Re: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?
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Re: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?

My impression is most folks who work at radio stations have little
knowledge of propagation,harmonics,spurs e-skip,etc...I was driving
through Wisconsin a month ago,and came upon a small station.I stopped
by their tower, tuned my radio in the car to double their freq.and of

I work at a small 500-watt station, though we expect to boost up to
1500 or 5000 watts soom, depending on how the en turn out. Standing almost right next to the transmitter, using a DX-398, I can hear us
up to our 15th harmonic, but the signal is clearly readable only up to about the 8th harmonic. Of course, on one of those cheap shower radios, we're all over the dial. The FCC was out once, and their
engineer was really amazed at the signal quality. I've personally
heard our signal out to almost 100 miles, long after the 5000 and
50,000 watt signals have disappeared. Of course, we also have a dead spot right out in front of the building under the power lines!

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