[HCDX]: Nov 6 log
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[HCDX]: Nov 6 log

Hi all,

NEPAL, 5005, Radio Nepal, 0015-0030, Nepali, news mainly about Indias
proposal of postponement of the SAARC summit to be held in Kathmandu later
this year, Pakistan sharply protested the proposal, Nepal as the host
country has no vote in the decision, unusually good signal tonight, already
the IS at 0010 was surprisingly strong here, 33333 (Roth Nov 6)

CHINA, 5060, Xinjiang PBS, 0045-0115, Vn, long talk between female and male
followed by folksongs (sounds like), fair signal, 34433 (Roth Nov 6)

INDIA, 4850, AIR Kohima, 0130-0150, Hindi, filmsongs and commentary on the
'Delhi Diwali Frenzy', weak to fair with QRM from R. Tashkent, 32233 (Roth
Nov 6)

73 de Thomas
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