Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900
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Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900

Dear list,

Karel Honzik schrieb:

> but the official sites of Grundig ( and ) do not
> mention these new products at all !!?? Is it a special policy of this company ?

No, it isn't !
Fact is, the receiver will come next year but not from Grundig.
Grundig isn't interested in developing this receiver cause they didn't sell
very much receivers from the 700 series.
So they won't produce shortwave radios anymore.
A US company bought all diagrams and technical sheets of the 8(9)00 model from Grundig.
This company will produce the receiver themselve so it isn't a real Grundig.
I think the receiver looks like the old 650 from earlier days.
It seems that they are putting all the old spare parts from this modell in the new one !:-)))

Mathias from Germany
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