)

729 KHZ - UNID - PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk u/JJ at 1339 UTC 9/19 (PM-OR)

738 KHZ - UNID -PHILIPPINES, mix with JJ Commercial station at 1351 UTC
9/19 (PM-OR)

783 KHZ - TAIWAN, fair to good with CC Pops at 1340 9/19, several
commercials heard too. (PM-OR)

828 KHZ -DXCC? -PHILIPPINES, Cagayan De Oro, prob the station with old
U.S. Pops and slow ancr in Tagalog, mostly buried by JOBB 1334 9/19. Has
been eard here alot through the years. (PM-OR)

855 KHZ - UNIDS - PHILIPPINES, at least 2 filipinos here off channel
with garbled audio at 1341 9/19 (PM-OR)

882 KHZ -DWIZ - PHILIPPINES, Navotas, hrd very poorly with "D-W-I-Z" ID
by man, into Second Hand Rose by B.S. at 1347 9/19 (PM-OR)

891 KHZ - UNID- PHILIPPINES, hrd w/mix of JJ and Thailand at 1356 9/19

891 KHZ - THAILAND - woman in Thai mixing with filipino & JJ at 1356
9/19 (PM-OR)

918 KHZ - UNID - PHILIPPINES, woman ancr in Tagalog talking to caller
1342 9/19 (PM-OR)

1062 KHZ - DZEC - PHILIPPINES, Quezon City, good with "Fleetwoods" song
and man ancr w/ "DZEC" ID at 1358 9/19 (PM-OR)

The dial was filled with Asians this morning. I also heard some UNID
language station on 1548 khz, never IDed. Few DUs in, mostly JJ,KK, and

Drake R8
EWE Antenna

Patrick Martin
Seaside  Oregon  (USA)

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