[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-41
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-41

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-41, Sept. 23, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1004. See topic summary at

THIS MONTH ON CONTINENT OF MEDIA 9907. See topic summary at

** AUSTRALIA. David Parkinson, chairman of HCJB's Australian board, 
was interviewed on DX Partyline Sept 18 regarding their plans for a 
SW station. The location is Cananara (sp?) in the NW part of the 
Northern Territory. A big dam wall is nearby with the possibility of 
hydroelectric power being generated at a fraction of the cost for 
electricity from the grid. HCJB-Au is helping get legislation passed 
to allow it to be licensed to broadcast on SW from Australia, and 
believes they have the support of the major parties. It is believed 
that 60 percent of the world?s population could be reached from this 
location, in the ``10-40 window,'' referring to latitudes [10 south to 
40 north?]. Coverage would range from north of Japan across China, 
Mongolia, part of Russia, India, and all the islands in between, over 
to the east coast of Africa.

Exactly what is build depends on whether the `U S Board' [evidently 
meaning the ex-Board for International Broadcasting] want to take 
part in the project. 

HCJB-Au already has $750K worth of towers obtained in Victoria for 
$30K, and dismantled for easy shipping. Ian Williams in Victoria 
already has some curtain antennas on his property and has done 
propagation/engineering studies. Transmitters would cost about $400K 
each, and would take six months to be delivered; it would take at 
least two years before anything is ready to go on the air. 

Perhaps six HC-100 transmitters like those in Quito and associated 
antennas would be installed, depending on the needs of IBB.

God chose the site, he imagines. 200 acres of farm land was donated, 
and they also hope to get adjoining land from the government. (our 
summary of interview with Allen Graham on HCJB-Ecuador DX Partyline
Sept 18)

We already see strange bedfellows in relay and joint venture deals in 
international broadcasting, but in the US we have something called 
separation of church and state... (Hauser)

** AZERBAIJAN. 9165 - Dada Gorgud English program started just after 
Arabic at 1700 with chime, then mx and ID by woman as "This is Radio 
Dada Gorgud from Azerbaijan broadcasting daily from Baku the capital 
of Azerbaijan Republic on 1296 and 9165 Khz" then followed by talk 
mainly on Azerbaijan and songs. The English program ended at 1730
after ID, then Russian. Good signal but distorted audio. (Mahendra 
Vaghjee, Mauritius, 13/14 Sep, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** BELARUS. R. Belarus Int?l, 11670, Sept 11 [UT Sat] 0200-0230 
English news, commentary, local music. Sked given. Fair, but some 
splatter rom 11675. Weaker on //7210 (Brian Alexander, PA) English is 
not daily (gh)

** BOLIVIA. Checking 6105 this morning, I found CP92, Radio 
Panamericana, La Paz, with what sounded like an anthem at 1010 UT, 
followed by great Andean cuecas and a time announcement between each 
tune. Signal was building to a good level by 1022; zero-beat was at
6105.5 (John Cobb, Roswell, GA, Sept 21, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** BOLIVIA. R. Panamericana is testing RealAudio since Sept 16.
Heard the satellite fed international Informativo Solar news program 
Sept 21 at 1800. Participants in this program, which has been on the 
air for several years, are R Programas del Peru, RCN Colombia, R 
Caracas R, R Quito, R Mitre and R Panamericana.
http://www.panamericana-bolivia.com/indice.html (Henrik Klemetz, 
Sweden, Sept 21, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** CANADA. Don't you believe that the Coalition to Restore Full RCI
Funding played no role at all in saving RCI, as implied by Ian
McFarland in an article in the September MONITORING TIMES making no
reference whatsoever to the Coaltion. In fact, we played a pivotal
role, while Mr. McFarland was no longer employed by RCI, and for two
years was not even in Canada. Our letter in greater detail is to be
published in the November issue (gh's summary of lengthy rebuttal by

** COLOMBIA. Schedule of FARC Voz de la Resistencia, got from their
chief engineer:

Bloque Sur daily 1100, 1700, 2130 on 6240
Comando Conjunto Central daily 1300, 2000 on 6240
Bloque Oriental daily 1130, 2130 on 6170
Comando Conjunto Occidental Sundays 1300 on 6240
Zona de Despeje [literally, cleared zone] area del Caqueta daily 1800
on 6240

(Rocco Cotroneo, visiting Bogota and Caqueta August 25-31 via Play

** COLOMBIA. 4955 Sept 15 Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, 
2340-2355, 44444, programa de familiares enviando mensajes a los 
secuestrados, en paralelo a los MW 570 (2-3) y 580 (5!)

RF! 6170 Sept 15 "Caracol-Florencia", 1142-1202+, 23332, TC "6-42 en 
Caracol", dando tels como 435-2199 y 435-6785, locutor dando mencion
de "ultima hora caracol", llamada de los oyentes opinando sobre el
tema del alumbrado publico, a las 1200 UT con Full ID luego con
anuncios comerciales. Frecuencia reactivada.

