[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-49
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-49

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1010: See topic summary at

THIS MONTH ON CONTINENT OF MEDIA 9908: See topic summary at
Now available at http://www.DXing.com and soon on RFPI

** COSTA RICA. RFPI announced at 1930 Nov 2 that 6975 would be off
the air for 1 or 2 weeks. The cubical quad antenna on a 200-foot
tower has been torn apart by high winds and will have to be rebuilt.
21460 is also off awaiting a new tube, so for now RFPI is only on
15049, 24 hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1010)

** CUBA [non]. Found R. Marti on another new frequency, 6060 Nov
3 at 1207 //5980; 6060 was once a Havana channel. Both extremely
strong here as usual making me wonder how efficiently the power is
being focussed on Cuba! Also weak and fading // signal on 12040,
which is 5980 plus 6060, so I suspect it was a propagated
transmitter mixing product; nothing on 12120, and 11960 blocked by
another station, which would have been the respective second
harmonics. So I finally looked up RM's complete new schedule, still
not updated on the main VOA site, but at the IBB/his site. Note that
all of these are now Delano, not Greenville:

R Marti Oct 31 1999 - Mar 25 2000

0000 0400 GB 11775 184 
0000 0400 GB  7365 164 
0300 0400 GA  7405 205 
0400 0700 GB 11775 184 exc Sun 
0400 0700 GB  9805 184 exc Sun 
0400 1000 GA  7405 205 exc Sun 
0400 0700 GA  6030 200 exc Sun 
0700 1000 DL  7365 100 exc Sun 
0700 1000 DL  6030 100 exc Sun 
0700 1000 DL  5980 100 exc Sun 
1000 1500 GA  9565 190 
1000 1300 DL  6060 116 
1000 1200 DL  6030 100 
1000 1300 DL  5980 100 
1200 1400 GA  7405 200 
1300 1700 GA 13820 174 
1300 0000 GA 11930 205 
1400 1700 DL 11815 100 
1500 2200 DL 21600 100 
1700 0300 DL 13820 100 
1700 2200 GA  9825 190 
2200 2400 DL 15330 100 
2200 0400 GA  6030 200 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** JAPAN [non]. Glenn--- The station on 6135 that is QRMing BBCWS via
Delano at 0330 is Radio Japan via Ascension, in Swahili to East
Africa. (Joe Hanlon in Philadelphia, WORLD OF RADIO 1010)

** OMAN. DXing at the Moman antenna farm on the weekend of Oct 15-17
we managed to hear Oman in EE at 1400-1500 on 15140. Conditions were
bad that weekend but with the "Log" [rotable log-periodic] we were
able to get rid on HCJB enough to get a usable signal. 73 for now,
(Mickey Delmage, Edmonton, Alberta)

** PERU. NEW: 4940, Radio San Antonio, Villa Atalaya, Ucayali, Nov 1
with ID, better than on Oct 11. Said it is a new station testing,
asking for reports from cities in Atalaya province."Radio San Antonio
es propiedad de la Parroquia San Antonio de Padua...que transmite en
los 4940 KHz de su dial, banda de 60 metros" (Rogildo Fontenelle
Aragao, Cochabamba, Bolivia, WORLD OF RADIO 1010) Time was 0140 UT
Nov 1 (Fontenelle, later)

** POLAND. The Baltic Tour 1999: Warsaw. We had a meeting planned with
Mrs. Ann Flappan of the English service of Radio Polonia, so around
1200 hours we arrived in the building. A special emotion for my friend
Roberto Pavanello, cause in 1979 he visited the same place as winner
of a contest held by the Italian service for the 35th anniversary of
the external service. The reception is now equipped with a fast-food
bar and a shop selling magazines and tobacco. Mrs. Flappan is in
charge of the mailbox program so she is very interested to meet
listeners, so if you want to contact their service:

Radio Polonia, Program dla Zagranicy, Polskiego Radia S.A., Al.
Niepodleglosci 77/85, 00-977 Warszawa.

Tel. (+48/22) 645 93 05    fax: (+48/22) 645 59 17
piatka@xxxxxxxxxxxx       rafalk@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mailbag program is on Fridays, and you may listen on Tuesdays to their
"Multimedia Show" directed by Rafal Kiepuszewki [sic], editor in
chief. Is very important program often informing about what is going
on in broadcasting media of Poland & Baltic countries. Mr. Rafal was
outside Warsaw, but we visited the studios and offices, and we get
also some souvenirs. The station has economic problems but the entire
staff is doing all the best to their English service (Dario Monferini,
Play-DX Oct 11, also reporting on visits to many domestic stations)

** U S A. Trouble hearing WBCQ? Now streamed via Scott Becker's
http://www.wbcq.com -- not wbcq.net (Tom, WBCQ, Nov 2 via Hauser)

** U S A. Weak and distorted Brother Stair on 7462.0 at 1218 Nov 3,
//very strong 7435 WWCR, presumably a spur from this. Why is 27 kHz
a common offset for spurs?? (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** U S A. Hi Glenn, You can print this:

No, I'm not the author of the "All Is Not Well at VOA" series. It 
involves information that is several levels above my "need to know."  
We broadcasters are the bottom feeders of the VOA hierarchy, and we
are usually the last to know of management decision making, if indeed
we are ever informed.

When I share information and opinions with the media, it is always on 
the record and with attribution. That way, if there is trouble, I can 
get the matter behind me as quickly as possible. When I submit
articles, op ed pieces, or even letters to the editor for publication,
I also submit them to the IBB Office of Public Affairs for clearance,
in accordance with USG regulations. This is pro forma: I've never been
denied clearance for any publication. They can't deny clearance just
because they disagree with me, but only if I pass on classified
information or pretend to articulate official U.S. policy, things I
would never do. Sometimes management expresses its displeasure at what
I've written, and sometimes management provides useful suggestions
which I incorporate into the piece.

(Kim Elliott, writing independently and not on behalf of VOA)   ###


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