[HCDX]: Fw: WWJZ - 640 kHz - Mount Holly, NJ
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[HCDX]: Fw: WWJZ - 640 kHz - Mount Holly, NJ


WWJZ - 640 kHz, which for years has been operating with low power and diplexed into another stations antenna has made some changes.  Formerly S4-5 here during the day they are now 20+/S9.  Programming is Radio Disney and they are IDing as "WWJZ Mount Holly - Philadelphia".  Assume they have activated their construction permit for U3 50000/950.  When this station first went on the air some yearts ago their antenna site used a elevated ground which proved to be so efficient that they were never able to operate at the fully authorized 50kw as they met their maximum allowed performance parameters at about 30 kw!
Al - K 4 G L U
Chincoteague Island, VA