[HCDX]: Shortwave logs.
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[HCDX]: Shortwave logs.

Hallo to everybody from Taranto, in the South of Italy. Here is a small
selection of logs of  stations received in the few past days . They were
received by using an ICOM IC R70 connected to an inverted "V" antenna. A
wider selection of my tips, together with those of about ten contributors
from Europe and South America, is available online,  on the GADM web site,
at this url: fly.to/gadm

SOUTH AFRICA, 17870, 23/11, 1710-1715, Channel Africa, English:
correspondent reports from various countries of africa, ID at 1814. SIO 554,

CUBA,  13680, 23/11,  2200-2203, Radio Habana Cuba, Spanish: S/ON with IS,
ID. PX: "Revista para el Mediterraneo". SIO 444.

PHILIPPINES, 9670,  25/11, 1358-1401, Radio Veritas Asia. Woman in English
inviting to stay tuned to their Bengali broadcast which started at 1400
with ID, Frequencies and MX bridge.  NB: A few weeks ago this service was
on 9680 kHz. SIO 554.

ANTARTICA, 15476, 25/11, 2027-2038, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel,
Spanish: full ID (brodcast schedule and adress also mentioned) by a female
speaker who solicitated recption reports. She promised that they will be
verified. The broadcast ended at 2032 but the carrier remained on the air
until 2038! SIO 343.

GUAM, 11550, 26/11, 1658-1701, KSDA AWR Asia, ID in Arabic with mention of
a P.O. Box address in Cyprus, then full ID in English by a male speaker
inviting to stay tuned to their Arabic service. Finally the broadcast in
Arabic started with TK and a short piece of MX. SIO 444.

INDONESIA, 15150, 26/11, 1731-1733, Voice of Indonesia. Firstly S/ON in
German with ID and MX. One minute later they realized to have played the
wrong recording (at that time is scheduled the Spanish programme) so the
German broadcast was taken off the air. Finally , the Spanish broadcast
started with ID and NX. SIO 454. 

PIRATE, 15070, 26/11, 1828-1833, Radio Free London, English: Male DJ
mentioning their E-mail (rfl@xxxxxxxxxxx) and the name of the station. He
also added that they are a pirate and illegal radio station. Then rock MX.
SIO 353

TAIWAN, 3335, 26/11, 1853-1856,  Presumed CBS Network 1, Taipei, Chinese:
OM and YL speaking. At 1856 soft song.  Better in LSB:. SIO 232.

Antonello Napolitano 
Editor of DX Fanzine

DX Fanzine is a work-in-progress online shortwave bulletin distributed
(free of charge!) via the GADM web site and updated daily (with a few
exceptions). It contains loggings (received via E-mail) of medium and short
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