[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 11/24/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 11/24/99

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  November 24 1999
                          Vol 5  No 34

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Deadline for next issue = THURSDAY, December 2 1999 @ 1400 UTC

 Send all contributions to me @ philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     12/20/99 Mon - 0000-0020 -  740 - WJIB - Cambridge MA (NRC)
      1/ 1/00 Sat - 0300-???? - 1420 - KSTN - Stockton CA (IRCA)
      1/ 9/00 Sun - 0030-0045 - 1500 - WFIF - Milford CT (IRCA)

Monday, December 20, 1999 - WJIB-740, Cambridge, MA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:01-12:20 am EST. Owner Bob Bittner says they'll be playing 
"a specific type of music during those 20 minutes, which will be a 
mystery for all DXers to identify (an easy identification), and unique 
to whatever else is on the dial."

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Bob Bittner
P.O. Box 848
Needham Heights Br
Boston, MA 02194
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC.)

Saturday, January 1, 2000 - KSTN-1420, Stockton, CA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00 am - ? am PST (3:00 am - ? EST). Request line - 
(209)948-1420 - will be open to go on the air with New Year's greetings. 
The format will be '70s disco music.  There will be a prize drawing from 
all reports received for a souvenir piece of the transmitter.  

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Paul Shinn
Chief Engineer
2171 Ralph Avenue
Stockton, CA 95206

E-mail: KSTN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, January 9, 2000 - WFIF-1500, Milford, CT will conduct a DX test 
from 12:30 am - 12:45 am EST. The test will include tones, voice IDs, 
and Morse code IDs. Also note, International DX reports will ONLY be 
replied to via E-MAIL. For Domestic US reports only, they *MUST* include 
a SASE. Again, INTERNATIONAL reports will *ONLY* be responded to via E-

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. William Barnett
WFIF Radio
90 Kay Ave.
Milford, CT 06460

E-mail: WFIF@xxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.lifechangingradio.com

If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or in 
rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...


Tom Bryant - Nashville TN - tjbdx@xxxxxxxx

I listened for the WMIB 1660 Marco Island, FL test that was announced by 
Phil via e-mail.  While I heard the station... it seemed to be at 1kw 
nighttime power and no mentions of anything pertaining to a DX test were 

WQFM, Kalamazoo dominated the frequency here...as it does on a regular 


Charles C Boehnke - HI - kale@xxxxxxxx

WMIB test.  No sign of it in Hawaii, all KXOL on the frequency.


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

WMIB test. Something u/KXOL, but can't tell much. Here on the Oregon 




Sheldon Harvey - Greenfield Park, Quebec - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

Thanks to tips from Ricky Leong and Neal Ford in Montreal for this 
information today.

   Similar to the posting from last week, CKVL, the French language 
sister station of CIQC in Montreal, has begun running a French language 
tape loop on their new frequency of 690 kHz. AM.
   Unlike the tape on 940 kHz. in English, the French service is not 
giving any call letters. It is simply IDing, in French, as "Info Six 
Quatre-Vingt Dix" (translated Info six-ninety). Also, unlike the English 
service, there is no mention of a relationship with CNN and Bloomberg. 
They simply indicate that this is a station owned by MetroMedia CMR in 
Montreal. They also are claiming to be the first and only French 
language, all news service in "America".
   Finally, unlike the English service on 940 kHz., they are not 
indicating an official start-up date for regular programming. The 
description of the service is very similar to that of the English 
service, with a half-hour rotation of news, weather, traffic, sports, 
business news, etc.
   In a follow-up to the new call letters being used by 940 kHz. 9-40 
News CKNN, I have checked with the CRTC in Ottawa. They have had no 
official request from CIQC 600 to acquire the call letters of CKNN. The 
CRTC is looking into this matter and has promised to advise me directly 
of any further developments.

   Whoops! Just as I am about to click on the SEND button, the tape loop 
on 690 kHz. has just stopped and the transmitter has shut off at 2025 
UTC (3:25 PM EST), but keep an ear tuned to this one. It should be back 
soon, I would think.




Per-Ole Stenman - Jakobstad, Finland - per-ole.stenman@xxxxxxxx

Comments on call for ESPN-1620:
   I have also heard this station in Finland, in fact it is quite clear 
over here, just when conditions permit. I cannot hear the call neither 
as KGBW nor KAZP. My suggestion would be KAZW, in fact I have it quite 
clear, meaning the one suggesting KEZW actually was quite near. Let's 
see where it ends up!.Per-Ole Stenman, 




Tim Hall - Chula Vista CA - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

TRH-CA   Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA                   ICF-2010, Kiwa Loop
TRH-CA1  DXing in Beverly Hills and around Los Angeles      Delco car rx

All times ELT.

