[HCDX]: ADMIN: Hard-Core-DX passes 500 members
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[HCDX]: ADMIN: Hard-Core-DX passes 500 members

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that Hard-Core-DX passed earlier this morning
interesting milestone. This morning Hard-Core-DX got it's 500th subscriber.
This number is pretty accurate because I'm usually removing bouncing addresses
within a week. 

As you know we have two lists, hard-core-dx and and hard-core-dx-digest. 
hard-core-dx has 443 subscribers and hard-core-dx-digest 58, making total of
501 members right now.

Next goal? 1000 memebers by 2001:) Well, it not quantity but quality that
makes Hard-Core-DX worth subscribing... thank you to all of you making
history today!

Are we the biggest DX/SW related mailing list around? Who knows? Cumbre, EDXP,
etc - how goes it?


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