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[HCDX]: tfw 100 1/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 1
Year   4  Number  100  - Rome, 30 November 1999
FAX: +39 06 5126262
E-MAIL:  gio.ser@xxxxxxxxxxx
WWWeb: < http://utenti.tripod.it/gio_ser/index.htm >

The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright  - DX newsletter edited by
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.

                             TFW on Line Policy
1) TFW on Line covers only the SW Broadcasting  Specrum.
2) Subscription rate:  as a non  commercial newsletter,
    there is no fee to subscribe TFW on Line.
3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or
    transmitted with appropriate credit as well TFW as the last source,
    unless Copyright indicated.
5) Not to be redistributed or reposted without permission.
6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome.
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please,
    drop me a line.
loggings in order of  TIME;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC;
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor;
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)

FROM THE EDITOR - RE: my job problems --- As stated on last TFW issues,
from next # 101 ,TFW will be issued, TEMPORARILY and IRREGULARLY, with
tips of mine only, I hope for some weeks. As the sole TFW editor, I
apologize to all TFW contributors, DX  friends and readers for this
inconvenience.  Of course, I' ll continue to collect your contribution,
hoping to have time for radiolistening. Thank you for your attention.
(Gianni - Ed.)


Podrán participar todos los aficionados a la Radio, sean o no socios de
la institución. Se deberá responder a las siguientes cuatro preguntas:
En Onda  Corta: Cuáles son sus tres emisoras favoritas de América, sus
tres emisoras favoritas de Europa y sus tres emisoras favoritas de Asia?
(solo tres por continente y en orden de preferencia). --- Cuál es su
programa de Onda Corta favorito y porque? --- Cuáles son las
perspectivas del diexismo? --- Detalle a traves de qué medio se enteró
del presente concurso. Los aficionados que se enteraron del Concurso a
través de la Radio y envíen su completo INFORME DE RECEPCION al GRUPO DX
SUQUIA recibirán una vistosa TARJETA QSL ESPECIAL. El costo para
participar es mínimo: sólo un IRC (o un Dolar americano). Para los
Argentinos, un franqueo postal simple (en estampillas nuevas). La fecha
limite para la recepción de las participaciones será el 31/12/99, lo que
dara fe el sello de Correo. No será válida la participación que no
respete las presentes bases. Los Premios serán por sorteo y consistirán
en: 1) Un cassette con grabaciones de emisoras locales, un lote de
calcamonías radiales y una subscripcion anual a CIRCULAR DX. 2) Un lote
de calcamonías radiales y una subscripción anual a CIRCULAR DX. 3) Un
lote de calcamonías radiales y una subscripcion semestral a CIRCULAR DX.
4) Una subscripción semestral a CIRCULAR DX y 5) Una subscripcion
semestral a CIRCULAR DX. La participación más esmerada recibirá un
premio sorpresa. La emisora más votada de cada continente recibirá el
DIPLOMA DE HONOR del GDXS. Las participaciones deben enviarse por correo
a la siguiente direccion: GRUPO DX SUQUIA CASILLA DE CORREO 616 5.000
CORDOBA -  ARGENTINA < capivatto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > (via
Pecolatto, Italy)


PAUL ORMANDY  - A history of RNZI has been added to the SPDXR
web-site...< http://radiodx.com/spdxr/ > 73s Paul

DE RADIOESCUCHA) has own URL in < www.aer-dx.org >and the following
e-mail addresses: < info@xxxxxxxxxx  >(general), < presidente@xxxxxxxxxx
>(president), < tesorero@xxxxxxxxxx > (treasure) and < editor@xxxxxxxxxx
>(website & publications editor) The last URL is out of service, but
with links to the new official website. Thank you in advance!

AL QUAGLIERI - ( 11 / 20) Not a logging per se, but tonight had a nice
carrier on 7185 at 0010, adding a 500Hz tone from 0017-0028, then
silence, then orchestral / flute music with W announcer, on and on thru
the ham QRM and continuing to right now (0042). This needs work, but if
it's Myanmar I recall there being a very short (2 weeks or so) window of
opportunity for hearing it in ECNA (I'm in upstate NY). Your monitoring
observations welcomed.

