[HCDX]: MW DX TIPS 9/21/99
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[HCDX]: MW DX TIPS 9/21/99

531 KHZ - JOQG - JAPAN, Morioka, good with JJ talk at 1307 9/21 (PM-OR)

558 KHZ - JOCR - JAPAN, Kobe, very good o/DZXL with JJ Pops and "Kobe"
mentions at 1315 9/21 (PM-OR)

567 KHZ - KGUM - GUAM, Agana-very good with Jim Bohannon show on
"567-KGUM" at 1406, after Net news 9/21. Haven't heard since last year.

612 KHZ -UNID - Station with rock mx, mixing with NHK, prob Guam, but
567 much much better at 1411 9/21 (PM-OR)

639 KHZ - JOWN/JOPB, Both JJ's here, NHK2(JOPG) w/Lang lessons and JOWN
in JJ with News on Hokkaido at 1345 9/21 (PM-OR)

675 KHZ - DYKC(?) - PHILIPPINES, Mandaue(Cebu) with Sports at 1415 UTC
9/21, ment. of Cebu in spots. Fairly good for a while, before fade out.
720 KHZ - DYOK - PHILIPPINES, Iloilo City, good with Sports, but weaker
than yesterday morning at 1420 UTC 9/21 (PM-OR)

981 KHZ - UNID - PHILIPPINES, filipino/EE talk with Rel message. Will
have to check if there is a Radio Veritas Asia or FEBC outlet listed
here at 1355 9/21 (PM-OR)

1062 KHZ - DZEC- PHILIPPINES, Quezon City, good with YL in Tagalog at
1417 UTC 9/21 (PM-OR)

1107 KHZ - UNID - JAPAN, JJ commercial station here with YL in JJ at
1410 9/21 (PM-OR)

1161 KHZ -UNID - CC station here, prob Taiwanat 1350 9/21 (PM-OR)

1179 JOOR - JAPAN, Osaka good with man in JJ at 1421 9/21 (PM-OR)

1548 KHZ - UNID - unknown language here (not EE), but again too much
splash to tell much several recheckd between 1305-1420 UTC 9/21 (PM-OR)

Drake R8
Termin. EWE antenna
1500' E Beverage
40' term. vertical

Patrick Martin
P.O. Box 843
Seaside  OR  97138-0843

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