[HCDX]: UNID 3879.9 and 8340
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[HCDX]: UNID 3879.9 and 8340

Hi all,
today I've catch two UNID:

3879.9    1/11,1705-1722  UNID  sinfo 34242 (better LSB)
YM tlk in a language that I don't understand - mx - YL tlk - mx -YM tlk -
off @ 1722
Free Bouganville?

8340    1/11,1640-1750  UNID (iranian?)
YM tlk in language like farsi - short mx - YM tlk - tremendous Jamming - YM:
"...Iran... Katami..." - Jamming - YM tlk - Jamming and so on...
Jamming like those of Cuba over Radio Marti.
Who is?
Tnx to who can help me.

Salvo Micciché (SWL IT9-4639/RG)

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