Re: [HCDX]: Unid MW Angola
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Re: [HCDX]: Unid MW Angola

At 20.46 19.9.1999 +0200, you wrote:
>> Does anyone have some info on  these two Angolan MW stations I've heard
>> lately?
>> 1206   22,00 nx  and -22,05 s/off with anthem
>> 774    -23,00 s/off

Emissora Provincial de Inhambane from Mozambique has been heard on 1206 kHz.
And about 774 kHz Bengt Ericson says in WRTH's frequency section: Luanda 5 kW.
And either of these are listed in the country section ...
BTW, could you please check out the s/off time of Emissora Provincial de
Cabinda on 1278 kHz?

73, Mauno
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