[HCDX]: Radio UNIMET - East Timor
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[HCDX]: Radio UNIMET - East Timor

According to reports today the UN thru its UNIMET arm is seeking to
re-establish a broadcasting service for the East Timorese. Radio UNIMET was
instrumental in a large voter turn out for the recent referendum but came
to a firey end when it was burnt to the ground by 'pro Indonesian Malitia'
after the vote. Radio UNIMET did broadcast for 5 hours a day in 4
languages. It also had a Catholic Church presence.
Now they wish to have presence agin to help in the reconstruction of the
East Timorese community. An approach has been made to the Australian
Minister for Communications to supply a transmitter here in Australia. This
would be at either Sheparton or Cox's Penninsula. The Cox's Penn site was
de-commissioned in 1996 and was to be leased out (other reports say this
has be cancelled). The Sheparton site is fully occupied by RA transmissions
and no air time is available. It is now mooted that some RA airtime will
move to Cox's Pen site. The Japanese Govt has donated 2000 radio sets for
the East Timorese community.

Chris Martin
in Brisbane.
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