Thank you  for all our Contributors !
(Any change of Equipment, Web Pages?? Please, drop me a line)

AL QUAGLIERI ( AQ ), Albany, NY, USA    via e - mail    RX:  Drake R8A
ANT:  an extended Zepp antenna < http://www.albany.net/~alcue/ >
ARNALDO L.SLAEN, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail,    RX: Sony
ICF2010, Realistic DX150 y General Electric Superadio GIII (para onda
media) ANT.:  hilo largo+ MFJ1045 C+Antena Activa Sony AN1
BOB HILL, Littleton, MA, USA for DX Report   via e-mail   RX: Sony
ICF-2010 with Kiwa filters  ANT: 100' dipole @ 30-35'
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  for Radiorama Pirate News,
via e - mail    RX: Kenwood R5000, Lowe HF150 ANT.: Yaesu FRT7700, Daiwa
AF606K, longwire 15 mt  <  http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <
http://www.radiorama.it >
CHUCK RIPPEL, Cornland, VA, USA, via e-mail, RX: WJ-HF1000A, R8A,
R390A/Sherwood SE-3, Collins 51S-1, Harris RF590 <
http://www.avslvb.com/R390A/index.html > Be sure to check the SWBC
DX/Listening Section
DANIELE CANONICA, Muggio,  Switzerland, via e-mail, RX:  JRC 535   ANT.:
30 meter of LW and MLB
DAVID  J. VALKO,  USA for DX News via e-mail   RX: JRC NRD-535D -
Collins R-388     ANT.: 33 meter (NE-SW) Longwire "T"
GABRIEL IVAN BARRERA, (GIB) Buenos Aires - Argentina via e-mail  RX:
NRD-525  Antenna: Dipole half wave
GIOVANNI  SERRA, Roma, Italy (ed.)   RX:  JRC NRD 525     ANT:  Alpha
Delta DX SWL-S Sloper  (40 feet) ;  JPS NIR 10 filter and Oregon
Scientific clock, tuned  with the standard frequency station DCF 77 in
Mainflingen, Germany on 77.5 kHz.
GLENN HAUSER (GH), Enid OK, USA for GH SW/DX Report  via e-mail <
JEFF WHITE, Miami,  FL, USA, WRMI, General Manager, Miami, Florida via
JOHN A. FIGLIOZZI, USA  via e-mail
MARIE LAMB, Brewerton NY, USA, Host and Producer DXing with Cumbre, via
e-mail < http://www.whr.org> or < http://www.cumbredx.org.>
NICOLAS ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail  RX & ANT.:  SONY ICF
2010 with V inverted antenna 20 mts and MFJ receiver  Antenna
tunner/Preamplifier 959B,  SONY ICF 7600G with Folder dipole antenna
with balun 32 mts
PAUL ORMANDY, Oamaru, New Zealand via e-mail       RX: Drake SPR-4
ANT: from home 2 x 25 metre dipoles in a V -  from Waianakarua, 3 x 300m
Beverages aimed at the USA, 1 x 450 metre aimed at South America and 1 x
300m aimed at Hawaii/Alaska.
AER-virtual, El DIAL digital
PIET PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands  via e-mail    RX: AR7030
ANT.:   20 meters longwire + MLB
RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ R., Santafe de Bogota D.C., Colombia  via  e-mail
RX: Sony ICF 2010, ony ICF 7600G, Sangean 813   ANT.: Longwire 10 mtrs
and Palomar Loop Antena for MW
YIMBER GAVIRIA, Cali-Valle, Colombia, via e-mail,  RX:     ANT.:
Web:   <http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/gaviria/index.html>

SW TIPS    (TIME - Freq. - Country)

0000- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- Radio Perfekt, via R. Cochiguaz in
LSB, 0000-0050+, Nov 21, ID as 'Radio Perfekt, country western station
number  one in Europe', lots of country music, good. (GIB-Argentina)

