[HCDX]: Nov 13 log
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[HCDX]: Nov 13 log

Hi all,

NEPAL 5005 Radio Nepal 0015-0030, Nepali, Topstory of the day was
undoubtedly that Mt. Everest is apparently even higher than previously
thought. In 1954 it was measured from a dozen different points by Indian
geologists and found to be 8848m high. On May 5 this year, a team of
American and Sherpa mountaineers used GPS computers and other devices while
on the summit. This data has been examined by scientists of the University
of Colorado. It now turns out that Mt. Everest is 8850m high. This was
announced recently by the National Geographic Society. Didn´t get all as
there were lots of static crashes. Overall the signal was not quite as good
as during the last two weeks. (Roth Nov 13)

INDIA 5010 AIR Thiruvananthapuram 0032-0045, Hindi, non-stop classical
Indian music with few short announcements, fairly good signal (Roth Nov 13)

CAMBODIA 11940 National Voice of Cambodia (presumed) 0050-0110, Asian
language that could have been Laotian, western music with short
announcements, very weak with fading, must be well past their sunrise, will
check this again some earlier, maybe a positive ID will be possible then,
thanks to a tip by Alan Davies (Roth Nov 13)

73 de Thomas
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