[HCDX]: French Guiana
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[HCDX]: French Guiana

Hi all,

A good signal from Montsinery relay came this morning, with NHK program in
Spanish at 0500-0530. At times, SINPO on 11895 kHz even reached 44333. In
summer, this frequency was also used, but suffered from strong co-channel
RFE Romanian.

Does anybody know whether this relay base confirm reports sent directly? Is
the address listed in WRTH valid (B.P.97307, Cayenne Cedex)? Or maybe
someone can advice me how to force people at NHK to fill in a QSL with all
data, including tx location? Their QSLs look nice, but usually contain no

73 & gd dx,
Dmitri Mezin,
Kazan, Russia

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