[HCDX]: DX news
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[HCDX]: DX news

DX news by Daniele Canonica, SWITZERLAND
RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna and MLB

03 Oct. 1999

New SW Tips:

INDONESIA RRI Jambi 4925 1615-1635 clear ID "...in Jambi...", after
the news in local langauge, good signal (Canonica, Sep. 25)

COLOMBIA Radio Ecos del Atrato 5020 0250 "...en la Colombia...Ecos del
Atrato...el informe...", poor (Canonica, Sep. 26)

GUATEMALA La Voz de Nahualà (tentative) 3360.5 0326 mx
latinoamericana, at 0332 stopped by strong utility, no ID, poor
(Canonica, Sep. 26)

ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS AIR port Blair 4760 2326-2338 indian music,
at 2332 clear ID "...this is All India Radio..." by female voice, and
after the news in english, fair signal (Canonica, Oct. 01)

UNIDENTIFIED 6010 0135-0155 mixed twe stations, one in portuguese, and
the other in spanish, poor (Canonica, Oct. 03)

New MW Tips:

SPAIN Onda Cerro, Barcelona 540 1925-1935 sport live px "...la liga de
campiones en Onda Cerro...", very good signal (Canonica, Sep. 29)

UNIDENTIFIED 792 1941 sport live px, no ID (Canonica, sep. 29)

New QSL:

CANADA CHFX Halifax confirm my report of 05/09/99 with nice letter and
QSL letter, v/s Scott Snailham, Production Assistant, e@mail
snarfdude@xxxxxxxxxxx; he say that the power of tx is now 50W !!!,
addr. 5121 Sackville St., 3nd Floor, P.O.Box 400, Halifax NS, B3J 2R2

73' Daniele.
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