[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 11/11/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 11/11/99

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  November 11 1999
                          Vol 5  No 31-32

                   IRCA's web site... check it out!!
Deadline for next issue = THURSDAY, November 18 1999 @ 1400 UTC

 Send all contributions to me @ philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"**" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA egroup, and you 
must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the egroup at 
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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*    12/20/99 Mon - 0000-0020 -  740 - WJIB - Cambridge MA (NRC)
      1/ 1/00 Sat - 0300-???? - 1420 - KSTN - Stockton CA (IRCA)
*     1/ 9/00 Sun - 0030-0045 - 1500 - WFIF - Milford CT (IRCA)

Monday, December 20, 1999 - WJIB-740, Cambridge, MA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:01-12:20 am EST. Owner Bob Bittner says they'll be playing 
"a specific type of music during those 20 minutes, which will be a 
mystery for all DXers to identify (an easy identification), and unique 
to whatever else is on the dial."

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Bob Bittner
P.O. Box 848
Needham Heights Br
Boston, MA 02194
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC.)

Saturday, January 1, 2000 - KSTN-1420, Stockton, CA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00 am - ? am PST (3:00 am - ? EST). Request line - 
(209)948-1420 - will be open to go on the air with New Year's greetings. 
The format will be '70s disco music.  There will be a prize drawing from 
all reports received for a souvenir piece of the transmitter.  

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Paul Shinn
Chief Engineer
2171 Ralph Avenue
Stockton, CA 95206

E-mail: KSTN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, January 9, 2000 - WFIF-1500, Milford, CT will conduct a DX test 
from 12:30 am - 12:45 am EST. The test will include tones, voice IDs, 
and Morse code IDs. Also note, International DX reports will ONLY be 
replied to via E-MAIL. For Domestic US reports only, they *MUST* include 
a SASE. Again, INTERNATIONAL reports will *ONLY* be responded to via E-

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. William Barnett
WFIF Radio
90 Kay Ave.
Milford, CT 06460

E-mail: WFIF@xxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.lifechangingradio.com

If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or in 
rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...




**Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

11/5.  Tonight while listening to 1620, I heard the ID at 0059.50 EST 
(11/6), as Omaha's 1620" and that was followed by a cery quick "KEZW". 
Apparently these are the new calls, not KOIL. They were KAZP a week ago. 
Anyone else hear this?

**Craig - DXer@xxxxxxx

   That is interesting, last I knew KEZW was 1430 in Denver.  The way 
calls change around here that could have changed since I dont listen to 
them at all. But I am pretty sure that KEZW is still 1430 in Denver

**Paul Swearingen - Topeka KS - PlsBCBDXER@xxxxxxx

A week ago Ernie Wesolowski (who lives in Omaha) reported that they were 
ID'ing as "KGBW" (he wrote it down, so I'm sure of these letters.  
That's pretty close, phonetically, to what Pat has reported.  Perhaps I 
should turn on the radio here in Topeka and see what my ears report to 

Just now - at 1:00 pm CST, 11-6, the ID given at the top of the hour was 
"1620 ESPN, KGBW".  No city of license, so not a legal ID.

Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

In a phone call to ESPN-1620-NE, I was told they are still KAZP, but 
they will be changing soon. I have no idea why they will not admit what 
call letters they are using. I have both KOIL & KGBW on tape now. I 




Greg D Myers - Richmond VA - gregmyers1@xxxxxxxx

After a tip in last weeks Newsflash, caught the Camp Lejeune,NC TIS on 
1610 on 01/11/99 from 0535-0605 EST with NOAA wx, ID (of the NOAA 
station) to ggod peaks with little interferrence from the Richmond 
Airport TIS. A big TNX for the tip/info!

Sony ICF-2010 w/Kiwa pocket loop and PRM


E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 800  WVAL  MN Sauk Rapids -11/04 1925- Fair signals in CKJS slop with 
       country music and local ads for Sauk Rapids merchants. ID's as 
       "Original Country WVAL" and "The Original AM 800 WVAL". This CP 
       is on the air. NEW (SA-MB)

1050  CKSB  MB Winnipeg -11/05 0316- Off air no signal at all for at 
       least an hour.(SA-MB)
1050  CJNB  SK North Battleford -11/05 0325- Country music mixing with 
XEG with fair signals and 10-50 CJNB ID.(SA-MB)
1580  WSRF  FL Fort Lauderdale - 10/23 0358- Poor signals but clear ID 
       on the hour pooped up on top of mess. NEW (SA-MB)
1580  WZZJ   MS Pascagoula -10/28 0320- ID on top NEW (SA-MB)

COMMENTS One new one this go around. Not sure how long CKSB stayed off 
air but nothing new heard. Conditions are fair with some good spots 
after sunset here. WVAL was my closest not heard.