CLANDESTINA/COLOMBIA 6095 Sept 15 "Voz de la Resistencia"-Comando 
Central, *1130-1230*, 22222, Primera Emision, mezclandose con una no 
identificada en Frances [debe ser WSHB! -gh]. NOTA: tal vez se 
movieron de los 6170 (ver Colombia/6170) a la nueva frecuencia para 
dejarle libre a Caracol Florencia?! Nota 2: tambien tienen 
dificultad en la segunda emision o sea entre las *2130-2230*, Nota 3: 
Aun escuchando algo ahora muy debil a las *1415-1500* en los 6240 KHz 
la emision de Voz de la Resistencia - Comando de Occidente. Nota 4:
0j0 que esto se basa solo en monitoreo hecho por mi en Cali, Colombia 
(todo: Yimber Gaviria, Sept 16, MUNDO RADIAL and WORLD OF RADIO 1004)
Web: http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/gaviria/index.html 

** COSTA RICA. Some tidbits from James Latham on RFPI's XII
Anniversary Fiesta on the Air Sept 17 UT 0000-0400: George Thurman
called in to suggest RPFI should look into acquiring the 250 kW
KGEI transmitter which is in storage in Idaho, no plans for use by
present owners. RFPI plans a full-time UN channel, and to serve as
a "rapid-response" service to areas in crisis. Three-phase power line
is now in place, amounting to a $25K gift to UFP and RFPI, so there
is no longer a power supply obstacle to installing bigger
transmitters. Looking at live streaming on internet very soon; and
distributing radio programs produced here by mpeg files to a network
of affiliates. This has been RFPI's most difficult year. The four
hour Fiesta and two hours leading up to it are available at RFPI
website http://www.rfpi.org/webcast.html (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF

** DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  4960.12, R Villa-La Sencilla, Santo Domingo,
0010 Sep 21, nearly continuous bachata mx, occasional male announcer.
Ad for Banco Popular in Santo Domingo, then man with ID followed by
singing ID around 0035, occasional interjections of "R Villa".
Listed in WRTH on 1330.  Ex-R. Cima, last reported in November 1998.
(Jay Novello, NC, Sep 21, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** EGYPT. R. Cairo, 9900, Sept 11 2345 English mailbag, commentary, 
ID, local music. Very strong and very good audio for a change. In the 
past has always been very strong but with poor distorted audio. But 
Sept 18 at 0010, back to their normal distorted audio (Brian 

** GERMANY. Dear Feminine Readers and Masculine Readers: In the August
issue of DW-PLUS, I requested you to contribute towards the costs of
our magazine. As a result of budget cuts, we are no longer able to
provide a printed magazine every month, and will cease publishing DW-
PLUS at the end of the year. We have decided to return your voluntary
contributions. We intend expanding our DW-online service. (Dieter
Weirich, DW Intendant, Oct. DW Plus condensed by Hauser)

** IRELAND [non]. Re SW/DX Report 99-38 and 99-40: It looks to me like
a taping foul-up did occur. Let me theorise: RTE Radio 1 does indeed
have a show about the cornucopia of radio, called "The Wide World Of
Radio". In it, presenter Tim Lehane "selects some favourite (program)
moments from round the globe". In a recent day and time change of
schedule the show now goes out domestically on Saturday at 1705 UT,
dislodging "News and Weekend Sport". It was this latter program that
Merlin had been accustomed to taping from satellite and relaying
later, UT next day 0130 on 6155. It looks like the Merlin folk forgot
or did not know about the altered RTE schedule that particular
weekend (Finbarr O'Driscoll, Sep 17, Ireland, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** IRELAND [non]. The tx sites that RTE used for recent SW sport 
special are confirmed here:

Sackville:              13720 kHz to NAm
Cypress Creek:          15240 kHz to C & SAm
Taiwan:                 15270 kHz to SE Asia
Singapore:              15360 kHz to Australasia
Meyerton:               21640 kHz to Africa
Confirmed start time: 1430 UT Sunday Sep 26 [football championship]
(Finbarr O'Driscoll, Sep 17, Ireland, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

NOTE: CYPRESS CREEK! That's WSHB serving as relay for another 
station, quite a rarity (Hauser, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING)

** NEW ZEALAND. A serious fault has occurred in the operating system 
at the RNZI transmitter site. As a result of this fault we have had 
to suspend our current frequency schedule. Please note until further 
notice our transmission will be on one frequency only - 17675 kHz 
from 1650 to 1105 UT. We apologise to listeners who may suffer poor 
reception due to the limitation of RNZI using one frequency which may 
not suit some regions of the South Pacific specially during the 
period of sunrise. Transmission engineers are making every effort to 
repair the [synthesizer] fault as soon as possible. (Adrian Sainsbury,
Technical Manager, Radio New Zealand International, Sept 18; also RNZI
webpage via David Zantow, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** NEW ZEALAND. Radio NZ International continues to use 17675 
exclusively, as of Wed. Sept 22, providing very good reception past 
0800. One benefit of this arrangement is that there isn't the 
sesqui-minute break in programming that normally happens when they 
change freqs at 0706 (Ivan Grishin, Ont., WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** OMAN. While scanning the SW bands I came across R. Sultanate of 
Oman in English on 15140 at 1425 tune-in Sept 20. Consisted of local 
announcements local timecheck for 1830, YL with news, ID 1436 
followed by pops. Into Arabic at 1500 abruptly.

