[HCDX]: R Mallku
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[HCDX]: R Mallku

>** BOLIVIA. I would not be surprised if the real name for the 4795
>outlet is Radio Mallku, which in Quechua is Radio Condor. The name
>might be perceived as "maico" - which is nonsensical in Spanish - but
>not in Quechua. Please bear in mind that the vowel "o" is extraneous
>to Quechua, whereas "u" is not. The condor is part of the Bolivian
>national emblem, flag and broadcasting history (remember R El Condor,
>in Oruro), but I do not think "Mallku" has been used by any station
>so far. 73, (Henrik Klemetz, Sweden, Oct 11, WORLD OF RADIO 1007)

This Oct 11 posting and a subsequent one, in Spanish, in Argentinian
Conexion Digital,
do not seem to have impressed DXers a great deal. All reporters coincide in
"R Maico", but
there is one who reports  "R Maico/Mallku" and another one who says "R
Maico, sometimes sounding like Mailco".

I have not heard the station myself, I haven´t even tried. Nevertheless I
have now obtained
a verification, hmmm, only a verbal verie, that is, from  R Mallku. Station
accountant Doris González was in fact quite capable of phonetically
distinguishing between "maico" and "mallku" when I talked to her on the
phone on Nov 9 (+593 693 2145).

Of course, it is Mallku, she said. Maico, no! Who said so?

Fredy Mamani is in charge of the operation. He was not in, though. He went
out to find some
material for our newscast, she said. R Andes is gone, and R Mallku obtained
its license about one month and a half ago. Francisco Quisbert, former R
Andes v/s, is now in the town of Cochabamba, she said.

I pronounced "Andes" in one word, and so did Doris. Not "A.N.D.E.S" of
course which would mean that you spell out each letter. That I knew from
before, as I happened to become one of their first listeners outside of
For more on that story, please refer to
and look up the 4777v listing.
Henrik Klemetz
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