[HCDX]: mini-DXpedition 23 SEP 1999
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[HCDX]: mini-DXpedition 23 SEP 1999

Summary of Thursday night's MW loggings (UTC 23-24 SEP 1999)
Mark Connelly at Granite Pier in Rockport, MA, USA

Receiver: Drake R8A / Antenna system: cardioid array with BBL-1
broadband loop, APW-1 whip, and Superphaser-1 phasing unit

It was a cool clear evening at Granite Pier with a nearly-full moon
over the ocean.  I had read an Internet report about a "massive
aurora" being expected.  Though I had an unobstructed view north,
I could not see much in the way of Northern Lights.

Radio conditions were somewhat auroral, more so below 1200 kHz than
above, but it was not the thorough clean-out of domestic skip that
I had eagerly anticipated.  The upper end of the dial had strong
northerly pests like WWKB-1520 seemingly unaffected by any absorption.
Better DX can be had during a severe aurora (when South Americans
can be heard on North American regional channels) or, conversely,
during very low geomagnetic activity, when Russians, Finland, 
Sweden, etc. make it through.  This opening was between the two
extremes, so really rare targets were not to be found.

*** 23 SEP 1999: 2219-2259 UTC ***
Canaries-1008, Morocco-1044, Denmark-1062, Canaries-Spain-1179,
Canaries-Spain-882, Azores-836, Canaries-Spain-747, Canaries-Spain-621,

*** 23 SEP 1999: 2300-2359 UTC ***
Madeira-603, Canaries-Spain-576, Madeira-531, Turks & Caicos (over
MA Turnpike TIS ... no Falklands)-530, Morocco-612, Brazil-760,
W. Sahara-711.04, Morocco(t)-774 over Spain, British Virgin
Islands-780, Venezuela (Coro)-780, Puerto Rico-810, Morocco-819,
St. Kitts & Nevis-830, Venezuela (Barcelona)-1080, Venezuela 
(Carupano)-1110, Antigua-1100, unID-1100.8, Venezuela-1140,

*** 24 SEP 1999: 0000-0059 UTC ***
Venezuela-1210, Bermuda-1280, Ceuta-1583.6, Venezuela(t)-1180,
Spain-999, Spain-954, Venezuela (Mundial)-880, Jamaica-700,
Venezuela-670 mix Cuba, Spain-657, Venezuela(t)-650

*** 24 SEP 1999: 0100-0131 UTC ***
Venezuela-640, Venezuela-1090, Puerto Rico-580, St. Kitts & 
Nevis-555, Grenada-535, Colombia(t)-540, Algeria-549, Cuba-550,
Spain-684, Venezuela-750, unID-769.53, Colombia-760, Spain(t)-783,
Neth. Antilles-800, Cuba-890, Algeria-891, St. Kitts & Nevis-895


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
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