[HCDX]: SA Desert DXpedition logs
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[HCDX]: SA Desert DXpedition logs

Some logs from my latest (and possibly last for a while) trip to the Karoo
desert, 150 KM East of Cape Town, (times in UTC)

675 01/11 03h35 NETHERLANDS. R.Tien Goud, ID & pop mx, good sig

684 01/11 17h17 UNID in FF (Mauritius ?) w pop mx, phone ins. Fair but faded
out by 17h20 (a first for me if this was Mauritius)

800 02/11 03h05 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES TWR Bonaire, EE relig px, fair.

830 02/11 03h06 ST.KITTS (PRESUMED) R.Paradise. usual relig px, poor-fair.

981 01/11 17h40 UNID in PP (Portugal ?) w pop mx & dance mx, poor.

1110 02/11 02h51 USA WBT. ID & pop mx : "Believe it or not", fair

1120 01/11 03h47 USA KMOX. ID, weather, talks, poor-fair.

1190 03/11 03h19 USA WLIB. Ads for Caribbean cruises, prog promos, ID's,
reggae/calypso mx, phone-ins, good at first and audible till well past local
sunrise until fadeout at 04h26. (used to only hear WOWO on this channel so
this one was a pleasant surprise!)

1296 02/11 17h10 AUSTRALIA ABC (callsign?), in // to 810 w talk about
Indonesia, Pakistan nx, financial nx, poor-fair w QRM.

1395 01/11 18h15 NETHERLANDS R.Business news. in DD w talk and news
headlines, mentioning Surinam, poor-fair. (not normally heard this early -
8h15 PM local time)

1449 02/11 16h39 AUSTRALIA 6TAB. Racing Radio w  Horse Racing comm, poor
(just before local sunset , 6h39 PM local time)

1503 31/10 19h00 UNIDENTIFIED E.European station (Poland?) w talk & mx in
language that initially sounded like Russian to my untrained ear! (so it
could be Polish as well), fair

1557 01/11 03h53 UNIDENTIFIED in FF (very possible R.Bleue ID), poor-fair.

1611 01/11 17h44 UNIDENTIFIED in E.European lingo (Vatican ?) w talks,

1620 02/11 03h02 2xUSA UNIDENTIFIED, one with ads & sport, poor.

1630 02/11 03h22 USA KCJJ. ID x2 & promo for upcoming progs, poor.

1650 03/11 02h48 USA UNIDENTIFIED w ad for Christian Science book and
Odour-free Garlic, faded out by 03h00, poor.

1670 02/11 03h20 USA UNIDENTIFIED w advert & mention of "Real Country", poor

1700 02/11 03h12 USA KTBK. Relaying KTCK: "Sports Radio 1310, the ticket",
sports talk, phone ins, ads & many ID's for "K star 49" plus the other
announcement, Timecheck for 9:32 @ 03h32, poor-fair.

Rxer: Icom R-70 (battered & bruised and drifts 1kHz off fqy but still pulls
in the DX!!!)
Ant: +600m unterminated longwire pointed at NY City more or less (am I
allowed to call this a Beverage as it was unterminated?
:-) ...unterminated on purpose though,  ....to hear stations from both
directions!) .


Vince Stevens
Cape Town
Southern Tip of Africa

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