Re: [HCDX]: IRAN - local programs
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Re: [HCDX]: IRAN - local programs

At 14.10 28.10.1999 +0100, Karel Honzik wrote:
>I am not too much informed on local/regional programs in Iran, but here is
>what I found on given MW channels:
>1026 kHz - IRIB Tabriz - national anthem at 0130 UTC, followed by own
>program - Quran-like singing until 0200, then // 1386 + 15084 kHz
>1467 kHz - IRIB Isfahan - // 1386 kHz until 0100, own program 0100-0200,
>then // 1386 again.
>The own one hour program is filled by Quran what is a bit surprising (one
>would expect local news and info)...

And probably one hour later in UTC from next Sunday on. I also have heard
local IDs at 0230 on some frequencies. The WRTH gives times for local news
at 1330&1430/1500.
But has anyone receiver local QSLs straight from these stations? There are
no local addresses in the WRTH.

73, Mauno
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