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Re: [HCDX]: Countries list

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Swiss.DX wrote:

> Hi,
> I will to thank: Ralph Brandi, Willi Passmann, Salvo Micciché, Pentti
> Lintujarvi, Klaus-Dieter Scholz, Guido Schottmans for the reply about
> the "countries list", now I have this situation:
> NASWA list
> EDXC list
> DXCC list
> DXA list
> Dieter Scholz list
> MondoRadio list
> !!! is difficult to know which it is the better list !!! what's you
> thought ?
I recall that the NASWA list lists only those countries that have
shortwave activity. Example: Puerto Rico was added to the list last year
(or 1997?) when the AFRTS SW relay in Puerto Rico started.

The EDXC list is maintained by experienced Swedish DXer Olle Alm. The list
is (at least 99%) unique to the Finnish DX Association's country list. The
EDXC List (and the FDXA list which is in Finnish) are only available in
printed format so far. The latest EDXC List was printed in August 1998 and
it is available for 4 USD or 5 IRC's or equivalent (includes postage) from
EDXC, P.O.Box 214, 00101 Helsinki, Finland.

The EDXC list will most probably come to net in the coming years, but
looks like it is not going to happen during my period as secretary general
(which is to end at 31 Dec 2000).

best 73's

Risto Vahakainu
secretary general 
European DX Council

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