Vince Stevens - vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well, I've finally got the bandscan to a point where I think it will be 
of some use to those interested in the MW scene in Africa. (a list like 
this can never really be finished, because of the fact that things 
change on a daily basis in the broadcasting world)

Apologies for the many UNIDENTIFIED stations but unfortunately it would 
have taken months for me to get a positive ID on all these.(especially 
those in foreign languages like Arabic, for example)


"V=Very, P=Poor, F=Fair,"  "AA=Arabic, PP=Portuguese, SS=Spanish, 
EE=English, FF=French, GG=German, //=in parallel, mx=music",G=Good, 

 531  R.Botswana  G  "//621, 1071, 1215, 972, 873. EE nx @ 18h00"
 540  "R.Bop, Ga-Rankuwa, RSA"  VG  "RnB/Hip-hop & Afro-American pop, in 
 549  <splatter from 567>
 558  <splatter from 567>
*567  "Cape Talk, Cape Town RSA"  E  "20KW, 10 km away from my QTH"
 576  "R.Metro, Meyerton, RSA"    not audible in CT due to 567 QRM
 594  Namibia NBC (Irregular?)  G  "//3290 in EE. Not audible on 19/10 
       @ 18h00, 3290 dead as well."
 603  Tanzania  F  //5050 w local mx
 612  "2 UNID's one AA, ENE bearing ????"  P-F   @ 20h20
 621  R.Botswana  F-G w QRM  "//972,1215,1071,531,873. On 19/10 had poor 
       modulation & heterodyne QRM"
 630  AA UNID  P  
 639  AA UNID    
 648  UNID mess of stations  P-F w 657 QRM  
 657  "R.Pulpit,Meyerton, RSA"  VG  Relig px & ID
 666  RFO Reunion  P-F-G w QRM  sig varies - used to be more regular
 675  UNID w open carrier - NE bearing & 2 others  G   2 stn's 
       underneath carrier when nulled (one in African lingo?)
 684  "Spain, RNE"  P  SS @ 21h00. Football on 19/10 @ 20h10 //1359
 693  UNID  P-F  "on 4/11 @ 20h15 w RnB mx, not heard before
       (N bearing)"
 702  "Radio 702, Ga-Rankuwa, RSA"  VG  Talk radio progs
 711  <splatter from 729>
 720  <splatter from 729>
*729  "Punt Gesels Radio, Cape Town RSA"  E  "Afrikaans Talk Radio, same 
       QTH as 567."
 738  R.Mozambique  F w QRM from 729  //3210 audible when 729 nulled (90 
       degrees apart)
 747  "KBC, Kenya"  VP w 729 QRM  "//1386, 1305, 954 etc... Namibia not 
       noted here anymore."
 760  Yemen  P  //1188 in AA
 765  "E.P.do Nampula, Mozambique"  P-F-G  ID in PP. Sig varies: on 
       19/10 had het QRM (poor-fair sig)
      +UNID AA  P  AA stn w pop mx @ 23h45
 774  AA UNID  P  on 4/11 (Egypt ?)
 783  Syria  P-F  //666
 792  AA UNID mixing w poss E.European stn  P-F/G   @ 20h15 both 
       stations trying to dominate. (AA might be Yemen ?)
 801  AA UNID    (Jordan ?)
 810  "Malawi, MBC R1"  P  EE @ 21h40
 819  Egypt (Tent)  G (P-F @ 19h10)  in AA - mentions of Husni Mubarak
 837  Spain COPE (presumed)  P-F  in SS @ 23h20
 846  "R.Xhosa, Umhlobo Wenene, Komga, RSA"  VG  in Xhosa (occasionally 
       audible during daylight)
 864  AA UNID  G  Prayers (?)
 873  Spain  P  SER? mentions of Zaragoza @ 22h03
     +R.Botswana  G  "//531, 621 etc"
 882  AA UNID (Saudi Arabia?)  P  " @ 19h15 w prayers, possibly //1512"
 891  LNBC Lesotho  G  
 909  VoA Botswana   VG  EE 
 918  PP UNID (Mozambique?)  P-F (see comments -> )  "PP, on correct 
       bearing for Mozambique, undermodulated slightly on 4/11 w pop 
      +UNID E.European ??  G w 909 QRM   @ 19h05 0n 21/10
 936  AA UNID  P-F  local style mx @ 19h54
 945  "Angola, R.Nacional"  F-G  EE @ 21h10
 954  "KBC, Kenya"  P-F  "//1386,1044,1305,747 etc.."
 963  R.Mozambique (EP do Tete ?)  G w 972 QRM  "ID in PP: sounded like 
       ""E.P.do Tete"". Also have heard ""R.Mozambique"" ID"
 972  R.Botswana  G  //1071 etc..
 990  UNID:Nigeria?  F  African style mx
 999  2 X UNID: AA & other possibly  VP   @ 19h50 w AA prayers. Also 
       folky type mx earlier (different stn??)
1008  R.Mozambique  G  "local lingo @ 19h00, PP @ 19h20"
1017  Turkey  P  "//1062 @ 23h00, not heard at earlier time of 19h00. 
       NOT regular"
      +Germany SWF  P-F  " 80's pops, in GG"
1026  "EP do Manica, Mozambique"  VG  ID @ 20h50 in PP