 620  TIS   CA, Inglewood  11/18 1140  Inglewood TIS noted with 
       announcements about Inglewood Forum and local construction 
       projects.  Over UNID CalTrans HAR station.  (TRH-CA1)
 810 WPLX517 CA, Santa Monica  11/18 1137  UCLA "Emergency station" 
       noted testing with tape loop and using these calls.  Good audio 
       quality, and got out really well.  Noted later this afternoon 
       along I-5 as far as Anaheim.  (TRH-CA1)
1500  TIS   CA, Beverly Hills  11/14  2055  City TIS noted with good 
       signals.  Tape loop didn't really say very much.  Noted signs 
       along La Cienega boulevard.  (TRH-CA1)
1620  HAR   CA, Los Angeles   11/14 1930  CalTrans HAR located along I-
       10 near Western is active.  Signs noted near Western off-ramp. 
       Station listed at I-10/I-110 intersection was not active.  Don't 
       know about the one at I-10/I-405 junction as I never got that far 
       west.  Another planned station on 1510 kHz, which was to give 
       traffic information for surface streets in the so-called "smart 
       corridor", does not appear to have ever come on.  (TRH-CA1)
1630  TIS   CA, Los Angeles   11/14 1940  There is indeed a new station 
       here for the LA Convention Center and Staples Center.  Pretty 
       good signal. No signs noted (I was here for 5 days attending a 
       convention at the Convention Center).  Tape loop does not mention 
       any call letters.  This will be tough at home due to XEUT OC and 
       mixing product of Tijuana stations on 1470 and 1550.  (TRH-CA1)
1690  TIS   CA, Culver City  11/14 2037  City TIS has moved here from 
       1650.  Noted with good signals with info about city council 
       meetings and so forth.  Still haven't logged it from home. 
1700  TIS   CA, LAX area   11/14 2030  Noted testing with good signals. 
       Still uses slightly geeky-sounding announcement about "testing 
       field strength intensity" an so forth.  LAX station on 530 was 
       noted with good signals too.  (TRH-CA1)
1700 WPMD956 CA, Norwalk  11/18 1705  Cerritos College station noted 
       several times with talk programming.  This station really gets 
       out, especially for a station at the top of the dial.  Audible 
       midday along I-5 much of the way through LA.  (TRH-CA1)


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1700  TIS   CA, Mountainview, hrd Nasa Ames Research Center station with 
       phone number, Hy 101 mention at 0450 EST 11/23. Bad QRM de KQXX. 
       Report E Mailed. Thanks to RW-CA for the tip. 8 watts. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, Terminated EWE antenna


Richard - richwatt@xxxxxxxxxxx

WTIR on X-band at 1680Khz, at 23:00 CST, 3rd week of November, with 
following excerpt of msg (paraphrased): "This is a tape loop that is 40 
minutes long, that represents the style of programming we at Traffic 
Information Radio anticipate airing. We are conducting tests of our 




Greg D Myers - Richmond VA - gregmyers1@xxxxxxxx

 790  WHTH  Heath,OH  Confirmation on report and bumper sticker. V/s 
       John Franks.
 900  XEW   Mexico DF, Mexico  verie letter, QSL card, pennant and about 
       a zillion stickers via registered mail. V/s Ing.  Miguel Angel 
       Barrientos V.
1490  WTCS  Fairmont,WV  verie letter. V/s Jacinda Moore, Office Manager


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1700  TIS   CA, Mountain View, NASA/Ames Research Center,   rec E Mail 
       QSL in a few hours for E Mailled report from:  John Peterson at 
       jepeterson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . MW QSL #2599. (PM-OR)




Karl Leite - kleite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


   The Brazilian Navy, through the Secretary for Ocean Resources, 
advises that the trip to the Archipelago St. Peter & St. Paul has been 
postponed until April, 2000.
   At the present time, the Navy and the Brazilian Environmental 
Department are reconstructing the wooden building and anchorage which 
were destroyed by heavy seas. 
   It's a slow process, but it should be completed by the end of March, 
2000 - probably!
   Once again, the NATAL DX GROUP advises that the DXpedition has been 
postponed until April of 2000 and that new information will be duly 
   Our apologies to those who may have been disappointed; we hope to 
contact them on our next DXpedition.


Paul Ormandy - NZ - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

Australian MW List

Check this URL for the latest MW station list from the Land of Oz... 


Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


Days and times strictly UT

RFPI on 21460-USB expected to be inactive most of November and USB 
frequency may be different when it returns; nominal times still shown. 
15049 may also be turned off in the 0600-1200 period.

Wed 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Wed 2200 WOR WBCQ 7415
Thu 0930 COM RFPI 15049
Thu 2130 WOR WWCR 9475 [15685 in Nov and Mar]
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sat 0300 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 0330 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1100 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1130 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1230 WOR WWCR 15685
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Sat 2030 WOR WWCR 12160
Sun 0130 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Sun 0200 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Sun 0330 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0730 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0930 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 1000 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 2300 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Mon 0131 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0601 WOR WWCR 3210
Mon 0700 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Tue 1330 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
Wed 0300 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975
Wed 0400 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Wed 1100 WOR RFPI 15049

For complete details on all our broadcasts, including WRN satellite and 
internet, and in Spanish see



   Geomagnetic Summary November 18 1999 through November 23 1999
    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

 11/18   218    12    3    low         quiet-unsettled     -
    19   210    12    3    low         quiet-active        -
    20   204    10    4    moderate    quiet-active        -
    21   210    16    1    moderate    quiet-mis           -
    22   192    10    4    low         quiet-active        -
 11/23   186    16    2    low         quiet-active        -

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