[HCDX]: A real "killer"
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[HCDX]: A real "killer"

When looking for Latin American music, you will find many links to
Scandinavian sites on Peruvian
and Bolivian search machines. When it comes to radio, there is just one
foreign site listed,
http://www.nordicdx.com   So, in other words, this site has got to be a real
"killer". Yes, the story "Radio Mallku replacing Andes" is one of this kind.
While timely and interesting, the bottom line is inaccurate though.  To see
how to concoct such a piece of reporting, please check (1) World of Radio #
1007 (audio still available), (2)  Hauser´s DX Report 99-44, both of which
(3) Numero Uno # 1548 (restricted circulation), (4) upcoming reprint of
Numero Uno in
the Japanese magazine Radio Nuevo Mundo # 258, and finally, (5) the R Mallku
posting on HCDX, Nov 8.
To many HCDX readers the whole issue may seem futile and of little or no
consequence. Writing journalists may find the matter more worthwhile.  As
far as I am concerned, this story reminded me of the saying "Publish and be

Henrik Klemetz
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