1044  "KBC, Kenya"  VP  "almost inaudible on 21/10, faded in slightly 
1053  E.European UNID (Romania?)  P-F  "not // 1152, w talks & loc mx"
1062  Turkey  VP  //1017 see comments.
1071  R.Botswana  G  "//972, 1215 etc.."
1089  "Angola, R.Nacional"  G  //4950
1098  R.Bop RSA  G  "Used to be called R.Bop, don't know if this is 
       still their name. NOT //540, in Local lingo. // 1404 w phone-in 
1107  "R.Nigeria, Kaduna. "  P  many mentions of Kaduna
      +AA UNID   P-F  " @ 20h50, No sign of Nigeria, unless this was 
1125  Croatia H.R.  P-F  //1134
1134  AIR India  P-F  EE nx @ 23h00
      +Croatia H.R.  P-F   @ 22h40 in Croat ? 
1143  UNID E.European (Bulgaria?)  P   @ 20h45 w mention of Sofia and 
       poss commercial?
1152  "Roumania, Bucuresti"  F-G  pops (Rod Stewart) ID @ 20h00
1170  TWR Swaziland  VG  EE relig px
1179  "Mozambique E.P.do Zambezia??,"  F  PP @ 19h00 (does not seem 
       regular on this fqy)
      +Sweden  P-F   @ 20h45
1188  Yemen ??  F  AA //760
1197  "Lesotho, Family R relay (ex BBC)"  G  "Used to relay BBC, now 
       seems to relay Family Radio."
1206  R.Mozambique  VG  ID in PP
1215  R.Botswana  VG   // 1350 etc.....
1224  "E.P.do Cabo Delgado, Mozambique"  VG  ID in PP
1233  AA UNID (R.Monte Carlo M.E.?)  VG  "in AA, have QSL-ed R.Monte 
       Carlo on this fqy."
1251  FF UNID  P  FF also heard EE nx @ 20h40 
      +Libya (Tentative)  P-F  " @ 18h10 w fair sig, //15415 but no 
       other Libya SW fqy's noted"
1260  VoA Greece  F  "in AA, have heard VoA often here, but not sure if 
       it was them this time as lingo was AA. definitely VoA @ 23h00"
1278  "R.Cabinda, Angola "  P-F (G in morning)  PP: ID as R.Cabinda (x2)
1287  "Ligwalagwala (Swazi), Welgedacht, RSA"  F  "Mixing with station 
       on N bearing. Commercials heard, not sure of exact name."
1296  UNID E.Europe/AA  F-G  Could even be BBC in other lingo...???
1305  "KBC, Kenya"  F  "//1386, 747"
1314  "Norway, NRK"  G  <a regular>
1323  "BBC WS, Cyprus"  F w QRM  "EE WS progs, ID "
1332  "Gesels Radio, Midrand, RSA"  G  Afrikaans Talk Radio
1341  UNID AA  VP w 1350 QRM  Poss Kuwait
1350  R.Botswana  VG  "//621, 531 etc...Modulation seemed quite low @ 
       20h00 on 19/10"
1359  Spain RNE  P-F  // 684 w Football comm. QRM from 1350
1377  Swaziland Commercial R.    A regular but I'm not sure if this 
       still their correct name
      +UNID PP   P-F-G w QRM  "PP stn audible w Swaziland nulled, seemed 
       to be on correct bearing for Angola ????"
1386  "KBC, Kenya"  P-F-G w QRM  "Sig varies, (not audible @ 19h27 on 
       21/10, heard @ 19h43) w QRM from AA/E.Euro stations"
      +AA UNID  P  mixing w Kenya
1404  UNID local  VG  //1098 w phone ins (Oct) still in // on 4/11 w 
       local football comm.
1413  "BBC WS, Oman"  P w QRN  "ID, signal does vary."
1440  Saudi Arabia  F-G  //1521
1458  RFO Mayotte  F  "in FF, heard after 21h00 (local station off air?) 
       Used to be a regular."
      +"New Panhellenic Voice, JHB, RSA"  F-G w QRN  Greek station.
1467  TWR Monte Carlo    EE Relig
1485  "R.Today, RSA"  G w QRM  "EE, pop mx & ID."
1494  UNID E.European (?)  P-F  "could be Russia, w local (E.Euro) 
       sounding mx, F @ 20h00"
1503  Angola (exact station unknown)  F-G (poor mod)  Overmodulated 
       signal (speech clipping) in PP w announcements
1512  Saudi Arabia  G  not // 1521 & 1440
1521  Saudi Arabia  G  //1440
      +"Vatican State, Vatican R."  F  Catholic mass in Latin/Italian
1530  VoA San Tome  VG  
1539  Germany DLF  P-F  " @ 19h45 w pop mx, in GG, w tentative DLF ID @ 
       20h00 (heard here some years ago)"
1548  "R.Islam, Pretoria, RSA"  G  "Local Islamic stn in EE w adverts. 
       poor modulation, better on 4/11."
1557  UNID FF  P  sport on 03/09/99
1566  UNID AA  G  "20h10 w AA style music, could also be AIR Nagpur."
1575  UNID BBC WS txer (Thailand)  P-F  "BBC WS prog, VoA Thailand noted 
       here before. (Do BBC use thie same txer?)"
1584  UNID  P  
1593  UNID (NE bearing)  P  E.Euro/Mid East stn (not in AA)

