[HCDX]: Re: R. Vanuatu log
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[HCDX]: Re: R. Vanuatu log

Hola Enzio & all

El 05-nov-99, usted escribió:

> Hi Karel,
> I live within an orange grove located approx. 2.5km away from the
> Mediterranean coast. My QTH favors the reception of signals from the
> Southpacific. If these stations are on the air I usually catch them down
> here. Kiribati is still a difficult catch, though :-)
> Enzio Gehrig
> Denia/Spain (38.50N 00.04E)

In Madrid the conditions to the south pacific area are very good
too if you try at the correct time  because the "window"  is 
open only for an hour (+/-) in normal conditions. The end of 
December is the very best moment and the signal peak is around 
0715 to 0745 UTC. I have in my logs : Australia-4920/, New
Caledonia-7170, Vanuatu-3945/4960, Solomon-5020,
New Zealand-3935, Kiribati-14.917, Tahiti-11.835/15.170/6135.
My house is in a hill out of the city and I use a long wire antenna.


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