[HCDX]: Nov 7 log
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[HCDX]: Nov 7 log

Hi all,

INDIA, 4790, AIR Chennai (Madras), 0010-0030, Tamil, rather heated
discussion at breakneck-speed, could make out only a few words (not that I
know much more Tamil anyway), a few times 'All India Radio He', at 0032 a
strong carrier, presumably from Azad Kashmir Radio, killed the signal which
was remarkably good, 33333 (Roth Nov 7)

CHINA, 4980, Xinjiang PBS, 0032-0050, Mongolian service, //5060 with heavy
UTE QRM tonight, 'Chinese Opera' kind of music, very good signal, most of
the PBS´s seem to be alive and well, 44444 (Roth Nov 7)

UNID, 4930, 0050-0102, rockmusic including 'Love is like Oxygen' and a few
short announcements in unintelligible language (due to very muffled
modulation), could have been Russian, on the hour something that sounded
like 'Mayak', could this be Ashkabat relaying Mayak ??? (Roth Nov 7)

INDIA, 4880, AIR Lucknow, 0105-0110, typical Uttar Pradesh folk music, weak
to fair with some fading, 33222 (Roth Nov 7)

INDIA, 4860, AIR Delhi, 0110-0120, Hindi, ID 'Yeh Akashvani Delhi He' and
talk about difficulties of getting supplies into Orissa, booming signal,
44444 (Roth Nov 7)

73 de Thomas

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