[HCDX]: AFN 1503 kHz
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[HCDX]: AFN 1503 kHz


after I heard the station for the first time last night (NOV 13/14) - see my
previous report - I have done some direction findings tonight (NOV 14, 1800
The signal is comming from the azimut of ca. 140 degrees. It is not precize,
because I am limited by our concrete/metal house and outside it is raining

So I would bet for Macedonia or Albania.
Or a high power transmitter from a more easterly country like Turkey or one
of Arabic countries.

The transmitter is quite strong, it is strange, they are using this
frequency where two stations from the former Yugoslavia are broadcasting:
Podgoritsa (Monte Negro, in fact still part of YUG) and Zavidovitchi (Bosnia


Karel Honzik
Plzen (Pilsen)
the Czech Republic
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