0000- 6925- PIRATES SOUTH AMERICA-  Dark Pampa Radio, (via RB) (in USB,
fqy var.), 0000 - 0100, Nov 21, Spanish,  Musical Program and cultural
segments (tell the history of Jose Gervasio de Artigas and the
blandengues) annonce address in Chile, SINPO 23332, (Eramo, Argentina)

0000- 6955- PIRATES SOUTH AMERICA- Dark Pampa Radio, (via RB in USB),
0000 - 0100, Nov 14, Spanish, Id in EE and SS, Oriental Music, announce
of address in Santiago, Chile "Dark Pampa Radio emisora libre del Cono
Sur" SINPO 24442, (Eramo, Argentina)

0005- 4955- PERU- Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta (fqy var.), 0005 - 0010,
Nov 15, Spanish, Musical Program and comments, ID "Radio Cultural
Amauta...a traves de sus programas" SINPO 24322, (Eramo, Argentina)

0007- 5678 - PERU- Radio Illucan, Cutervo, 0007 - 0012, Nov 11, Spanish,
Man announcer, advs., Comunicados, TC and ID "las siete de la noche ocho
minutos aqui en Radio Illucan" SINPO 33333, (Eramo, Argentina)

0020- 4779 PERU- R. Satélite, Santa Cruz (Tentative in LSB), Nov 10,
0020-0025,232,en LBS para evitar el splash de R.Oriental,con itinerarios
de partidos de fútbol.(Yimber Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

0020- 4815 -UNID - Unid  Braz. R. (presumed) 0020-0040 portuguese talk
with music, bad modulation and very low signal with severe static noise,
What's it ? (Canonica, Switzerland Nov. 11)

0024- 7003.5- PERU- La Voz de las Huarinjas, Huancabamba, 0024 - 0038,
Nov 12, Spanish, man announcer, Saludos, Musical Program (Peruvian
Boleros) tc and ID " siete de la noche treinta y un minutos La Voz de
las Huarinjas con un nuevo ciclo..." SINPO 34333, (Eramo, Argentina)

0030- 3360- ECUADOR- Voz del Upano,  Nov 10,0030-0035,343,Con clases de
Castellano en PARALELO a 5999v(433) mientras que en los 4870 con clases
de Matemáticas,No señal en 5040 y 5965 KHz a esta hora.(Yimber Gaviria,

0035- 3280 - ECUADOR- La Voz del Napo, Tena,Napo, (fqy var.) Nov 10,
0035-0040,332,con comunicados "Atencion en... que viaje a Tena lo más
pronto,comunicado urgente para...(Yimber Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

0042- 4815- ECUADOR- R.El Buen Pastor,(Presumed) Nov 10,
0042-0044,433,con música ecuatoriana(Yimber Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

0110- 6950- PIRATES SOUTH AMERICA-  Radio Little Star, (Via Radio
Cochiguaz in LSB) 0110 -0120, Nov 21, German with some announce in
english by man, Pop Music, SINPO 24442, (Eramo, Argentina)

0113- 4930 TURKMENISTAN- RS Mayak Relay (in USB)  0113 Moldy-oldie
Slavic vocals, woman in Russian; Mayak IS twice at 0129 and continued.
Fair level in carrier+USB mode, but reception spoiled by badly distorted
audio and horrendous midsummer-level QRN. Site ID per recent reports
from Russian DXers. (Hill, Nov. 12)

0132- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA-  R. Little Star, via R. Cochiguaz in
LSB, 0132 Free Radio Info ads, pop music, yl anncr, good.

