Re: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?
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Re: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?

I have three Latin American harmonics verified with the
frequency mentioned in the QSL. They are La Voz de los
Cuchumatanes, Guatemala, 2100 kHz; Radio Mundial, Honduras,
2840 kHz; and Radio Alajuela, Costa Rica, 5120 kHz. The
Radio Alajuela QSL was gotten for me by Ulis Fleming on a
visit to the station, but the other two were received via
mail. I also have a harmonic veri from XEWF Radio Fiesta,
Mexico for 2840 kHz, but he doesn't specifically mention
the frequency in the letter.

I have tried to get harmonic QSLs from US stations several
times going back 25 years, but have never been successful
when reporting the harmonic frequency. The harmonic gets
fixed, but I don't get a reply. Sometimes, however, I have
sent reports to US MW stations for harmonics in which I
"forgot" to put in the frequency, letting them assume I
heard the fundamental. I've QSLed several stations that
way, although in fairness the validity of these QSLs could
be questioned. I figured that this kind of QSL was better
than no QSL at all - and, it doesn't cause them to shut off
the harmonic. 

Not all US stations are concerned about putting out
harmonics, however. A common MW harmonic in the US is WWZQ
from Aberdeen, Mississippi 2x1240 on 2480 kHz. I first hear
this one around December, 1992 and have heard it every
winter DX season since. I sent them a report (not
mentioning the frequency) and have a very nice QSL letter
here for my receptions of Dec 29 and 30, 1992. 

WWZQ continued to put out strong harmonics the following
year. I realized that they could be covering up other
weaker harmonics and that any DXer out there interested in
harmonics should have heard them by that time. So, I sent a
nice letter to the manager explaining what a harmonic was
and how I had really been hearing the harmonic and how
strong it was. I didn't get a reply and the harmonic did
not go away. As I said, it is here every winter DX season.
A few years later I wrote the manager about it again. I
couldn't log the Ecuadorian harmonic on 2480 because of QRM
from WWZQ and I wanted them to get their transmitter fixed.
Well, they obviously have never done a thing, because the
harmonic is still there. 

I guess WWZQ's harmonic isn't as strong in the east or west
USA, but here in the middle, in Iowa, it is always there
during the night hours and sometimes provides "armchair"
listening quality. At this point, it is no longer DX, just
QRM that may be blocking DX. So, I have been considering
contacting the FCC about them - something I had never
thought I would do about a harmonic!

Don Moore    mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx

Don Moore     mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
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