* =  audible during daylight hours (in Cape Town)

   "Information in RED indicates a station that I cannot positively 
identify, or details I'm not sure of. " Many thanks to John Plimmer for 
his help in identifying some of the locals.
   Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the 100% accuracy of the info on this 
list.I don't have any up-to-date reference source with which to cross-
   "Please note than some stations were audible on certain nights only 
(NBC on 594 for example). This list was compiled over 2 months, so 
details will vary."
   Listening window was from 18h00 to 00h00 UTC (8PM - 2AM local time).
   "Other stations are audible at other times, Caribbean/N.America in 
the morning, S.America (esp Brazil) all night, Aussie/Asia in the early 
evening. Many of these are real DX catches."
   This list is by no means complete. Please feel free to inform me of 
any changes/corrections/additions required.
Equipment: Icom R-70 and Collins R-389/URR, 8 sided spiral loop.  
"QTH: Brackenfell, 30Km east of Cape Town, South Africa"  


Tim Hall - Chula Vista CA - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

TRH-CA    Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA   ICF-2010, KIWA Loop, Delco car 

1700  KQXX  TX, Brownsville  11/3 2052  Very good, dominating channel 
       for over an hour on the car radio with "Spanglish" announcements, 
       commercials for local businesses and national products like Dawn 
       dishwashing liquid. Male DJ taking requests from female callers 
       who mostly requested contemporary Spanish-language love songs. 
       Was broadcasting from, or promoting, a bar called OK Corral. 
       Announcer did not pronounce the "n" in "Brownsville" during the 
       many ads and announcements.  Slogans included "1600 AM Estereo" 
       (so must be still //1600), and "Lo Maximo en Radio".  This 
       station finally seems to be getting out better.  New, TX #75. 


Larry Russell - Flushing MI - ak473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1020  WPEO  Peoria IL 1200 11/5 WPEO s-on ann, FRN news. (Russell)
1080  WWNL  Pittsburgh PA 1201 11/4 ID, nulled local WOAP. (Russell)
1200  WAGE  Leesburg VA 1145 11/5 female host bashing hunting, ID 
       sounded like "WHEE, Leesburg". Under regional WCHB. (Russell)
1540  KXEL  Waterloo IA 2310 11/2 story of Cedar Rapids Iowa man accused 
       of stealing 400 beanie-babies from his ex-wife. "News-Talk 1540" 
       slogan. (Russell)

Panasonic R-1551, Sony SRF-A100 with built-in antennas.


Robert Foxworth - rfoxwor1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well I did some car radio X-band DX Tue evening the 9th, only one catch 
of real interest (tent. Colorado) but here goes...a real good evening 
compared to some...local sunset around 1745...