0136- 7275- IRAN- VOIRI 0136 Relay of HS with Qur'an recitation //
15084; powerful Tirana on 7270 kills reception in my 2010's AM mode but
almost disappears using sync detector in USB. (Hill, Nov. 12)

0150- 7285- UNID- Unid R. 0150-0157 Very weak station with
subcontinental-type music, audible only during brief 7-minute window
when DW off. Likely Tashkent with Dari transmission sked here 0130-0200
per WRTH/99. (Hill, Nov. 12, 14)

0200- 15049 - COSTA RICA- RFPI,Ciudad Colon, Nov 14,  0200-0230,
(444),con World of Radio · 1011 en // a 6975 (444),tambien Nov 14 en
6975 KHZ a las 0930-1000(222),con World of Radio,solo aqui. (Yimber
Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

0206- 4890.2 Radio Chota, Chota, 0206 - 0215, Nov 22, Spanish, Musical
Program (huaynos), man announcer, ID "En la sintonia de Radio Chota la
voz mas peruana", SINPO 24232, (Eramo, Argentina)

0219- 6535.8- PERU- Radio Difusora Huancabamba, Huancabamba,
0219 -0225*, Nov 13, Spanish, man announcer, Saludos and s/off ID "Radio
Difusora Huancabamba Sociedad de Responsabilidad... culmina su
programacion correspondiente al dia.......retornaremos manana a las seis
de la manana, les dice muy buenas noches, felices suenos y hasta manana"
SINPO 34333, (Eramo, Argentina)

0223- 3250 - HONDURAS- Radio Luz Y Vida 0223-0250 Nov.13, Predicacion
evangelica en el programa Cruzada con Luis Palau. Anuncios de Ferreteria
y comercial La Sirena. Clinica Materna Luz y Vida, esta que parece ser
una obra social de la  comunidad religiosa que es duena de la emisora.
luego musica  gospel. A las 0250 identificacion en ingles y programa en
este idioma. (Rodriguez R., Colombia)

0240- 9695- BRAZIL-  Radio Rio Mar, Manaus, 0240 - 0258*, Nov 13,
Portuguese, Man announcer, Musical Progran "latin American Music in
spanish from 60 with the spanish singer Raphael" ID Radio Rio
Mar...ondas medias 6160 hhz banda de 49 metros e per 9695 Khz banda de
31 metros" Rio Mar talentos du Radio "em sintonia da Radio Mar a traves
das ondas medias as Ondas Curtas" "Radio Mar a conmemoracao das 45 anhos
da Radio Rio Mar...Bona noite, Manaus, Bona noite Amazonas, Bona Noite
Brasil" SINPO 34443, (Eramo, Argentina)

0242- 6924,9 - PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA-  R. Blandengue in USB, 0242+, same
pgm hrs 2330+, good. (GIB-Argentina)

0255- 3325 - GUATEMALA- Radio Maya. 0255-0330 Nov.13, Musica religiosa y
predicacion en el programa: Por la senda de la Verdad. "...hemos
presentado el programa Por la Senda de la Verdad, al agradecerles su
atencion no nos queda mas que la invitacion cordial para que nos vuelva
ha escuchar el proximo sabado a esta misma hora y siempre a traves de
esta su emisora amiga Radio Maya..." intermedio muisical para luego la
identificacion: " ...con las buenas nuevas de salvacion esta es Radio
Maya TGBA Barillas, Huehuetenango en Guatemala, Centro America; 2360 khz
onda corta banda de 120 metros y 3325 khz banda de 90 metros..." luego
vino un programa de complacencias musicales. (Rodriguez R., Colombia)

0300- 9525- SOUTH AFRICA- Channel Africa, Nov 15,*0300- 343,IS
¨Birds¨,EE ID.(Yimber Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

0304- 6218.9- PIRATES SOUTH AMERICA-  Radio Bosques, Villa Dominico,
Buenos Aires, 0304 - 0330, Nov 17, Spanish, Musical Program and DX
program, ID "En su frecuencia de 6215 kilohertz transmite Radio Bosques
desde Villa Dominico, Avellaneda, Republica Argentina" "En 6215
kilohertz banda de 49 metros esta transmitiendo Radio Bosques desde
vellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina" SINPO 34333,
(Eramo, Argentina)

