RE: [HCDX]: HFCC listing
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RE: [HCDX]: HFCC listing

> >The new frequency allocation list forom the HFCC has now appeared on the
> >internet at:
> >
> >
> >
> Hi Richard,
> I downloaded the file in txt but, how to identify each column???
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The new version includes the explanations for the site codes and country
codes etc. Some versions I have seen have only had the text data file
without the abbreviations. The headers are also there.

The site contains three files ...

B98ALLX2.TXT	The winter 98-99 schedule (last year)

A99ALLX2.EXE	Summer 99 schedule (self extracting executable)

B99ALLX2.EXE	Winter 1999-2000 schedule - self extracting with the header
info in the file.

You need the last one, not the .TXT as that is last year's info. 

I get the file, load into Excel and format to columns, then delete the ones
I don't care about like CIRAF and Zones. Then resave into text format to
load onto the old 386SX laptop, an ideal tool for use when DXing as it runs
of batteries, boots up quickly and doesn't generate much RF unlike the main
box. Also portable for DX pedition use.

I don't know all the field names, I will guess at the following...
FREQ         Frequency
STRT         Start time in UTC
STOP         Finish time in UTC	
CIRAF ZONES  ITU target zone(?) - does anyone have a list of these?
LOC          Transmitter location - see SITE.TXT
AZIMUTH      Antenna direction (main lobe)
DAYS         Days of Week - 1 = Monday, 7 = Sunday (at a guess)
FDATE        Start date in format DDMMYY
TDATE        Finish date in format DDMMYY
MOD          Mode?
LANGUAGE     Language - abbreviations inconsistent and not always shown
ADM          Country of station
BRC          Broadcasting organisation - see BROADCAS.TXT 
FMO          Appears to show station name or master authority such as FCC
             Not really sure what these mean - if anything!


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