1640  WKSH  Certainly this one, Christian mx, soft spoken girl 
       discussing Christian themes, about 1810, quite good and clear for 
       about 5 minutes, first time ever heard anything from them here, 
       not heard later in evening.
1690  KDDZ  (I think this is the call) presumed strongly this one, at 
       1840, a fair WMDM with discussion pgm faded down and this faded 
       up for about 60 seconds with definite Disney items, only fair 
       level but clear, then gone again, first ever   gotten here, 
       KCJJ-1630 was excellent at same time. Seems early to hear this, 
       but a nice surprise.
1700  KQXX  About even with WAFN at 1830, tejano mx, SS Ancts by girl, 
       Dallas much weaker then. Interesting this peaked up so much 
1700  Had  "1310 the Ticket" from Dallas well atop WAFN from 1750 to 
       1800, sports talk, did not hear them ID, faded under at 1800

All heard on Sony radio in my truck while driving over to my archaeology 
group meeting in St Petersburg, FL, checked somewhat last night (Wed) 
but not the same good signals

Incidentally WTIR-1680 still doing "signal strength tests", running 40 
minute tape loop, could it maybe be their pgmg is not ready yet?  How 
long does it take to do these "tests"? I am sure they are not running 10 
kW nights any longer.




John Fisher - 76635.615@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 810  UNID, 0127-0138 MDT, Oct 28. While listening to KGO, I heard a 
       station playing periodic tones on about a 3 minute cycle. There 
       was a long tone, pause, medium tone, pause, then a series of 7 or 
       8 tones in descending pitch, followed by another medium tone. 
       There would then be about 2 1/2 minutes of silence before the 
       cycle repeated again. A DX test or a station doing overnight 
       maintenance? (John Fisher - Calgary, Alberta)


John Wisyanski - jessegp@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Does anyone have a postal or email address for XEUT, the Tijuana X-
bander on 1630 kHz? I'm picking them up with a good signal here in 
Northern California, both before and after sunset, with soft jazz music, 
also Latin-flavored jazz. IDs by a female with a with time checks at the 
bottom of the hour; almost sounded automated. Early sign-off some nights 
after presumed Mexican national anthem, approx. 8pm PST. Any info you 
could give would be helpful.




Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1670.5  JAPAN, Todogasaki, rec full detailed QSL cd, full color with 
       picture of lighthourse on card in 26d for taped report.  No V/S 
       (that I can read, unless it is printed in JJ). Address: 
       Todogasaki Beacon Office, Miyako-cho, Iwate-Pref. 027, Japan. My 
       7th JJ Lighthouse station QSL'd. All are 50 watts. (PM-OR)




Paul Ormandy - NZ - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

In a QSL from 2AP's Chief Technical Officer, Mr. C Warren, for 747kHz I 
am able to pass on the following information about the MW service.

540kHz is now the only full-time channel carrying the bi-lingual 
(English and Samoan) service from 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. daily (1700 - 1000 
UTC). The former second program channel of 747kHz is now only used for 
carrying school broadcasts 8:30 a.m. till 9:30 a.m. (1930 - 2030 UTC) 
and then switched off. This channel is also used for broadcasts of the 
English version (translated) from Samoa's Parliament when it's in 

747kHz uses a DX 10 Harris transmitter fed into a 120 metre mast with 
omnidrectional pattern.


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:   Superphaser-2 plans on the Web

Documentation for building a Superphaser-2 Antenna Phasing Unit may be 
accessed via the following URL: " 
http://www.qsl.net/wa1ion/sph2/sph2.htm ".


Kent Winrich - kwin@xxxxxxxxxx

11/9.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the CE of KFAN (50kW day, 
6 towers - 25kW nights 9 towers) at the transmitter site.  I took a few 
pics of the site, and got some info as well.  By this weekend I should 
have a page up with the pics and info.

The 9 tower site is really something!  This array puts out about 
375,000watts ERP during the day.  During the "tour", he even fired up 
the old backup tube Harris MW-50, and ran it into  a dummy load.  That 
building sure heated up quick with that rig on!

I also have many other tower pics including KLUVs' 12 tower array, WBTs' 
3 Blau Know array, amongst others.  The web site can be found at 


   Geomagnetic Summary October 29 1999 through November 10 1999
    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

 10/29   180    12    1    low         quiet-unsettled     -
    30   169     6    1    low         quiet-unsettled     -
 10/31   160    10    2    low         quiet-unsettled     -
 11/ 1   151    11    2    low         quiet-active        -
     2   143     7    3    low         quiet-unsettled     -
     3   143     5    2    low         quiet               -
     4   148     5    2    low         quiet               -
     5   161     5    2    moderate    quiet-unsettled     -
     6     z     z    z    z           z                   -
     7   174     ?    3    low         quiet-mis           -
     8   192    26    4    low         active-mis          -
     9     z     z    z    z           z                   -
 11/10   249    13    5    moderate    quiet-mis           -

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