0305- 4785 - BRAZIL-  Radio Caiari, Porto Velo, 0305 - 0331, Nov 6,
Portuguese, Man announcer, Musical Program, Call in, ID "Aqui Radio
Caiari do Porto Velo" SINPO 32332 (Eramo, Argentina)

0306- 6218.54- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- AM, Radio Bosques, 0306+ ID
'Bienvenidos a otro Contacto DX de Radio Bosques', talks about Conexion
Digital e-bulletin, greetings to Horacio Nigro, to Nicolas Eramo & GIB's
on the air., also announcing a new address, only for to receive letters:
calle Supisiche nr. 350, Dpt 2, 1872-Sarandi (B.A.), Argentina, reading
this by yl Tamara. I think this probably by secutiry reasons & also
announcing plans for to make transmissions more early, but not given
times, good. (GIB-Argentina)

0317- 9165.4- AZERBAIJAN-  Voice of Azerbaijan, Gyanca, in Azeri lang
@0317 t/in, opening music just ended, W clear ID and opening anmts,
remainder of program consisted of local music and W longish
commentaries, one accompanied by M on telephone. All audio very
distorted and tough to copy, altho S6-7 signal provided abundance of
audio with no QRM. (21-Nov/Quaglieri, USA)

0346- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA-  Jolly Roger Radio Int. via R.
Cochiguaz in LSB, 0346+ ID 'This is Free Radio from Ireland', then Ravi
Shankar music, good. (GIB-ARG).

0427- 5085- USA- WGTG  0427-0431 , ID, good signal (Canonica,
Switzerland Nov. 10)

0625- 5256 -BELARUS- Radio Mayak relay in  USB,  0625 Elton John song
followed by IS, ID and news in Russian. Only parallel found was 1566.
Poor. (Pijpers, The Netherlands, Nov 20)

0642- 15215- SOUTH AFRICA- Channel Africa in PT, 0642-0650, M / tlk for
topical nx, with corresp.s, ID & mx pauses. P/F (Serra, Italy  11 / 14)

0659- 11990- SLOVAKIA- R.Slovakia Int. in EG, 0659- 0710,   //  15460
(on scheduled 21705 pres Saudi Arabia, with AR songs & W W / tlk )   M /
fqy quote, IS, TP at 0700, mx break & M / W ID, ancmt into nx of the
week (till 0706), class mx pause into mailbox pgm (with nx abt
Slovakia). Fair  (Serra, Italy  11 / 15 )

0716- 6099.92- ALBANIA- R.Tirana in Albanian, 0716- 0720, M / W pgm
preview & ID s, mix with pop mx, mx pause. F (Serra, Italy  11 /  15 )

0723- 6243- PIRATE EUROPE-  Freshair 2000(?)-, November 21 mx
rock,comedy,px in E 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0728- 6284- PIRATE EUROPE- R.AL Int.- , November 21 Mx
dance,phone,ID,QTH in E 43333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0736- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE-  R.Free London-, November 21 Mx rock,ID in E
23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0738- 4795- BRAZIL-  Radio Difusora Aquidauana, Aquidauana, 0738 - 0805,
Nov 7, Portuguese, Man announcer, musical program, ID "Radio Difusora
que liga tudo el Matto Grosso e tudo Brasil" "per la Radio Difusora"
SINPO 34333 (Eramo, Argentina)

0747- 11401- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Waves Int.- , November 21 Mx pop,ID in E
23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0759- 15255- CZECH REP.- R.Prague in EG, // 11600,  0759-0807, IS & ID s
in various langs, W / ancmt into nx & wrp (till 0804), mx break, IS into
politic cmntry pgm. F / G (Serra, Italy  11 /  15)

0808- 4775 - BRAZIL- Radio Conghonas, Conghonas, 0808 -0810, Nov 7,
Portuguese, man announcer, Musical program "Domingo alegre" ID " A Radio
Conghonas presenta..." SINPO 34333 (Eramo, Argentina)

0823- 4975- PERU-  Radio del Pacifico, Lima. 0823-0832. Evangelic
programme in spanish. 24432 (Arnaldo Slaen, november 20)

end of part 1
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