[HCDX]: African tribal mx again 6920u
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[HCDX]: African tribal mx again 6920u

I am hear African tribal mx with Arabic-like influences. This time on
6920usb. On 1 November 1999 from 0405 (SINPO 35443) to 0423 fade out. And
on 31 Octomber 1999 from 0448 (SINPO 35442)  to 0512 fading out again. No
announcements heard. Just one song stops and another starts immediately.

Help ID this.

my other older reports are listed below:

I got the African mx again tonight. 6950 usb, 25 August, 0407 to 0409utc
then I started getting interference from American pirate Radio Metallica
Worldwide on 6955 am.
6950 was not there just before the hour when I had checked on it. Then when
I checked at at 0407 6950 was coming in SINPO 25442 until wiped out by RMWW
on 6955 with SINPO 45433.

Last night (22 August), while checking for pirates, I heard African style
tribal music on 6950 in usb mode. Not audible in am mode. Thats the second
time recently. The time was between 0400 and 0425. Its not very strong.
Anybody else hearing this?

I'm in western Kentucky, USA, on the Ohio River: Henderson city. My antenna
is a 23 meter longwire running SW to NE. Receiver: Sony ICF-2010.

Charlie C.

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.
                               "My Back Pages", 1964 B. Dylan
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