[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-50
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-50


{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
repoduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

** COSTA RICA [non?]. 9725 is still in a receiver memory from the
days when TIAWR carried Wavescan, so I punched it Fri Nov 5 at 1250
and there was a religious drama in Spanish, big signal like TIAWR
used to have. Quick check of old 5, 6 and 13 MHz channels showed
nothing. Eagerly awaited ID at hourtop, but cut off at 1254* not
to return. If this was TIAWR, three days after supposed final
broadcast, please QSL (Glenn Hauser)

** COSTA RICA. RFPI caught running both my previous and new
Mundo Radial Spanish DX tapes back to back, Thu Nov 4 at 1427
going from one to another on 15049. Possibly this would be a
time to hear MR in following weeks.
  [non] DW wasted no time in taking over RFPI's temporarily
inactive USB frequency 21460, noted in Arabic before and after
1500 Nov 4, //21755 with DW ID and brother-seeking theme (Glenn Hauser)

** ROMANIA. This has been going on for years. EU ought to take
military action against RRI transmitter site if they fail to clean
it up, now capable of ruining an entire meter band with spurs. Nov
4 at 1313 found RRI English ID on 17806.8, talking about politics
in Republic of Moldova, hetting a 17805.0 station. At 1320 also
found Romania's home service relay on 17824.9, marches and waltzes
such as Wiener Blut vocal, very nice program except for the
continuous rushing noise transmitted with it. Then at 1327 I found
the above two transmitters mixing on 17796 or so, hetting a
station in English on 17795. At 1332, the audio from 17824.9,
which I believe is the fundamental, was also on a spur around
17810.5v, still Vienna waltzes, the frequency varying in steps
every few seconds, perhaps correlating with modulation, and hetting
RRI's other transmitter on 17806.8! The same behavior on the other
spur 17796v. At 1336 I tuned down the band and found a big FM
blob parallel the Romanian/music peaking around 17782v. Then I
found the same extending all the way from 17711 to 17755, extremely
distorted FM with no carrier, bothering RCI on 17710, and only the
stronger DW relay on 17730 capable of overriding most of it. At
1352 I checked for parallels on 19m, and found English RRI also
on 15390.0 and 15335.0, no spur problem audible here. Plugged
special program Sunday Nov. 6 inviting listeners to call in live
during the 1300 hour to 00-401-223-4145, or E-mail, full address
not caught. 1355 closed English announcing 11940 and 15390 for
Western Europe, 15335 and 17805 for North America. 1356 a quick
check of 11940 found it audible there too, but unstable warbling
carrier. At 1357 on 17824.9 (or maybe closer to 17824.8) R.
Romania ID in Romanian. At 1400 check 17806.8 was off but the
other 16m primary and spurs remained with Zhurnal (news) program.
At 1500 recheck 17824.9 was still on, but no spurs were audible.
Someone should mention this mess in the Sunday call-in. BTW, amid
all the clutter, Turkey in English at 1330 on 17815 was unmarred
(Glenn Hauser)

** SA'UDI ARABIA. Not one Qur'an broadcast, but two were mixing
at equal level with slightly varying subaudible heterodyne
perhaps attributable to Doppler effects in propagation,
on 21605 at 1403 UT November 4. I assume the other was Dubai,
which went into spoken Arabic at 1408. This one went into French,
surprise at 1406 with apparent translation of Qur'an, and at
1410 ID as R. Riyadh, timecheck for 1710 local. Terrific frequency
coordination in Arabia! -- At this time there were open channels
all the way from 21610 to 21655. 21605 would be the frequency to
watch for Riyadh to mistakenly air a bit of English following at
1600; God forbid they should actually broadcast on SW in this
useless language, but by then R. Marti is dominating from 21600
Delano (Glenn Hauser)

** U S A. WHRA, Maine, 17650, at 1647 Nov 4 ID, heavy dual path
echo as this signal must have been long- and short-path
simultaneously. Trouble is, it normally skips over most of east
coast North America (Glenn Hauser)

** U S A. WRMI, 7460, is now subject to Cuban commie jamming. I
had advised Jeff to absolutely keep Spanish off the new frequency,
but R. Prague's Spanish now on 7460 at 0322 Nov 4 was jammed, tho
after 0330 in Czech did not appear to be. What a threat R. Prague
is now to the Revolution!! "Spanish on a WRMI frequency? Must be
those worms in Florida. Jam 'em!!" (Glenn Hauser)        ###

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