Are they back with the English service or was this a switching error 
at the transmitter site? They were also heard on the 18th at around 
1505 tune for a short while in English, then abruptly into Arabic 
around 1512 (Edwin Southwell, England, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** OMAN. R. Sultanate, from Muscat, good signal in English daily 2300-
2400 UT on 9735, such as Aug 10-11 (Sonya Van Zoest, Amsterdam,
Netherlands, reporting for my column in CIDX Messenger) Such a
broadcast is news to us, but she includes a copy of her QSL card
printed in English for 1-6-1999 on 9735 at 2300-2400, signed by Salim
Jamal Al-Nomani, Director of Frequencies, from R. Sultanate of Oman,
Ministry of Information, P O Box 600, Musqat; fax (968) 604 629. I
checked the other day and couldn't hear it here (Hauser, Sept 17)

** TAIWAN. Radio Taipei International is providing very good coverage 
of the earthquake. I just heard the UT 0700 broadcast on 5950 via 
WYFR. The usual 12-minute news bulletin at 0702 was devoted 
exclusively to the earthquake, the second 15 minutes featured a 
special report on the quake; the next 15 minutes, a program
entitled "Taiwan Today", had even more details on the earthquake. The
featured song in "Taiwan Today" was "Tomorrow will be a Better Day".
Their usual Chinese language lesson ended the hour. RTI mentioned that
they would be providing updated news of the earthquake, as it became
available. Times & freqs for Radio Taipei International (providing
very good reception in NAm, via WYFR):

0200-0300 & 0300-0400 5950, 9680
0700-0800 5950
2200-2300 15600 (Ivan Grishin, Ont., WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** U K O G B A N I [non]. The Stafford Broadcasting Society will be
hiring time on Merlin Network One every Friday night from 1st October
1900-2000 on 6010 via Ascension as well as via Astra transponder 58, 
10.847 GHz vertically polarised on sub carriers 7.38/7.56 MHz. The on-
air name will be Imagination and the station will feature an hour of 
soft rock from bands such as Barclay James Harvest and Pink Floyd. 
They have a website at  http://www.imagination.clara.net/index.html
The address of the station is P.O.Box 346, Stafford ST17 4AF, United 
Kingdom. The broadcasts will air for an initial period of six months. 
(Shaun Geraghty, Stafford, UK, World DX Club via Mike Barraclough,

** U S A. The Other Side of the Story. Hello Glenn, 
I saw in shortwave/DX report 99-38, Allan Weiner claimed he was 
betrayed by WBCQ's "former operations manager." If people would like 
to know Randi Steele's point of view in the WBCQ hate speech 
controversy, please direct them to 
http://www.frn.net/wkjce/realaudio/randisteel-wbcq/ There, they can 
hear Randi's interview on WBAI in Real Audio -- including a tape of 
Allan Weiner reading and endorsing the original hate speech policy on 
his program. They can also read a copy of WBCQ's original hate speech 
policy, and view some of Randi's comments about the situation. 
73 (Anita Louise McCormick, Sept 16)

** U S A. Dear Glenn,
New program starts this Tuesday 2030-2100 on 7415. Marion's Attic is 
a program featuring Miss Marion, a little old lady playing turn of 
the century music. She has an extensive collection of Al Edison
cylinder recordings wich will be played directly on the air thru an
electronic transducer. Should be some real interesting tunes. Back
then Edison approved all recordings before they were released to the 
public. More great alternative stuff on WBCQ-The Planet!! Cheers,
(Allan H. Weiner, WBCQ, WORLD OF RADIO 1004)

** U S A. Glenn: The Greenville sites are OK. They maintained their 
commercial power throughout except for one brief interruption. They 
also have water from their own wells. 

The Greenville Site A is somewhat isolated because of roads blocked 
by the high water. Three Greenville employees' homes were affected by 
the floods, and a fourth employee living in the flood area has not 
been heard from. Some employees not able to get home have been 
staying at the sites, which have showers, food, and basic amenities. 

Charlie Taylor lives in the flood area, but he has been at work. I'll 
have a report this weekend on Communications World. 

Interesting that Bound Brook NJ, a former VOA transmitter site, was 
also hard hit by the floods. 73 (Kim Elliott, VOA, Sept 22, WORLD OF
RADIO 1004)                                                    ###

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